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  • NOT appreciated.

    I have season 1-3 on dvd. I just now found out that due to time constraints set? They ALWAYS have bonuses and extended versions, right?!?!?!) the episodes have been chopped. We were wondering if we missed a disc or skipped one. VERY obvious in season 3. Boo Hiss. I won't buy the others!!
  • A 90's Classic of Drama and more!

    I was drawn to Heather's roleplaying as Amanda growing up and watching glimpses of this show. There was deceit, action, love stories and fashion statements that stood out if you ask me about this show. I must watch it again and you should too!
  • The infamous apartment building that had everyone addicted - the true definitive show of the 90s! The bed-hopping, the back-stabbing, the bitch-fights - "Melrose" had it all with an obsessive audience to prove it.

    Billy. Alison. Jake. Jo. Matt. Michael. Jane. Sydney. Kimberly. And of course, Amanda. Between 1993 and 1997, "Melrose" was a national addiction - you couldn't look in any direction without seeing it on the cover of magazines, talked about on television, or plastered across billboards. One apartment building, rotating residents, and countless memorable moments with sex, drugs, catfights, affairs, weddings, arson, blackmail, murder - and much more. It had it all, and it set the bar for prime-time dramas (none of which have come close to being in the same league as "Melrose"). Shows like "Desperate Housewives" and "The O.C." cannot compete, no matter how hard they try - and no show will ever be able to. While most series hit slumps in creativity, "Melrose" began slow in its first season, gaining much steam in the second, and became a power-house show in the third and fourth. But like all shows, it did go downhill - and in 1999, its seventh year, the show was finally cancelled. Yet years later everyone still remembers the residents of this memorbale apartment complex.
  • After so many seasons, so many faces and God knows how many affairs, Melrose Place reached its final stop. Its hard to believe it is over but it ended the right way.

    I have followed this show for SO long lol and it's almost unbelievable that it has finally ended. I enjoyed this for many many years but in the end I was kind of sick and tired of all the different affairs, lies and conspirations. Kind of irked me that none of their relationships seemed real in the end. But hey I'm glad Amanda and Peter got their happy ending and that Megan and Ryan finally realized that they are meant to be. Michael my bad boy hahaha I'll never forget him - he always gave me a good laugh and a reason to slap him.
    The Jane and Kyle thing was not the best match if you ask me - Kyle should have stayed with Taylor my all time favorite tramp lol I feel sorry for Eve - that poor girl just never found true happiness and I don't like Peter for letting her go like that.
    Anyway it was about time this ended but it was great as long as it lasted.
  • The best primetime soap opera of the 90's to watch! This primetime soap opera of the spin-off of "Beverly Hills 90210", is about twenty-somethings living in the Los Angeles apartment complex.

    I was a fan of the show since it began. I remember that show started in the summer of 1992, when I was eleven years old and the summer between fifth grade in grade school and about to enter sixth grade in middle school. I was eighteen years old and a senior in high school, when the show ended in the spring of 1999. I remember when the show premiered at the same time when "Knots Landing" a spin-off of "Dallas", kicked off the show's fourteenth and final season. That show is kind of like "Knots Landing". They both have the same thing in common vixens, catfights, romance, weddings, death, and a kidnapping.
  • Good trashy (addictive) fun

    Even though I'm halfway through the third season, I am hooked. There is so much drama and I wish the new show will last as long as this one. Things got off to a slow start, but once Michael started having affairs and Amanda started meddling in everyone's life, and eventually Sydney causing trouble, it got a lot better. There were some story lines that I found boring, like Billy and Alison dating, but the rest of the stories are so ridiculous, that they make the show worth watching.
    It's a better version of 90210 after college, and if you like the drama on 90210, you'd probably enjoy MP.

    And if anyone knows where i can find the video for Wayne's World visits Melrose Place, i'd really like to see that.
  • Best show of the 90's

    The show I would never miss growing up. I loved all the twists and turns ever week because the they always seemed to be trying to outdo themselves. Sure a lot of the stuff was over the top, but that's what made it great entertainment.

    Have to say my favorite character was Sydney. She just kept getting herself into one bad situation after another, but you couldn't help feeling sorry for her sometimes. The show really started to slack off a bit when they stopped pairing Sydney and Michael together. Those two were a laugh riot every week.

    Nothing could top the 3rd season finale with Kimberly blowing up the apartment complex. That was great stuff.
  • One of the first tv show I watched every weeks. It is not that great but the relations between the characters and the atmosphere make it unique.

