Memphis Beat - Season 1

TNT (ended 2011)


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Episode Guide

  • I Want to Be Free
    I Want to Be Free
    Episode 10
    A man with amnesia and a bullet wound appears in the middle of a seedy section of Memphis; Lt. Rice contemplates a career change.
  • Don't Be So Cruel
    Don't Be So Cruel
    Episode 9
    An aid to a city councilman disappears on his wedding day.
  • I Shall Not Be Moved
    When Dwight comes up against a volatile hostage situation, his solution is to actually become a second hostage. As Dwight attempts to defuse the situation from within, he begins to dig into his captor's past, only to find that it traces back to a cold case that has gone unsolved for decades. Meanwhile, already concerned with Dwights risky move, Lt. Rice finds personal trouble involving her ex-husband.moreless
  • Suspicious Minds
    Suspicious Minds
    Episode 7
    Hendricks investigates when a plane safely lands but with nobody onboard. Could a failed inventor who has apparently won the lottery be responsible?
  • Run On
    Run On
    Episode 6
    Dwight tries to determine who stood to gain from a vicious assault on a local boxer or stood to lose as as a result of his nearing retirement. Sutton sets out to make up for a missed opportunity from his past.
  • One Night of Sin
    One Night of Sin
    Episode 5
    The lead singer and mother of a singing country western family dies suddenly only to be followed by the group's manager. But while the manager's death appears to be a suicide, Dwight begins to suspect foul play when bitter fights between the family members come to light and a disturbed fanatic begins to display even stranger behavior than normal.moreless
  • Polk Salad Annie
    Polk Salad Annie
    Episode 4
    After a BBQ king is almost killed, members of his inner circle are the prime suspects. To find the killer, Officer Sutton is chosen to go undercover as a ladies man. Meanwhile, Lt. Rice faces personal problems when her son gets in trouble with the law.
  • Love Her Tender
    Love Her Tender
    Episode 3
    As Dwight tries to help Alex get her catering business off the ground, the entire squad begin a search for a missing teenage beauty queen.
  • Baby, Let's Play House
    After a missing truck driver's son tells his classmates that his father was kidnapped, Dwight and his partner set out to search for the missing man and help the son and the boys mother who may be hiding a secret of her own. Dwights Mother continues her relationship with her neighbor despite Dwight not trusting him. Dwight has romantic problems of his own when his ex-wife starts sending him mixed signalsmoreless
  • It's Alright Mama (Pilot)
    With a new Lieutenant at the station, Hendricks' relaxed attitude gets him taken off the top cases. His concerns take a back seat however, when he is assigned a case involving an old lady covered in bruises.
    Episode 12
    A man with amnesia turns up with a bullet wound in the middle of a seedy section of Memphis, leading Dwight to believe he may be connected to a three-year-old unsolved case involving the beating death of a little girl. Lt. Rice, facing financial difficulties after her ex-husband steals a large sum of cash, contemplates a career change.moreless
    Episode 1
    Memphis police detective Dwight Hendricks is on the case of a legendary Memphis disc jockey, Dottie Collins, who was known as the "First Lady of the Airwaves", but is now the victim of abuse in her old age. Dwight struggles with his new boss, Lt. Tanya Rice, as her den mother approach conflicts with Dwight's relaxed and loose style of work. Dwight tries to win her over when they end up at his favorite hangout by performing some music.moreless
    After very popular local boxer is beaten up, suspicion falls on several people who stood to lose a lot from his impending retirement.