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FOX (ended 1999)





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  • After so many seasons, so many faces and God knows how many affairs, Melrose Place reached its final stop. Its hard to believe it is over but it ended the right way.

    I have followed this show for SO long lol and it's almost unbelievable that it has finally ended. I enjoyed this for many many years but in the end I was kind of sick and tired of all the different affairs, lies and conspirations. Kind of irked me that none of their relationships seemed real in the end. But hey I'm glad Amanda and Peter got their happy ending and that Megan and Ryan finally realized that they are meant to be. Michael my bad boy hahaha I'll never forget him - he always gave me a good laugh and a reason to slap him.
    The Jane and Kyle thing was not the best match if you ask me - Kyle should have stayed with Taylor my all time favorite tramp lol I feel sorry for Eve - that poor girl just never found true happiness and I don't like Peter for letting her go like that.
    Anyway it was about time this ended but it was great as long as it lasted.