    Watching it is simply a guilty pleasure. People who watch Gossip Girl, One tree hill, the O.C, or else, are practically sure to like this show. Right from the beginning we care about the characters, their broken heart, even their evil side and their tendency to maniplulate one another. As a little girl, I remember dreaming about being them, living in a flat with a pool and a bunch nice people that I'd come to know over the years. But before all, it's a show about friendship. It's a cult show, a "must see". If you don't, you'll definitively miss something.
  • Awesome show of the 90s

    Melrose Place was one of the most popular shows of the 90s. Its a spinoff of 90210 which I personally didnt like as much as I do melrose place. Awesome and crazy storylines and the characters were crazy, too. My fav characters are probably Alison,Kimberly,Sidney,and Jane. I have to admit the show started going downhill in the 6th season but everything before that was awesome. Its a lot of fun to watch all these characters do these crazy, totally unreal things to each other like when Kim stole Jo's baby and breastfed it. Lol That can never happen!!! but the shows great for good old 90s fun.
  • One of the best shows of the 90's

    Melrose Place was the best soap of the 90's and one of the best shows on FOX in the 90's as well(i'd say the no.1 best FOX show of the 90's was the x-files personally). Since I was born the year it premiered, I don't remember much but I've been watching the entire series on soapnet and I'm loving it. It's really fun and seductive and wacky and it's one of those show when once you start you can't stop! Definately the perfect show to watch if you want real 90s fun. Also, many actors from Melrose are on Desperate Housewives at the moment(which is also one of my favs) so everyone should check this show out.
  • Spin off of Beverley Hills 90210 with raunch, debachery and lots of money !

    Probably one of Spelling's best peices of work with the ever present Heather Locklear as special guest star throughout. This show was pinacle in the 90's and centred around the loves and (complicated) lives of residents at a gorgeous LA apartment, Wilshire Memorial Hospital and D&D Advertising, where everyone you live with works with you. Fantastic fast paced series, now being repeated on UK Living at the moment. Desperate Housewives' Marcia Cross was a total nutter in this and gained so much respect. This show was cancelled after 7 series and remains strong in my heart now, whenever the tune comes on it makes me sit up in my seat and watch, this is a classic which would be great if ever came back.
  • love, lust, murder, stalkers, split personality, drug addiction, bombs, deaths, B IT CH fights, love triangles, love quadriples, alcholism, AIDS scare. thats not even half of it. OUTSTANDINGLY BRILLIENT, FANTASTIC, MIND BLOWING, F***ING GREAT!

    this show was set in the 90's, a group of 20 - 30something year olds living in an apartment building. this show got better and better every season. a spin-off of Beverly hills, 90210 but then took its own path in season 2. it had the most mind blowing biggest mouth opening widened eyes moments to tears running down the face. Kimberly Shaw the psycho B IT CH that plants bombs in the apartment buildings and lets them blow with everyone still there. a show that you couldnt watch without calling your friend after it had finished. every episode was brillient and shocking. the actors and actresses were friggen great and you'll never see a show like this again. buy it on dvd boxset now. season 1 & 2 available now!
  • Kimbery rules!

    This isn't one of the world greatest shows, but it probably could have been great if it weren't for boring characters such as Alison(Courtney Thorne Smith), Billy(Andrew Shue) and Jake(Grant Show).
    The reason I started watching this show is called Kimbery Shaw(Marcia Cross), one of the best ladies in television history! She is so crazy, so funny and so beautiful.
    When Kimbery died I was about to stop watching the show, but I stayed tuned because of three characters:Lexi(Jamie Luner), Megan(Kelly Rutherford) and Peter(Jack Wagner).Theese great characters, played by wonderful actors kept the show going for several years...
  • Melrose place is a great show

    I loved this show! It kind of reminded me of Beverly Hills 90210. I loved that the charactors got along so well. This show will have your eyes glued to the T.V. This show had great acting and i felt that each charactor had their own part in the show. I would totally recommend this show to anybody. This show will have you laughing along and sometimes crying. This show would always leave you wondering what would happen next. This show is great for anybody to watch. Its a great show to just sit back on those Saturdays or Sundays and watch.
  • Everyone out here has this kinky sort of desperation.

    A classic. Next to "Dallas"

    A decent show all in all. About the people in LA, Melrose Place. The lives, the loves and the laughs. Well they all slept with, had affairs and married each other. Sexual and social politics. It sure was a lot of fun.

    The best actress of the show definetly was Marcia Cross. Her portrayal was so believable. As she had mental problems. She was just so fun and witty.

    It will probably always be one of the most reffered-to dramas. It will be talked about for generations. Ok maybe it wasn\'t that good, but clearly - quality TV!
  • We older people remember this show fondly, for it's fun sense of danger, and the skin of the beautiful Heather Locklear. I liked this show for a while, but it all came crashing down.

