Melrose Place

Season 2 Episode 29

Imperfect Strangers

Aired Unknown May 04, 1994 on FOX



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    • Chas: Amanda, I want to explain Hillary's behavior.
      Amanda: That would take a team of psychologists.

    • Kimberly: I've been to the other side, Michael. I've been to Hell and back and it's taught me something. That I can never compromise myself for a man again.
      Michael: OK, so what are you saying?
      Kimberly: That before we did things your way, this time we're going to do things my way.

    • Sydney: Kimberly is crazy. She cornered me when I was in the hospital looking for you. She threatened me, she grabbed me, she practically broke my arm.
      Michael: Who could blame her? It takes every ounce of restraint I have not to break your arms myself.

    • Sydney: Ever since Kimberly came back it's like I don't exist.
      Matt: Why don't you save it for someone who gives a damn?

    • Sydney (informing Amanda she's throwing a party): Consider yourself informed, but not invited!

    • Kimberly: Listen, you opportunistic little bitch, if you think that shotgun marriage you arranged with Michael is going to protect you, then you're dumber than you look. Now stay out of our lives and you won't get hurt, okay?
      Sydney: Oh, am I really supposed to be scared of you?
      Kimberly: My professional advice: you bet your ass!

    • Sydney: Matt, you've gotta tell me where Michael is.
      Matt: Do I look like a directory to you?

    • Matt (to Sydney): You are getting exactly what you deserve. Sometimes wishes come true.

    • Sydney (to Michael): That's it? Zombie Woman lives and you drop everything and run back to her?

    • Jo (to Jake): Speaking of lust, how are you and Amanda?

    • Michael (to Kimberly): I thought you were dead, honey.

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