Memphis Wrestling

Season 1 Episode 32

Jerry Lawler, This is Your life

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Nov 22, 2004 on

Episode Recap

Jerry Lawler, This is Your Life

Hosted by Cory Macklin with Jerry Lawler as very special guest

From UPN studios

They show pictures of Jerry Lawler as a kid and mentioning his early life and how he moved to Cleveland.

They show a clip of Jerry with his parents.

They have a clip of Brian Teigland mentions all that Lawler has done for charity.

They have a clip of The Coach from the WWE. Lawler and myself have never seen eye to eye and I seem to remember beating him once. Happy Birthday King.

They discuss the Andy Kaufman feud. They show clips of the infamous Andy Kaufman interview by the pool where he puts down Memphis TN with the funny voice. Then they show the famous match where Lawler piledrives Kaufman and one the David Letterman show where Lawler slaps Kaufman out of the chair and Kaufman throws coffee on Lawler. Lawler mentions that the Letterman show appearance is listed by Entertainment weekly as one of the top 100 TV moments. Lawler said that Kaufman and himself were good friends.

They show the Mayor of Shelby County, The Honorable AC Wharton wishes Jerry Lawler a 68th or 69th birthday. You are a good performer and wrestling is your game but politics is not so don't give up your day job.

Just before the commercial a graphic says that Jerry Lawler is an artist and they show some of his pictures.

They discuss how did Jerry Lawler's first video start out.Jerry Lawler, Jim Blake asks me to make a record and to surround me with good musicians like Jimmy Hart and others etc.. The first video is called Bad news(early 70s). They show that video. Lawler and Jimmy Hart do a series of concerts and they show another video called "The King is on the Way"

They show Shawn Michaels. wishes Jerry Lawler a happy blessed birthday.

They show the Jerry Lawler fireworks commercials. The first one is where Jerry Lawler dresses up as Betsy Ross and the second one is Jerry Lawler riding a bottle rocket.

They talk about when Jerry Lawler was not a very popular man.

They show the clip of Jerry Lawler introducing Dr. Frank who is in a pine box.

They show the clip of Lawler with Plowboy Frazier sharing the Watermelon with Jerry Lawler and Dave Brown and Lawler talking about taking out the trash and asking the Plowboy , How they took out the trash in Philadelphia MS.

The show the clip with Batman(Adam West). Lawler is dressed up as Superking. Batman alleges that The King stole the suit from Superman which he calls Sups and he calls Spiderman, Spidey Baby and calling him the evil King of Memphis. He says Lawler can be turned right if he learned to use the left and right turn signals and Batman objecting to Lawler calling the fans rednecks.

They show a clip from Steve Austin. He says Happy birthday, Because that's the bottom line because Cold Stone Steve Austin Said so.

They show a brief clip of the infamous cage match between Lawler and Austin Idol where Tommy Rich comes from the bottom of the ring and both and them shave Lawler's head and sends him to the hospital.

They show the clip with Lance Russel getting his Christmas wish to change places with Jerry Lawler. It starts out with Jerry Lawler wearing his General's uniform and tights and complaining about the ring not being set up and people wanting to see wrestling. Then they have Lance Russel in Jerry Lawler's tights and General's uniform and complaining to Lawler who is in Lance Russel's suits and wearing a fake nose.

They show another clip of Lawler making fun of Lance Russel who has just moved from channel 13 to channel 5 because he missed Jerry Lawler. Lawler then tweaks Lance's nose.

They discuss the Jerry Lawler show. Cory asks how many episodes were there and Jerry Lawler says 500 episodes. Cory said that he got his start on the Jerry Lawler show as a replacement when Jerry Lawler could not make it one week. Cory remembers Paula Lawler doing the show with her Paula's pics where she would pick the winners of the football games.

They show a clip with Lewis Paul of the Guillotines along with Plowboy Frazier and another guy I cannot recognize. Lewis Paul played some song that insults Lawler. He sang horribly and he sang about once when Jerry Lawler paid Plowboy with a glass diamond ring and it being revealed a fake by Jerry Jarrett and Plowboy turning on him. Lawler puts a guitar over Plowboy Frazier's head.

Bill Goldberg. Your next!!!!!!! To Have a birthday that is.

Mean Gene Okerland.clip from a WWE confidential. They say there is three kings in Memphis Elvis, BB King and Jerry Lawler. They name all the legends that Lawler has beaten. they have Lawler promoting book. Lawler then says it is in paperback.

Cory then asks Jerry who was your toughest opponent. Jerry said that Bill Dundee made a great partner but a better enemy.

They then show a clip of Lawler Vs Dundee from the 80s set to the Rocky Theme where Dundee wins with a chain.

Bill Dundee on Phone. He gives Lawler where credit is due. We ain't done yet. On Nov 29th I will get a shot at the King of Memphis. Maybe Dundee will have his night on Nov. 29th.

The Honorable Mayor WW Herenton of Memphis. I have been watching you wrestle for many years. You are the King of Wrestling but not politics. Happy Birthday.

Jimmy Hart says that he has some presents for Jerry Lawler. The Gentrys record album which costs $20 at Shangra La records, an XWF shirt made just for Jerry Lawler with no Prima donnas and a Jimmy Hart shirt.

Dutch Mantel. I am gonna whip you like a low down egg sucking dog. Both Jimmy Hart and Dutch then sing Happy Birthday.

Jerry Lawler says that he has a big surprise who will be in his corner at the Birthday Bash and he is on the phone.

Jackie Fargo. I am tougher than a $2 steak and I will put something on you Jimmy Hart that a jar of Ajax cannot take off. It is good to be back among my family(The Memphis fans). Jerry then asks him to take care of Jimmy Hart. Jackie then promises everyone a Cadillac except Cory and that Jimmy Hart will get hurt.

So the match will be Jerry Lawler with the World's Unified Title belt on the line with Jackie Fargo


Dutch Mantel with the AWA Title belt on the line with Jimmy Hart.

Recap by Gregory White of the Memphis Wrestling Group