    This show was full of potential when it first aired in summer of '92. I was so piqued by it, and I wasn't the only one. It was even better when Daphne Zuniga joined, as her character JoBeth Reynolds was my favorite. After that, a plethora of characters entered, from the bratty Sidney, to the demented Kimberly. After the first 4 seasons, I was saddened by Zuniga's exit. I stopped watching. The show had become cliched and classless as well. Now, in later days, it has achieved a bigger following, as it featured Marcia Cross, but that seems to be all. For me, it is an insult to see this, most of it's newer audience consists of people who didn't watch it back in it's day, but I do believe in different strokes for different folks. Now, I can't bear to watch it, after all the over exaggerated "Kimberly" fans have invaded the fabase. Also, Daphne Zuniga should have had more justice, that's just the way I feel. I liked her character, and the writers became so infatuated with the soapy Kimberly character, and others like hers, that Jo was left to stand around, which resulted in Zunigas' bordom, that resulted in her early exit! Rats! The show, however, was really good for a while, and I don't regret watching it when I did! :-)
  • The best show on FOX.

    This was the best show on FOX. Every episode was a cliffhanger. No show today matches up to what Melrose Place was. It was pure Drama. Pure cliffhanger. It made audiences want to tune in each week. The best episode of the series has to be season 4's "Melrose Unglued." Sure, two minor character were killed off, but Bobby Parezi's death was the best axing of a character on the entire series.
  • It is just so addicting! I even got my boyfriend hooked.

    I LOVE this show. They have aired it on SOAPnet 3x's in a row, and i have watched it each time. It starts off a little rocky, but eventually they get some really good characters, actors/actresses that do a really good job. I don't know why but all the red heads (Sidney, Kimberly, and Lexi) were the best. Maybe because they were so scandalous. Alison and Megan were also two good characters. Oh, Kyle and Jake were so hot!! They were enough reason to make me want to watch the show all by themselves.
  • 90210 spin-off turned sexy prime time soap.

    A 90210 spin-off with slighty older characters dealing with issues of the day. God it was dull, Michael & Jane were happily married with no crazy female Doctors or evil little sisters in sight. Alison & Billy were not doing it and the show's quotas, Matt & Rhonda, were blending in nicely with the show's props but not the plots.

    Enter one Amanda Woodward(played by a permanently billed special guest star Heather Locklear) who moved into & bought the appartment block. Tempting men while ticking off the women.

    After 5 seasons most of the original cast had gone along with the plots that made this drivel addictive, replaced by unintesting characters (Jennifer Mancini = Sydney Andrews II).

    I often wondered how Rhonda & Sandy would have fared if they stayed throughout the show's entire run.
  • This show takes place in an apartment full of people who don't care about monogamy, first owned by Amanda Woodward, then Lexi Sterling.But they weren't the heart of the show;Kimberly Shaw and Sydney Andrews were 2 very popular characters until they both m

    I absolutely love this show! I became devoted to the show when Daphne Zuniga joined because I loved her in \'Gross Anatomy\'! It\'s so funny how nobody on the show cares or believes in monogamy! It\'s ashame Darren Starr can\'t create a \"Return to Melrose Place\" as there was a \"Return to Peyton Place\".
  • "Melrose Place may not be the best show on television, but it's sure as hell the most entertaining one!" quote Heather Locklear, I totally agree...

    Melrose Place has been my favorite show since 1995, it was thrilling, crazy - a guilty pleasure. A show it's impossible to compare to others in the same genre, Melrose was simply brilliant with their beautiful, crazy and powersick characters. MP had the best quotes, noone can match their quotes - the most shocking scenes, who will ever forget Dr. Shaw's return from the dead and then the wig scene? I think Kimberly Shaw is the best character that has ever hit the televisions, even though Sydney is my favorite character - I will never forget this show and I'm patiently waiting for a DVD release.
  • Definitely the best show ever.

    Melrose Place was definitely the best show ever for a lot of things.

    Firstly, the place, Melrose place with a swimming pool and all the neighbors in the same place.
    Secondly, the characters, Amanda Woodward, lexi Sterling, Peter, Megan, Jake, Ryan etc, etc...
    Thirdly, the stories, murder, betrayal, lovers, love story, marriage, death, divorce...
    Finally, the show itself.
  • They lie, cheat, kill and everything in between

    So first they where normal and did what was expected of them, then the change came and what a change it was. Split personality, fake your death, lie and cheat to become cheif of staff. Everything goes in the life of the Melrose people. And maybe it's something in the pool, as Micheal once said. Everyone goes, how do I put it. Crazy.

