Men at Work

Season 1 Episode 7

Plan B

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 28, 2012 on TBS
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Tyler and Gibbs pretend to be a couple to get a cheap gym membership; Neal's plan to set Milo up backfires when his old friend ends up going for him instead of Milo.

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      • Tyler: (while examining the towels) As much as I'm loving the juice bar and the climbing wall, the best part of this gym is the towels... They smell like a meadow... and they feel like, also a meadow.
        Gibbs: OK. I know we have to play out the gay couple thing while the manager is around, but you might be overdoing it a little with this towel stuff- (Tyler tosses him a towel) Oh man. It's like petting a puppy.
        Tyler: But you do raise a good point about just how gay we need to act here... (manager walks by) Hello Dennis.
        Gibbs: (in a girlish attitiude) Heeeey!... Too much?
        Tyler: A little bit. I think the sweet spot is like Bert and Ernie, you know? You're not sure they're gay, but you can't prove they're not.
        Gibbs: Sounds good Bert.

      • Tyler: (while filling out the gym membership form) Gibbs.
        Gibbs: (while filling out the gym membership form) Yes gym buddy?
        Tyler: Have you seen the price?
        Gibbs: I'm sure it's high, but... (Tyler points to the price on the form) Wait. Is that for a one year membership and a bag of diamonds? ...Hold on apply... look at this... couples are 2 for 1. This is perfect.
        Tyler: Why is that perfect? We're not a couple... (Gibbs starts showing a "yes we are a couple smile") Oh no!... Gibbs No!... Stop smiling, the answer is no!
        Gibbs: (The scene changes. Tyler finally gives in, while they're both handing in their completed membership forms) We are a couple. (Gibbs places his hand on Tyler's leg and he obliged)

      • Tyler: (while admiring some beautiful ladies working out at the gym) I can't believe this place. It's like heaven opened up and all the hard body angels landed here.

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