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  • Great show....

    I came back home after 7 months and found out this has been canceled. Moderator should put "ended" for this show.
  • great show

    The title of the show was poorly chosen, but that was the only thing. The rest is great, fun actors, main and support. I hope they went eventually for the 24episodes fomart, but I guess this bloody 10 episode format is gonna stick.
  • Funny Show

    I like this show, it is would be nice though is if they filmed a full season instead of just 10 episodes for the year and calling that is not my idea of a season. So 20 episodes a season would be better.
  • Extremely cute show!

    Such a cute show, I'm in love with it. Very funny, reminds me of Four Kings (which I loved too). Everything just works, the characters are extremely likeable and have great chemistry.
  • The characters are likeable, enough...

    The Story premise MUST BE RESTRUCTURED to a more REALISTIC PLATFORM which resembles REAL LIFE SITUATIONS (otherwise what would be the point?)

    Great comedy is an OFF SHOOT of life's DRAMAS (we need to see these guys in REALISTIC VOCATIONAL SCENARIOS WHICH ALL OF US MEN CAN RELATE TO...
  • Men at work awesome!

    I don't watch too much tv, but this is an excellent funny show. I want to know if it's moved to TBS permanently or is there a new season coming out?
  • Love this show !!!

    I really enjoy this show ! The cast, scenes and storylines are great ! I can not wait until Season 2 comes next year !!!! : )
  • Not bad, but definitely not great either

    Well, first thing's frst: jw2468 likes Deadliest Catch and Glenn Beck, so he's no measure. And the other guy who voted this a 1.0, well, I don't give a sh*t.

    I just watched the five first episodes, and while those didn't make me laugh like Modern Family or Happy Endings or New Girl do, I still liked 'em. The writing is decent, the jokes are solid and their deliverance is on spot, but I have to admit, that in the end all things remain on this slightly above mediocre level. I'm not necessarily a fan of Breckin Meyer, but I do like his movies, and therefore thought or maybe expected him to be a little funnier than what he's delivering here.

    Maybe MAW needs a little more time, maybe not. I will keep watching because in the end it's a good summer fill in.

    I've always been a sucker for guest stars, and that department here should be voted a solid 9.5. Stacey Keibler, Kathy Najimy, Ethan Suplee, JK Simmons, Kevin Pollak, Christopherson, and Amy Smart, kinda.

  • Refreshing!

    After so many "Chick" dramas and comedies, this is very refreshing. Growing up with two hearty boys and their friends, I find this a lovely trip down memory boy lane! I thought it was funny and well done!
  • Let's get this over with and cancel this already

    This show is the most painful thing I've watched in a while. The premise is tired, the writing is awful, the jokes are poorly written, delivered and are overall just childish, not to mention the fact that they just aren't funny.

    The acting is cringeworthy. I mean, this stuff wouldn't get a pass in the 90's, let alone this era! MAYBE you might find a 14 year old who might giggle at some of the wretchedly bad "sex centered" jokes, but most people will just roll their eyes and change the I did. Please TBS, do yourself and us all a favor and just switch back to The Big Bang Theory re-runs.
  • has yet to watch a full episode, but has caught a 'message' (er two) & HIGHLY enjoys truth whenever present... also wants You to kno, that 4+1 = ?

    four + 0ne = future?