Men Behaving Badly (UK) - Season 2

BBC (ended 1998)


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  • 10/13/92
    Tony's brother has come to stay and so does his girlfriend. Gary ends up wanting to kill both of them. Then he finds out that her parents have a holiday villa which might be available for a free holiday. Now he'll have to be nice to them both!
  • Going Nowhere
    Episode 5
    Gary and Deborah are trapped in a lift together. Tony has bought an old van and equips it with an electric blanket - Can you guess why?!
  • Troublesome 12"
    Episode 4
    Dorothy demands an explanation when Tony sells one of her LP records, which is a 'rare' collectors' item worth £200, which is green in colour. Gary has to find a replacement! - The replacement LP is black, so Gary tries to paint it green! When Dorothy is not convinced, he has to pay her £200. Then, Tony tells him that there was a misprint in the catalogue - the green LP was only worth a few pounds!!!moreless
  • 9/22/92
    Deborah is ill, so Tony decides to look after her. Meanwhile, Tony decides that his girlfriend is getting too serious for his liking so sets about finding a way of dumping her without having to tell her face to face!
  • Rent Boy
    Episode 2
    Tony tries to impress Deborah by pretending that he can speak German - His plan backfires, however, when Debs gets a letter from a German customer and asks him to translate it for her! Gary begins to suspect that Tony is gay.
  • Gary and Tony
    Episode 1
    Dermot has left the flat and gone abroad so Gary advertises for a new lodger. After interviewing a string of very strange and weird applicants, Gary offers the room to a bloke called Tony. Also, Anthea asks Gary for a pay rise and gets locked in the stationery cupboard.
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