    From normal to Lets just put them in an insane asulym.
  • yes

    it is a cool show cuz it keeps me informataiv about what is going on inb the world i love it it is so cool and i could watch it a million times cuz it is so cool like that ha but it's just they have a good chemistry yes
  • This show was awesome Why did marcia and laura leave

    Why did they let Marcia Cross (Kimberly) and Laura Leighton (Sydney) GO! They were the 2 amazing fiery redheads always plotting and doing no good! I just recently found out Laura Leighton married Doug Savant who is tearing up the screen with Marcia Cross on one of the best shows on ABC Desperate Housewives! Amazing how stars are rekindled!
  • The trials and tribulations (not to mention the lives and loves) of residents of the apartment complex Melrose Place.

    "Melrose Place" was one of the most enjoyable soaps in the world!! It had great couples, twisted characters, and the way it all came together was amazing. My favorite character would have to be Kimberly, who was the most twisted of them all! Closely followed by Amanda and Sydney, who were really fun characters. This, in the end, was just a fun and extremely entertaining show to watch!
  • A thrill ride every week.

    In its heyday, Melrose Place was a fun and complex 60-minute roller-coaster ride every week. It started off slow and weak, but began to pick up steam midway through the first season with the addition of Heather Locklear. Though many credit Locklear for the show's success, the real stars of the show were people like Thomas Calabro, Laura Leighton and Marcia Cross, as the Kimberly/Michael/Sydney storyline was the driving force of the show. The show peaked in its second and third seasons, but by season four things began to fall apart. The writing, while always over the top, reached a new level of ludicrousness towards the end of season four and the show made no sense whatsoever (i.e., Evil Billy, Amanda using Billy to keep her job at D&D, and Kimberly's mutiple-personality story which culminated in her attempting to lobotomize Peter ). To its credit, the show realized its mistakes and several behind the scenes changes were made at the end of season four (namely the firing of several writers on the show ). By season five, the show had back down to earth and told more traditional soap stories (i.e. the Billy/Alison/Jake/Jane quadrangle and the Amanda/Peter/Taylor triangle ). New players, including Lisa Rinna, Rob Estes, David Charvet, and Kelly Rutherford were added to the show. The show rebounded, but towards the end of season five things began to fall apart again due to the loss of several veteran cast members. By the end of season five Marcia Cross, Laura Leighton, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Josie Bissett and Grant Show were gone. Especially damaging was the fact that the show had killed its two best characters in Kimberly and Sydney. That's why, for me, the last "real" episode of MP was the fifth season finale on May 19, 1997. Spelling and Co. saw many of these departures coming, but figured the void would be easily filled by the new faces that were brought in in season five. They were sorely mistaken. Season six was a disaster, for the most part. Even more new faces (Linden Ashby and Jamie Luner) were added to the show and another veteran cast member (Doug Savant) was gone after the sixth season premiere. The combination of too many new faces and poor writing irrevocably damaged the show. The show hit rock bottom in early 1998 when FOX announced the show would be pulled after its March 30 broadcast and return sometime in the summer. It was also announced that the show would be once again retooled and thus several cast members would leave later that season and original cast member Josie Bissett would return. When the show returned in the summer of '98, there was a flicker of hope as several storylines became interesting to watch (i.e. the Kyle/Amanda/Peter triangle, the Billy/Samantha/Jeff/Jennifer quadrangle, and the rekindled Jane/Michael romance). But the fun was short-lived. On September 7, 1998, Billy, Samantha, Jennifer, Coop and Taylor all left L.A. for greener pastures, and on September 14, the seventh season of Melrose debuted. It was obvious from that episode "The World According to Matt" that no matter how hard TPTB tried, the magic was gone. The show sputtered through its final season, as the addition of Rena Sofer proved to be a failure. The final episode on May 24, 1999 was exactly like the final two seasons of MP: disappointing.
  • I am so that that Melrose is on Soap Net!!

    I never got to watch the show when it was on Fox from 92-99. I caught an episode here and there. I finally have watched every episode!!! With the exception of a three eppisodes. I am so glad to be able to watch it. Thank goodnes for soap net.
  • This is probably the best soap ever!!! I don't know why but it is like sex. All that action, the pleasure, the fun and excitement. Afterwards the guilt and eventually, the addiction and need for it.

    What can you say about a show that makes a person enjoy all the pain and suffering. I want to go into writing for shows because of Melrose. Even if they offer a job for me to write on Desperate Housewives, it still wouldn't be like writing for Melrose. I envy all of those people associated with it. I know it sounds a bit stupid, but I actually set a hell of a goal for myself. I want to try to bring it back from the dead. There is still alot more to do. I mean Rikki Abbott must still make her appearance. And Eve, mustn't she still try to make hell for people. And I'm sure the 'happy ever after' ending when Amanda and Peter walk into the sunset didn't last for even two weeks. Come on people!! MELROSE RULES!!! Why should the show end? It's such a good one. But until then I'm stuck raving about what a good show it is.