Melrose Place

Season 2 Episode 16

Reunion Blues

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1994 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Jo graduated in 1984. That means she has to be 27 at this moment, turning 28 in 1994.

    • And why is her high school reunion in San Francisco when she is from New York? I guess she could have gone to high school there and moved to NY, but she did imply that she was new to California. This storyline had so many inaccuracies.

    • Plus, everyone knows her by the last name "Reynolds" at the reunion, but that was her married name. (Unless her maiden name was also Reynolds, which is possible but unlikely.)

    • Jo has aged several years since the first season, when she was 24, but only one year is supposed to have passed.

    • Everyone at the reunion knows her as "Jo," even though she supposedly switched to the name "Beth" after her mother's suicide when she was 7, and didn't switch back to Jo until leaving her husband.

  • Quotes

    • Jo (to Jake): You're amazing. I mean what kind of ego you must have to think that just because I'm being nice to you, you assume I want to jump back into your bed.

    • Jo: Can I ask you a question? Whatever possessed you to get involved with Amanda? No matter how much you hated me at the time, I don't understand how you could go out with a bitch like that.

    • Jo: Don't give me any of that sisterhood crap.

    • Sydney: I see you trying to suck up to Jane. She'll never take you back, not after you ran around with Kimberly, then turned around and did her little sister!

    • Jake (to Michael): You may not be God's gift, but you sure are God's revenge on women.

    • Amanda: Didn't this man just dump you and not look back?
      Jo: Yeah. Mostly because of you.

  • Notes

    • The song "Always Believed In You" by the Arc Angels plays over the opening shots where Billy is working out; "Every Breath You Take" by the Police plays as Jo arrives at her reunion; and "Missing You" by John Waite plays as she talks with Reed outside.

    • James Wilder later played the recurring role of Adam Louder on the Melrose spin-off Models Inc.

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