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    [1]Aug 23, 2009
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    First off, I am a huge fan of this show, and I am buying all the DVD sets, I currently only have Seasons 1-4 but I have a huge problem with Season 4.

    I was really pleased with the Season 1-3 sets, everything from the box art to the quality of the episodes, but I have noticed with Season 4 things appear to have taken a complete downhill turn. Fair enough the packaging on the Season 4 box is blurry, this is a let down but this is not my biggest issue. Can anyone please tell me why Paramount haven't edited out those commercial break screens? I believe in the original TV airings these didn't begin appearing in episodes until Season 3, the Season 3 DVD however had these edited out and the action was uninterrupted, so why not Season 4? I'm watching an episode and the screen fades and the black and white shot comes up with the MP logo at the bottom, then the show continues??? It seems dumb and ruins the episodes.

    Am I being over critical or does this also annoy other fans?

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    [2]Dec 4, 2009
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    I bought season 4 a few months ago, but have yet to watch any of it. I think I'll probably like the commercial break screens. I remember them being so dramatic when the show aired on TV, lol.

    The second I saw the packaging I was disappointed. It is weird that the cover picture is blurry, like a bad homemade computer printout, but I'm rarely going to look at it. I'm not someone who cares if all the sets in a series match, but this packaging is so cheapy. I hate that they took away the episode descriptions. You can hardly read the episode titles for discs 3-5 because they are printed on the spine of the package with all the discs sitting on top of them!

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