Melrose Place

Season 7 Episode 34

Dead Men Don't Shut Up

Aired Unknown May 17, 1999 on FOX

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  • The last season wasn't great, but it continues to pick up the pieces for the final episodes: Lexi and Michael cover up a man's murder and Amanda continues to live with her dark secret about Eve.

    Amanda Woodward holds her dark secret as the series comes to a close, Eve becomes friends with Lexi - for now, Michael pushes a body in a shopping cart and Eve throws Peter's stuff into the Melrose pool, of course.

    The couple nobody asked for, Megan and Ryan, get married, causing the episode to dip and it is only saved by Lexi and Michael. It ends on a decent cliffhanger: a car crash. But does the audience care about the people in the car? Not really, and funnily enough the first scene of the finale would consist of the actors who joined the show after its "glory years."