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  • Love it!

    Show was great and the songs perfect!!!
  • There you go, Take another show I loved Off!!

    I loved this show and yall just take it off no warning or nothing but you got all these STUPID REALITY SHOWS!! Why cant you leave something alone. This was a Great Show!!
  • Another good show axed?!

    It's getting to the point where any good show is doomed. We pay for a zillion channels and get stupid reality shows and Honey BooBoo! Talk about dumbing down America!

    Memphis Beat was clever, original and had an attitude of its own. No wonder you cancelled it! I know it's futile to ask, but how about keeping a few shows around for those of us who appreciate writing and acting and mental stimulation? You might even consider reinstating Memphis Beat!
  • Great show!


    I like this show! I loved "my name is Earl", but this show is different and I love seeing Jason play a different character. I've been a fan of Lee's since "That kid is back on the escalator again"..he's a great actor! He's simply delicious!: )


    One of the best shows - right up there with The Closer. Should never had canceled it. Jason Lee was the perfect actor for this role. Loved DJ Qualls. Sam Hennings was a treat to watch.

    Go get it back.
  • Memphis Beat All Episodes

    I really liked Memphis Beat. the only problem was with the 1 thin cop was in almost every episode. He needed to stay in the background more. Everytime we turned around there he was. I hope Memphis beat comes back again but with the other cop staying more in the background. He can come forward a little bit but not like he was. Too much time up front was the downfall of the Memphis beat.
  • An excellent police show set in Memphis with each episode so far having a link to an Elvis song. Jason Lee as the cop who is also known as a singer is terrific.

    Along with Rizzoli & Isles, this is the best of the summer crop of cop shows. It got me interested from the very first episode (as opposed to R & I which has grown on me). Jason Lee, with excellent supporting cast, is great as the lead and he can SING! The plots are good, the action moves along and I look forward to each episode every week. The touch of Jason Lee singing at the end of each show is a nice touch. The background musical score is Memphis based and outstanding. I hope the producers make this a prime time show in the Fall as I'm sure it would be a hit.
  • I am a huge fan of Cop shows, and there are plenty around to keep me watching TV. I really enjoyed the Pilot for Memphis Beat.

    I am a huge fan of Cop shows, and there are plenty around to keep me watching TV. I really enjoyed the Pilot for Memphis Beat. It was a good story and the characters were already coming to the fore. Dwight Hendricks is a pretty customer who flirts with the authorities but still gets the job done. Of course like all good shows he has to have his own little quirks and already in the Pilot these began to shine. It may have been a bit cheesy at the end with him singing Elvis but I guess that adds to his charm. The relationship with his new boss, Lt. Tanya Rice was nicely developed and I think there will be more good fireworks between them as the show progresses.

    I do hope that they give this show a chance to develop, too many shows of late are getting cut before we even find out what's going on. I hope that Memphis Beat is not one of them!
  • Not a keeper, a least for me.

    the show is not bad, it's a quite watchable hour, but for me there are two things that come to mind:
    - I wouldn't watched again any episode.
    - I wouldn't advise this show to anyone.

    Hendricks is a good character, and his bond with Music and with the city of Memphis is commendable, but it's taking its toll: in every case the victim seem to be the city itself and this mechanism appears to be a little overused.

    I don't know what to think of Hendricks's boss, too much of a mom, maybe? I can't decide. the rest of the cast feels like they're extras.

    Again, the show doesn't disappoint, but it doesn't shine either. It's worrisome that a cable channel like TNT, made bold by growing ratings, seem to chase the broadcast networks in watered-down show, using safe formulas.
  • Putting Jason Lee in with this group of excellent actors and stars really highlights just how bad of an actor he is.

    What I like;
    Alfre Woodard and D J Qualls both their characters and the way they are protrayed is excellent. The stories are inventive and the other characters are well thought out and play their parts fairly well.

    What I don't like;
    Jason Lee, and I loved Jason Lee in "My Name Is Earl", I think that was due to Jason Lee actually being a lovable doofus in real life and the character wasn't much of a stretch... but Dwight Hendricks is a VERY different character and he just doesn't have the chops to pull it off. Dwight Hendricks is a "do everything perfect" kinda guy and Jason's portrayal seems like he's just trying too damn hard. Worst of all is the stupid lip-syncing they feel they need to add into every episode. If you have an actor that can sing, then it's not a bad idea to have them belt out a tune when you can, but when you have an actor that CANNOT sing, having them lip sync (poorly) to a different singer each week is just plain insulting to the viewer. While Jason Lee is great, with amazing charisma and some decent comedy chops... he just doesn't have the skills to pull off this dramatic super-cop.