Melrose Place

Season 3 Episode 10

And Justice for None

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1994 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • Jo: The custody trial starts tomorrow.
      Jake: And you want me to bump off the Carters?
      Jo: Well, not you personally.

    • Amanda: Your ex-fiancée's ex-best friend is now your love interest and living in your apartment? That's not dating; that's rebound roulette!

    • Alison: Sorry, Warden Woodward. I guess you're the only one who's allowed to be loose around here.

    • Susan: Living with Billy is only temporary.
      Alison: I know. I've been there, remember?

  • Notes

    • The video for Aimee Mann's "That's Just What You Are" plays over the closing credits; "Hit by Love" by CeCe Peniston and "Here and Now" by Letters to Cleo play during the radio station party; "Precious" by Annie Lennox plays over the establishing shots. This is yet another song from the Melrose Place soundtrack, although it was actually released in 1992 on her album Diva.

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