Melrose Place

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2010 on The CW

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  • this was a perfect SEASON finale

    this was a perfect season finale. I loved it, and it kept me hanging . But if this was the series finale, I cant say I am happy. It does not close the show, it still leaves some open questions and lost chracters. I really h o p e there is a 2 season . I still want to see more of it. I one of the best cw's Shows. It has lots of potential and more d r a m a to go. Is there a way fans can help this show from c a n c e l l a t i on? Bottom line. I loved a lot this episode. And it was of the bests season finales of any show.
  • The season finale: Amanda fires Ella, Drew's secret is revealed and Lauren and David get back together. Starring: Katie Cassidy, Stephanie Jacobsen, Jessica Lucas, Michael Rady, Shaun Sipos

    The season and possible series finale of the revival, Melrose Place delivered wonderfully in this finale. David's (Shaun Sipos) restaurant is doing well and he is opening a sort of club to go with it and then Morgan (guest star Melissa Ordway) steps in and it leads to her father (guest star Joe Lando) stepping in. He punches and threatens David to steal for him or else he will hurt Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen). Riley (Jessica Lucas) and Jonah (Michael Rady) kissed and then left it at that. I was so annoyed. While I like Ella (Katie Cassidy) and Jonah, I feel like Riley and Jonah are just meant to be together. My favorite parts of the episode two groups. The story with Drew (guest star Nick Zano) and Mancini (special guest star Thomas Calabro) and the valve was so interesting. I was a little surprised to hear that Drew had Mancini's screwed up valve in him and that he could potentially die at some point. My other favorite story were the scenes between Ella and Amanda (special guest star Heather Locklear). Both these blondes just knocked it out of the park. It was so compelling and fantastic. I'm so proud of Ella and her devious ways. The acting was fantastic especially that of Cassidy, Jacobsen and special guest star Laura Leighton, whom I feel is so great at playing devious and was just a delight to have back. Melrose I hope we see you for at least another year because we have some cliffhangers to solve.
  • Awesome Finale or Horrible?

    Why the Episode was a awesome finale - It kept ya guessing till the end and definitely wanting to know what was next. The finale 3 scenes guaranteed alot of drama for the next season and made the show by far the best show on the CW. With that being said...

    Why the episode was a Horrible finale - The show pretty much has little to no chance of another season due to low ratings. There were many ways the show could have been wrapped up and left us with a decent (possible) series finale. I think they knew long enough that the show didn't have a good chance for another season and should have kept that in mind for the finale.

    If there will be a second season this finale was a perfect lead in for season 2. If this was the last episode it will go down in a veronica mars way, leaving fans with no closure.
  • In with a bang and out with a bang

    Season one has ended, but it couldn't have ended better.

    Ella/Amanda: I love these two! If i had any suggestions, it would have been before the slap (which i laughed so hard at) Ella should have made a comment about Amanda's botox. Couldn't have ended better, but if we get a season 2, I'd like to see Amanda avenge. Riley/Jonah: Two dumpees. The reason i didn't give Wilshire a ten was because the ongoing Riley/Jonah kissing and dissing was getting boring. But points for both of them getting what they deserve. Bring in some new characters next season and spice this one up.

    Drew/Michael/Lauren: Don't mess with Mancini. Points to Dr. Drew for being brave. It saddened me he was dying, but seriously, why Riley? It was out of the context in that scene, and I think Lauren he knows better. When Drew got busted, it reminded me of classic Melrose, Mancini doing whatever he can to be the chief resident for example.

    David/Morgan/Lauren: I love Morgan because she brings drama to David's love life. He ended with Lauren, which i think could be jeopardized. This isn't the end for Morgan if the show gets renewed. And it should, because now David's story hasn't been closed. He's got a new job.

    Sydney/Amanda: I missed Syd. I wish she was still alive, but she did a great job as a ghost. Overall: KEEP MELROSE! If there were more episodes, the ratings would have gone up. There was a good amount of increase in viewers, so MP has potential.

    Season: Katie Cassidy did an excellent job. I commend Ella for screwing over Amanda. We will be seeing her around. I also think MP was a good career boost for all of them.

    What did you think of Melrose? Should it be renewed?
  • The season ends on a high note.

    This was one of the best finales I have ever seen. I swear, if they cancel this show, I'm going to kick & scream like a little kid. I will give hope on the CW completely if they cancel this show. This episode proves that Melrose Place is amazing. Lately the episode have definitely been up to par, and the season finale ended with a bang, with a whole lot of twists & turns. Riley & Jonah go to a reunion and get caught up with the memories and end up kissing. Jonah confesses to Ella, and Ella realizes that she is ready for a relationship, just not with Jonah. She took it really hard, I enjoyed her meltdown. Ella tries to get some revenge on Amanda, and the painting that Drew got from Auggie's old apartment is the painting that Amanda was looking for, for half the season! Amanda finds it, and decides to give it to her, with some conditions. Then, you think Amanda is going to win the battle in the end, until Ella surprises everyone, she turns in the pictures of Amanda selling the stolen painting. The police come and take Amanda away. "This is only the beginning" Lets just hope Amanda's right. David continues to be blackmailed by Morgan. Yay, David & Lauren get back together! Until David gets blackmailed by Morgan's father to continue to steal or Lauren is in danger. I am astonished at how similar David & Lauren's storyline is. All about blackmail here at Melrose Place, I love it! Jonah goes on set for the first time as director. That's awesome. Sydney appears to be in Amanda's head. Yeah okay. Big shocker: It turns out Drew has the heart valve that has been killing people. He doesn't know how much time he has left. Another great ending in the finale. I like how Lauren put her job on the line to save Drew's career, and a life from Mancini's heart valve. An amazing season finale. Melrose Place is amazing. I hope that this isn't the series finale, and it's just one of many amazing season finales.
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