Melrose Place

Season 7 Episode 33

Lexi Gets Stiffed

Full Episode: Lexi Gets Stiffed

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Amanda loses Tony's account because the commercial footage was destroyed. She decides to shut down her agency. Peter ends his marriage so that he can be with Amanda. Jane and Kyle nearly split up because of his insistence on consoling Amanda. He catches Amanda and Peter sharing a hotel room, and Eve overhears this information. Eve beds Travis, the ex-prison guard who harassed her, but he refuses to do her dirty work. She goes totally psycho and plots revenge against everyone. A jealous Michael tries to stop Lexi from sleeping with Tony. He helps her escape a potential confrontation with Mrs. Marlin. Tony comes to Lexi's apartment to close the deal, but dies in her bed. Terry lusts after Ryan, who is initially oblivious to her advances. He finally tells her that he is not interested and proposes to Megan.moreless
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roommate drama, sexual tension, hollywood lifestyle, 90s, keeping secrets