Melrose Place

Season 7 Episode 35

Asses to Ashes

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Sarah and Terry escape serious injury because of the airbags, and Kyle and Ryan pull them to safety. Terry apologizes and grants Ryan and Megan permission to raise Sarah. Amanda tells Peter that she killed Kent, but claims that it was self defense. Lexi wants to go to the police with Eve's revelations about Amanda. Eve hits her over the head and leaves her bound and gagged in the bathtub. She reveals that she plans to murder Amanda and Peter. Eve tries to deflect suspicion by pretending that she is over Peter and insisting that her repressed memories were just fantasies.moreless
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Aug 06, 2015
From what I have read here, I am disappointed and happy too. I always thought Amanda and Peter were made for each other. As for Kyle, he was cute and I like the idea of he and Megan, I loved Megan, she was one smart lady who did not take anyone's crap or get involved in people schemes, except perhaps Kimberly's. But she can be forgiven for that, as poor Kim was dying. I was sorry to see her go and never believed she was dead. I always believed Kimberly would return from the dead. I also believed this about Sydney, and it would seem as though she did in the remake of Melrose in 2009 which lasted one season I believe.Amanda was my all time favourite character, probably because she was impossible to figure out. One minute a total bitch and then she was nice to people.My least favourite character was Lexi. I felt sorry for Taylor, she seemed to be very screwed up and it seemed that no one gave a crap.I was really disappointed that Billy left and the series did not end with a Billy and Alison reunion. I am quite pissed about this. And I always believed that Jake belonged with Jo. He is in a good place now, however I did hope that he and Jo would return and announce that they had gotten married and Jo had adopted Jake's son. Jake, Jo, Billy and Alison were really great characters and given the last we heard from Alison was that she was in rehab, I would have liked to see a happy ending for her and Billy (especially after the Brooke fiasco). Now she was a piece of work and it was sad that her story had to end with her accidentally dying.Michael and Jane deserve each other quite frankly and I kinda wish that they had stayed together. The number of times Michael has done the wrong thing by Jane, she should know better and then to screw around on Michael one day before the wedding, well I guess it ended how it should have ended. Jane ended up with a great guy in Kyle and Michael finally realises he can never be faithful. Wow! I coulda told him that in Season two.A good season and ending, however I feel sad that we did not get closure for Jake, Jo, Alison and Billy. I have just finished watching the entire season, all bar the two final discs of season seven and it was a great season and a great series. In fact it was one of the most entertaining US night time soaps shown in the 1990's in my opinion.One character I would have loved to see more of or even a regular was Kristian Alfonso, Hope on Days of our Lives. She is an awesome actress and does not get nearly enough credit regarding her wonderful talent. Obviously signing her full time due to her contract with DOOL, however it would have been great to see more of her.Anyway, that is my take on Melrose Place and how it all finished up.moreless

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