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  • Season 7 Episode 35: Asses to Ashes

  • Michael's quote about Kimberly becoming crazy due to living at Melrose Place is incorrect. Kimberly didn't live at the complex until season 4, AFTER she had already gone insane in season 3, and was treated for it.

  • Arguably the highlight of the finale was a one-minute sequence of moments from past episodes that preceded the show. Clips included in this segment were:
    - Billy and Alison meeting for the first time (Pilot)
    - Billy and Alison's "first time" (Carpe Diem)
    - Michael and Kimberly's car crash (Collision Course)
    - Richard's hand rising from his grave (Dead Sisters Walking (2))
    - Sydney stripping (Devil With the G-String On)
    - Jane and Sydney's catfight in the pool (Otherwise Engaged)
    - Kimberly running over Michael (Till Death Do Us Part (2))
    - Matt ripping off Kimberly's wig (In-Laws and Outlaws)
    - Michael revealing to Kimberly that his memory had returned (Grand Delusions)
    - Kimberly blowing up the building (Post Mortem Madness)
    - Sydney describing Kimberly, "She's a vicious monster [ with so many screws loose she could start a hardware store ]" (Simply Shocking)
    - Jane punching Jo (Free Kimmy)
    - Taylor telling Michael, "I need your sperm!" and attacking him (No Time for Sperm Banks)
    - Alison calling Amanda a "conniving bleached blonde piece of dirt" (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
    - Brooke's ghost coming out of the pool and greeting Billy (Devil in a Wet Dress)
    - Amanda threatening to kick Jane's ass (Bitter Homes and Guardians)
    - Amanda knocking Peter onto Alicia's body (Peter's Excellent Adventure)
    - Amanda throwing a drink on Taylor (A Shot in the Dark)
    - Peter trying to strangle Michael (Brand New Day)
    - Kyle kicking in the door of Amanda and Eric's hotel room (Attack of the Scalpel Woman)
    - Amanda standing in front of her air conditioner (Hot and Bothered)
    - the roof caving in (Fiddling on the Roof)
    - Megan walking in on Terry kissing Ryan (Dead Men Don't Shut Up)
    - Peter accusing Amanda of being unable to love, and Amanda replying that she just can't love him (Free Kimmy)
    - Amanda and Peter in a hotel room (Floral Knowledge)
    - Peter being taken to shock therapy (Peter's Excellent Adventure)
    - Michael stating, "It's all over" with Lexi's retort, "It's not over 'til I say it's over!" (Bitter Homes and Guardians).

  • A second ending was created to avoid leaks. The people at the funeral were reporters that were told to keep the ending a secret. Tv Guide refused to attend and thus a second ending was created.

  • Amanda claims that after she killed Kent, she went and told her mother what happened. But, if the writers paid any attention to the show six years before this, they would know that Amanda's mother abandonded her when she was a young girl, and Amanda didn't talk to her mother until she reappeared at the end season 2. Aside from that rather large contradiction, another oversight to that is when Eve first appeared, Amanda told her that Matt was the only other person who had known about this.

  • Season 7 Episode 31: Bitter Homes and Guardians

  • In the previous episode, Kyle and Jane nearly kissed, but were interrupted when the phone rang. The same scene is shown in the "previously on Melrose Place" clips at the beginning of this episode; but this time the doorbell rings instead of the phone.

  • As Ryan and Sarah walk down to the beach in one scene (after Megan and Ryan have apologized to each other), Josie Bissett and Rob Estes can be seen jumping around and kissing in the background. Considering that Kyle and Jane weren't together yet (and Kyle didn't end his marriage to Amanda until later in this episode), it is safe to assume that Josie and Rob probably didn't realize that they were in the shot.

  • Season 7 Episode 25: They Shoot Blanks, Don't ...

  • There is also an episode in Season 3 titled They Shoot Mothers, Don't They?

  • Season 7 Episode 22: A Fist Full of Secrets

  • We discover in this episode that the secret Amanda has been hiding is that it was her not Eve who was the killer. This brings up the question of why Amanda ever would have told Matt, who she was barely friends with, a secret of this magnitude?

  • Season 7 Episode 18: Suddenly Sperm

  • Jane and Michael argue over ownership of a copy of the movie Indiscreet.

  • Jane and Michael's flashback to the first time they met contradicts what Jane said in Friends and Lovers. She said she fell in love with him the first moment they met, at a party in college, when she broke the heel of her shoe and he fixed it (nothing about being in a movie theater and him being on a date with another woman).

  • During the flashback of Michael and Jane's first date, Michael offers Jane a "chocolate covered nut." When Jane reaches into the bag to get one, you can see the word "Whoppers" on the side. Since when do Whoppers contain nuts?

  • Season 7 Episode 17: When Cheerleaders Attack

  • Look at Amanda's hair in her high school flashback. Her hair is exactly the same! How many women keep the same hair style for 15 years?

  • Season 7 Episode 15: Fiddling on the Roof

  • While making out in the bathroom of Kyle's club, Lexi rips Ryan's shirt open and you can clearly hear buttons fly and hit the ground. Later, when Ryan returns to his apartment, his shirt is nicely buttoned all the way down without a button missing.

  • Season 7 Episode 13: The Night the Lights Went...

  • Goof: Just six episodes prior, Lexi told Coop she couldn't swim. Yet by the end of this episode, not only is Lexi diving head first into the apartment pool (naked, of course), she's also seen doing the backstroke.

  • Season 7 Episode 12: The Rumor Whisperer

  • Amanda is horrified by the suggestion that she would sleep with someone to achieve professional success. What about during season 4, when Billy became a star in the industry and she slept with him to improve her job security? At the awards ceremony, Amanda makes a big speech about how sleazy and deceptive Lexi is; and everyone who knows her stands and applauds, as if Amanda is such an honorable businesswoman who does everything by merit and never stabs anyone in the back or uses underhanded methods. Please. Would anyone like to run that one by Alison?

  • Season 7 Episode 9: Where the Hookers Grow

  • Beloved actress Shirley Jones plays the mother to "Megan" - the hooker with the heart of hold. Shirley Jones won an Academy Award for playing a hooker with a heart of gold for ELMER GANTRY in 1960.

  • Season 7 Episode 6: Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell (1)

  • While lashing out at Jennifer for lying to him, Billy yells at her for leading him to believe that Alison was in trouble; and at one point says that Alison was not in rehab. However, Alison was definitely in trouble, and Amanda had told Billy that she WAS in rehab--Samantha overheard this conversation and used it as the impetus for her plot. Samantha faked the fax to Billy from Alison pleading for help, but Alison's problems were real.

  • Season 7 Episode 4: Ball N' Jane

  • Michael and Jane were voted one of the "hottest couples of 1988" by their classmates.

  • Season 6 Episode 26: M.P. Confidential

  • When Jennifer & Billy are talking about the future of their relationship on the boat, Jennifer puts her hands on Billy's face when she's about kiss him. When the camera switches to a different angle, Jennifer's hands are on his chest.

  • Season 6 Episode 17: Coop de Grace

  • The AWA client reports that every major league team is looking to sign Jeff Baylor after his contract runs out. However, most minor league baseball teams are affiliates of the major league clubs, so Jeff would probably already be under contract with one of them. There are rare exceptions of a hot prospect playing for an independent team, such as when Florida State standout J.D. Drew refused to sign with Philadelphia and played for the independent St. Paul Saints for a season before re-entering the amateur draft and signing with St. Louis.

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