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Most Annoying Character

Who is the most annoying character in your opinion?

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    [21]Mar 19, 2010
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    I think all the characters had their moments of annoyance, but Alison takes the cake for me. She acts like she has a stick up her bum and is so self-rightious it's insane. Season 4 changed my opinion on Jane, she went from sweet to manipulative and annoying, and even going back and watching the first 3 seasons, Jane is really irritating, and I never noticed it. Sydney can be irritating, but most of the time she's just fun. I think sometimes Jake can be so annoying with his obvious pride and sometimes self-rightious behaviour, although he is not as bad as Alison. Oh, and I forgot, Brooke is absolutely irritating but I like Kristin Davis, so I could actually deal with her, and she wasn't in the series for very long, so it wasn't a hassle putting up with her as it was for others who were in the series for longer.

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    Sydney, for sure. She messed a lot of things up. Although i must admit that she didnt deserve the awful accident. Taylor comes in second, i really wanted to punch her face everytime she got in the tv, totally up to no good. I feel bad for her though, that kyle pretended to want her back, but then again, she deserved it after all that she's done.
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    I chose Taylor. I can't stand her. Every time I'm watching Melrose Place and she's in a scene, I just want to slap her.

    As for Sydney, she **** rocks. I know that a lot of people think Amanda is what made Melrose Place such a great show, but I for one think Amanda is extremely overrated. For me, Sydney is what makes Melrose Place such a great show.
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