Melrose Place

Season 1 Episode 20

Peanut Butter and Jealousy

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1993 on FOX
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Sydney continues to get on Jane's nerves. Jane tells Michael that she is going to kick Sydney out of the apartment, but Michael has already asked Syd to take Jane out and get her to a surprise birthday party. He convinces Jane to go out with Sydney and think things over. This proves to be a disaster, as they get into an argument. Jane accuses Syd of trying to steal her life, and Sydney lets her storm out instead of taking her to the party. Michael has to spoil the surprise to get Jane to the event. Jane orders Sydney to move out, and the two talk about their long-standing differences. Jake reluctantly tells Jo about his meeting with her husband, Charles. Jo decides to contact Charles. Jake feels helpless when Jo begins seeing Charles, who seems to be a changed man. Jake later admits his strong feelings for Jo and shares his frustration about standing on the sidelines. Charles shows his ugly side after drinking, and grants Jo a divorce. Jo thanks Jake for his patience, and he agrees to hang in until she is ready to make a commitment. Billy is hurt when Alison leaves the advertisers' ball with another man. Rhonda becomes caught up in wedding preparations. Matt fears that he and Rhonda will drift apart after her marriage. She ignores tradition and asks him to be her best man in the wedding.moreless

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    Linden Ashby

    Linden Ashby

    Charles Reynolds

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    Larry Poindexter

    Larry Poindexter

    Dan Baker

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    Laura Leighton

    Laura Leighton

    Sydney Andrews

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    Sydney Walsh

    Sydney Walsh

    Kay Beacon

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    John Marshall Jones

    John Marshall Jones

    Terrence Haggard

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    • QUOTES (10)

      • Jane: Because I think you're trying to steal my life. Yeah, that's what I think. I think you've always been jealous and now you see some kind of opening!
        Sydney: I'm that terrible?
        Jane: You picked this fight. You deliberately provoked me.
        Sydney: You provoked yourself!
        Jane: This was obviously a mistake. I'm going home.

      • (Jo hands money to bellhop.)
        Jo: This is for you. Mr. Reynolds is a big tipper... and not much else.

      • Jo: You're angry.
        Jake: Yeah! I'm angry. I spent three days, doing nothing, sitting on the sidelines, not saying anything, just letting it happen. 'Cause that's what everyone--including you--told me I should do. 'Sit on it, Jake.' 'Don't push her, Jake.' I'm sorry! I can't do that! That's not who I am. I've been thinking about you. And I've been worrying about you. And I'm scared to death that I just fell in love with someone that I'm gonna lose before we get started.

      • Charles: I never thought there was enough honesty in our lives.
        Jo: We never talked.

      • Jake: I've been as confused about this as she has. Even though I think about her all the time. And I look forward to being with her. And when we're together, it feels right and special. And I never thought I'd feel that way about anybody.

      • Jake: She's making the decision. She's only hearing his side. I never told her how I feel.

      • Sydney (dismissively referring to Jane's spoiled party): Best laid plans.

      • Jo: Alison, some advice: never go out with anyone in the building.

      • Jake: I haven't even slept with her.
        Billy: You haven't? You?

      • (Surprise party)
        Rhonda: Oh, they're coming!
        Michael: Okay, this is it. C'mon, c'mon everyone!
        Kay: Where's the birthday girl?
        Michael: Wait, what's going on, where is she?
        Sydney: She's not coming! (smiles) We had a fight!
        Michael: Oh, that's terrific. Nice time to pick a fight, Sydney.
        Sydney: She started it.
        Michael: Geez, I doubt that very much!

    • NOTES (1)

      • "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" by Tara Kemp and "Why" by Cathy Dennis (from the 90210 soundtrack) play at Jane's party; "Conga" and "Words Get in the Way" is sung by the singer at the advertisers' ball, who is apparently a big fan of Gloria Estefan.

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