Melrose Place

Season 7 Episode 35

Asses to Ashes

Aired Unknown May 24, 1999 on FOX

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  • Out with a wimper

    Melrose Place goes out in a mixed bag. Season 7 was an improvement over seasons 5 and 6, but nowhere near the glory days of seasons 2 and 3. And while season 7 was a strong season overall, it did start to peter out about two-thirds of the way in.

    But still, when the show was good, it was very, very good, and when it was bad, it was near unwatchable. Still, we stayed for the characters and great one liners. Well, some of the characters, anyway. At least this season we still got Amanda, Peter, Michael, and a revitalized Lexi. Jane and Megan were pleasant, but Ryan and Kyle were just useless and pointless. And poor Eve.

    But at least the show ended and something of a pleasant note, poignant for some (Jane and Kyle), happy for others (Amanda and Peter) and just crazy over-the-top camp for others (Eve). RIP, Melrose Place. Asses to ashes indeed.
  • Series finally tying all lose ends. Peter and Amanda escapes and pays Michael off to make them look dead. Eve goes balistic and ends up in prison once again. Ryan and Megan finally ends up together. Kyle and Jane ends up together aswell, and Sarah and Ter

    I loved this series finally, it was just the way I wanted it to be. Except for the fact that Eve's loving character had to go back to prison. I thought she should have found another love and moved on with her life. Lexi and Michael should have gotten married, but Lexi just wasn't ready for that. Her character made me laugh a lot. Amanda and Peters reunion was great and just as it should be, and I loved the fact that Amanda mailed the necklace to Kyle for his and Janes daugther. It was a great way of saying: "I'm in a great place, don't worry!"
    I was more than thrilled to see Megan and Ryan married and together at last. They appeares to be good for each other.
    I loved this show the whole way through! Thanks you guys for 7 great seasons!
  • All lose ends of this show have come together. Amanda has come full circle. Everyone thought she was the "bad" person on the show, out to get everyone. We find out, she really wasn't that bad. She simply couldn't deal with everthing from her past.

    This show was awesome, and the finale was wonderful. Who would have thought that Amanda would turn out to be a basically good person. Her and Peter end up faking their deaths to avoid prison because Amanda once killed a man, who had raped her, so it was self-defense, but it didnt' look to good for her that it would appear that way in courts. Peter had embezzled money from the hospital, so he would be in prison as well. And as Amanda said, "To bad they don't have co-ed jails." So, the two are in love, both guilty but not completly (of course Michael was involved with the embezzling as well, but is much better at hiding his tracks). Having Amanda come full circle was brilliant. She was always my favorite character on the show, so I was amazed to see the development from beginning to end of her character.