Men Behaving Badly (UK) - Season 5

BBC (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • Comic Relief Special 1997
    Ben Elton presents this special, including an entire series of sketches: One of the sketches called 'Film Critic' performed by Jim Broadbent and Kylie Minogue.
  • Home-Made Sauna
    Home-Made Sauna
    Episode 7
    Dorothy and Deborah have gone away on a sailing weekend. Tony is building a sauna in the garden shed - a "shedna" as he calls it. Gary and Tony meet Paula and Carol, who are staying at the house next door for the weekend. They invite the girls round for a barbecue. Tony makes a play for Paula, but discovers that she's a happily married mother. Gary is seduced by Carol.

    When Deborah and Dorothy come home, Tony talks Debs into trying out the "shedna" with him, but it blows up before they can use it! Gary obviously keeps quiet about his weekend activities with Carol.moreless
  • Rich and Fat
    Rich and Fat
    Episode 6
    Everyone keeps telling Tony that he's getting fat, so he tries to lose weight. Tony discovers that Gary has £33,000 in his savings account and soon everyone knows about it. Dorothy 'persuades' Gary to make a donation to the hospital appeal fund but everyone is after Gary for a handout. He solves the problem by pretending that he's blown all of his money on expensive watches and Harrods lager.moreless
  • Cardigan
    Episode 5
    Gary is upset when he's mistaken for George at the office. He decides to prove that he isn't becoming "middle aged" by taking Dorothy, Tony and Deborah to an all-night rave. The evening is a complete disaster!
  • Your Mate v Your Bird
    Gary has to decide between keeping Tony as a flatmate and living with Dorothy. He finally decides to ask Tony to leave. Tony moves to a room in "The Crown". Then Dorothy announces that she's decided to move in with Deborah! Tony tries to prove his love for Deborah with a do-it-yourself tattoo.moreless
  • Cowardice
    Episode 3
    Gary makes himself look like a coward in a 'road rage' incident so he hatches a plan to make himself look macho. He hires someone to pretend to pick a fight with him in the pub but ends up fighting the wrong man. Deborah has a female friend staying with her. Gary and Tony are convinced that she's going through a "lesbian phase"!moreless
  • The Good Pub Guide
    The Good Pub Guide
    Episode 2
    Deborah has become interested in astrology. Tony thinks he can use this new interest as a way of getting her to sleep with him. Dorothy gives Gary a lesson in bad behaviour. Gary and Tony are horrified when they discover that Les has been sacked as manager of "The Crown". They're even more horrified when they learn that the new landlord plans to completely refurbish the pub. They set about finding a new 'local'. They also fill their flat with some strange mementoes of the 'old Crown'.moreless
  • Hair
    Episode 1
    Tony is away travelling around Europe. Meanwhile, Gary and Dorothy have a very romantic time and Dorothy decides that she'll move in with Gary. She also decides that Tony will have to leave the flat if he moves in! Tony comes home with a beard and is shocked to find a tidy flat with a fridge full of food instead of lager. Gary agonises about ways of breaking the news to Tony that he'll have to leave the flat.moreless