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  • Putting Jason Lee in with this group of excellent actors and stars really highlights just how bad of an actor he is.

    What I like;
    Alfre Woodard and D J Qualls both their characters and the way they are protrayed is excellent. The stories are inventive and the other characters are well thought out and play their parts fairly well.

    What I don't like;
    Jason Lee, and I loved Jason Lee in "My Name Is Earl", I think that was due to Jason Lee actually being a lovable doofus in real life and the character wasn't much of a stretch... but Dwight Hendricks is a VERY different character and he just doesn't have the chops to pull it off. Dwight Hendricks is a "do everything perfect" kinda guy and Jason's portrayal seems like he's just trying too damn hard. Worst of all is the stupid lip-syncing they feel they need to add into every episode. If you have an actor that can sing, then it's not a bad idea to have them belt out a tune when you can, but when you have an actor that CANNOT sing, having them lip sync (poorly) to a different singer each week is just plain insulting to the viewer. While Jason Lee is great, with amazing charisma and some decent comedy chops... he just doesn't have the skills to pull off this dramatic super-cop.