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TNT (ended 2011)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Feud
      The Feud
      Episode 10

      A family feud and the 7th Precinct finding out of Dwight's new girlfriend ends season 2. The family feud comes to light with the shooting of a girl on the business streets of Memphis.

    • Ten Little Memphians

      Dwight and Whitehead go to Whitehead's childhood home to hear a will reading when the will's executor is murdered. At the station everyone is concerned with a violent thunderstorm and a mysterious man.

    • Identity Crisis
      Identity Crisis
      Episode 8
      A man who has taken hostages at a bank quickly gives himself up claiming the bank has stolen his identity and taken all of his money. Dwight investigates and discovers the identity theft goes a lot deeper.
    • Body of Evidence
      Body of Evidence
      Episode 7
      The body of a highly regarded man who was known for helping at risk children goes missing during his funeral. Dwight and Whitehead scramble to find the body, yet a very different picture of the supposed model citizen soon begins to take shape.
    • Troubled Waters
      Troubled Waters
      Episode 6
      Dwight's friend is arrested in a houseboat robbery case; Dwight encounters an old flame and performs with a band member from his high school days.
    • The Things We Carry
      Lt. Rice & detective Whitehead work together to investigate the accidental blaze/arson of a beloved and historic Memphis movie theater. Dwight and Paula Ann travel to New Orleans to attend the hearing-for-early-release (citing medical reasons) of the man who is serving a life sentence after having been convicted of being Dwight's father's murderer.moreless
    • Flesh and Blood
      Flesh and Blood
      Episode 4
      Dwight and Whitehead investigate a reported missing person case and are shocked to discover a nun may be their prime suspect; When Sutton finds an abandoned baby in his car, he turns to Dwight's mom, Paula Ann, for baby basics.
    • Lost
      Episode 3
      A Father seeks help from Dwight to find his missing daughter. Whitehead is troubled by his poor marksmanship.
    • Inside Man
      Inside Man
      Episode 2
      A public call for information leads Dwight and partner Whitehead to enlist the help of a mild mannered, nebbish, amateur detective, who is an expert on the notorious "Fox Meadows Burglars". The investigation is further complicated when the perpetrators of Fox meadow burglaries claim statue of limitations on their previous crimes.moreless
    • At the River
      At the River
      Episode 1
      The squad at the 7th precinct investigates one of its own in the opening episode of the second season. Dwight, along with a temporary partner from IAB, must determine if the officer was dirty or collecting information to present to his superiors. The death and the officer's surviving Son brings back memories to Dwight of his own Father and life. Meanwhile Charlie partners with Lt. Rice, who wants to promote Whitehead up and out of her department.moreless
  • Season 1