Melrose Place

Season 6 Episode 1

Brand New Day

Aired Unknown Sep 08, 1997 on FOX

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  • This should of been the final episode of Melrose instead of all new characters and the original cast leaving....

    The end of last season they kill off two in one season and almost all leave the show. Then Matt leaves this one. The only original two people from the first season is Michael and Billy. This episode had me bawling, because everyone is GONE! I am depressed how this season starts off. First off we find out Sydney is dead, instead of having her leave the show happily ever after they kill her off, which is typical for Melrose isn't it? The other sad part is Matt leaves the show and when he does there is no one there to say good bye to him, I mean no one! They're all to busy with their own problems and in the first season Matt was the only one that seemed to care about everyone. This episode sucks because there are only new plot lines with the newest characters who don't feel like they belong there, except Peter and Amanda. I am still new of the idea of Taylor and Kyle's character but am starting to get used to them. Now I think Taylor is the most annoying character on the show. So I think they should of ended the series in the 5th season and have everyone at Sydney's wedding reception and she could of lived happily ever after along with everyone else. Jake & Matt are the only ones that live happily ever after, or at least they make it look like that. I really am biting my lip in watching through season 6. Hopefully something good will become of what is left of Melrose Place.
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