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Melrose Place

Season 3 Episode 32

The Big Bang (2)

Aired Unknown May 22, 1995 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The Big Bang (2)
Alison returns from Hong Kong, but is unable to dissuade Billy from marrying Brooke. Jo is disturbed when Jess continues to push her to marry him. Jess explodes with rage when Jo breaks up with him. Jane seduces Richard, much to the chagrin of his ex-wife, MacKenzie. Peter is allowed to keep his medical license. Kimberly finds it difficult to control her demons after realizing that Peter was only interested in her as a character witness. Paul asks Matt to go to his house to prepare dinner. Matt triggers the alarm, and the police find him over Carol's dead body. His fingerprints are also on the murder weapon (a candlestick he had handled during a previous date). Jake returns from Billy's wedding to find the battered Jo. He tracks down Jess at his construction site to fight him, and they end up toppling hundreds of feet off a platform. Sydney follows Kimberly and observes her bizarre behavior. She trails her to the apartment building's laundry room. Kimberly ties her up and details a plan to blow up the building. She tricks Peter into coming over with a note from Amanda, and forces Sydney to call Michael. When Michael arrives, he knocks out Kimberly. He and Sydney try to clear everyone out of the building (including MacKenzie, who has just arrived to confront Jane and Richard). A drunken Alison refuses to leave her apartment. Before the others can escape, Kimberly appears in the courtyard and prepares to detonate her bombs.moreless

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  • Sydney is kidnapped, Kimberly goes insane, Jo gets hit, Billy gets married and Melrose is loaded with explosives in the ultimate episode of the series...

    I saw this episode as the top peak of Kimberly's sanity. She has completely lost it by this point of the series and has decided to hurt many people. Alison begs Billy to stay with her but he turns her down in a very sad way that leaves almost anyone wanting Alison and Billy to be together, when there Not. Jake finds Jo who is badly hurt by his own brother and he begins to realize he might have feelings for her. Jakes life then literally hangs in the balance by the end of the episode. Sydney is kidnapped and by the end of the episode we start to see the comedy she brings to the series next season. The ending leaves Jane, Richard, Sydney, Brooke, Alison, Billy, Jo, Amanda, Michael, Peter and even Kimberly's life hanging by a shocking thread. In possibly the most explosive episode of Melrose Place.moreless
  • Best 2 hours of TV ever

    If anyone knew how to do a season finale it was Melrose Place. These 2 hour episodes were great and this one was the best of them all.

    From the opening scene of Sydney making wisecracks to Michael while visiting him in prison to the final shot of Kimberly getting ready to blow Melrose Place sky high, everything was plotted perfectly. I thought they did a good job of getting everyone (save Matt and Jake) at the complex in time for the big showdown. Kimberly was at her crazy best and some great scenes of Syd and Michael working together to figure out just what she was up to.

    About the only thing that could have made this better was if we had actually seen the place blow up in the episode and leave everyone wondering who survived over the summer. All in all, the best episode of Melrose Place.moreless
Robert Munns

Robert Munns


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Danielle Aubry

Danielle Aubry

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Don Brunner

Don Brunner

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Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross

Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini

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Jack Wagner

Jack Wagner

Dr. Peter Burns

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Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis

Brooke Armstrong Campbell

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    • Kimberly: (talking to Amanda) What can I say - one woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

    • Amanda: Although I'm still recovering from your little body slam, I must hand it to you. You aimed, you fired and you hit the target with Richard Hart.
      Jane: Some of your ruthlessness must have rubbed off. Good thing you have so much to spare.

    • Kimberly: Don't you just love the smell of sulfur in the afternoon?

    • Jess: It's our business, Jake: me and my fiancée.
      Jake: The minute you laid a finger on Jo, it became my business.

    • Kimberly: Wait, wait! It's not what it looks like. It's worse!

    • Amanda: Thank God you finally overcame your masochistic obsession with Alison.
      Jake: Isn't it a little rude to be talking about the groom's ex-girlfriend?
      Amanda: I'm sorry. I know you're a little sensitive about ex-girlfriends these days.

    • Kimberly (to Sydney): I'm gonna burn your face so it matches the color or your hair.

    • Brooke (talking about Alison): Don't listen to her! She's an obsessed alcoholic!

    • Kimberly: You wanna know how it's all gonna work? First one blows up the laundry room. That's how to get everyone's attention, especially yours, Syd! The second one takes out Alison's apartment, not that I have anything against reformed alcoholics, but she happens to live next door to Matt, who's BANG!! Takes one in the shorts! I saved the biggest one for last, for Amanda. That filthy, slutty, husband-stealing bitch! One push at this little button and the place is toast! Now all I have for you to do is call Michael in the hospital.
      Sydney: HELP!
      Kimberly: Shut up!
      (Turns on the blowtorch.)

    • Peter: Since we're getting along so well, I thought you should know I'm dating your ex-wife. I'll refer to her by name to avoid any confusion--Kimberly.
      Michael: Are you crazy? 'Cause she is.

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