Men at Work

Season 1 Episode 7

Plan B

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 28, 2012 on TBS



  • Quotes

    • Tyler: (while examining the towels) As much as I'm loving the juice bar and the climbing wall, the best part of this gym is the towels... They smell like a meadow... and they feel like, also a meadow.
      Gibbs: OK. I know we have to play out the gay couple thing while the manager is around, but you might be overdoing it a little with this towel stuff- (Tyler tosses him a towel) Oh man. It's like petting a puppy.
      Tyler: But you do raise a good point about just how gay we need to act here... (manager walks by) Hello Dennis.
      Gibbs: (in a girlish attitiude) Heeeey!... Too much?
      Tyler: A little bit. I think the sweet spot is like Bert and Ernie, you know? You're not sure they're gay, but you can't prove they're not.
      Gibbs: Sounds good Bert.