Men Behaving Badly (US)

NBC (ended 1997)


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  • Season 2
    • Carpe Dino
      Episode 13
    • Welcome to JamieCo
      Episode 12
      Steve thinks it's high time for Jamie to get a job and pay his share of the household expenses. Brenda and Katie are frustrated because they're sure that Bob, the apartment super, is deliberately evading them. They both have repairs that need to be done, but they never see Bob; they just keep finding Post-its on their door saying, "Sorry I missed you." Steve gets Jamie a temp job doing data entry at the convention center; he makes sure to have Jamie read the company's policy on sexual harassment. Jamie immediately makes himself far too much at home and becomes instant pals with an amazing number of people; he even makes friends with Timmy, the boss's ten-year-old son who scans all the information he was hired to enter, and Jamie presents Steve with a printout in record time. Katie and Brenda are determined to do whatever it takes to meet Bob face to face. Steve's boss is impressed with Jamie's work and gives him an even bigger project; Jamie is forced to admit he knows absolutely nothing about computers. He and Steve go to the boss's house, sneak Timmy out to take him to the office to do the work. Jamie and Steve have to take Timmy to the carnival, an ice cream parlor and an adult bookstore before he'll go to the office. By the time the guys have fulfilled their promise, Timmy's too sick to go. Steve and Jamie start working through the night and are sure they'll never make the deadline, but all of Jamie's new work friends show up and help them finish the project. And Katie and Brenda fall asleep in the hallway where they've been waiting to "capture" Bob, and he still manages to sidestep them by disguising himself as Mrs. Lagatta, an elderly tenant.moreless
    • The Fur Man Cometh
      Episode 11
      During a photo shoot Jamie liberates a luxurious mink coat that's about to fall into the hands of some protesting fur activists and takes it home. It's Katie's birthday, and she's not thrilled with the book of "1001 German Jokes" that Steve has given her, Jamie gives Steve the fur coat to give her instead. Brenda is appalled when she sees the coat; helpless animals being killed in the name of fashion is horrifying. Steve admits he didn't know the animals died; he thought they were shaved. Katie says she can't accept the coat until she puts it on and instantly feels like a sexy forties movie queen; then, Steve later tells Jamie, they have terrific sex on top of the coat. Jamie is beaten up by a neighborhood gang. Jamie tries on the coat, adds a fedora and goes out; he quickly realizes that when he's wearing the coat he gets respect on the street. For the sake of his sex life, Steve is desperate to get the coat back; the guys fight, and Steve gets the coat briefly until Jamie reclaims it from Katie's apartment with the help of a chain saw. Jamie is wearing the coat at O'Mahoney's bar when Steve arrives; again they argue about the coat and Jamie takes off still wearing the coat. Steve chases Jamie through the streets of Indianapolis; in desperation Jamie jumps into a manhole and emerges, to the amazement of the neighborhood gang, looking like a drenched, dirty animal.moreless
    • Jamie's goose is cooked after he accidentally kills a duck during a petting-zoo outing with animal-lover Brenda; Katie challenges an irresponsible Steve to care for a computer-simulated baby.
    • The Tape
      Episode 9
      Katie's really angry with Steve because he refuses to go to dinner with some friends she wants him to meet. Jamie kidnaps "Hootie", the mascot owl from Hooters, and is keeping it in the apartment. Steve manages to break through Katie's defenses by giving her a tape of sentimental songs that he tells her he's made especially for her; as a matter of fact, he tells Jamie, it's actually a tape he made at age thirteen in an attempt to score with a cheerleader. Jamie grabs the tape at the first opportunity and uses it on Brenda who is also charmed, but she tells him how much she loves it in front of Steve and Katie. Katie busts him immediately, so Jamie enlightens her that Steve made the tape fifteen years ago. Katie grabs the tape and throws it out the window as Hootie swoops by and flies away with it. Bill Clinton is walking on the White House lawn with an aide as the tape falls out of the sky at his feet. Jamie and Kevin are at a bar as Jamie unsuccessfully tries to write a poem for Brenda; he gives up and decides to cut her gas line so can rush in later and save her from death, but he immediately passes out and Brenda saves hem from what she thinks is an attempt at suicide. Steve brings Katie a six-pack and asks her to forgive him; she says at least she knows the six-pack is his idea. And Bill gives the tape to Hilary, and she forgives him for everything.moreless
    • Jamie's Got Next
      Episode 8
      Jamie gets invited to his old prep school to teach a drama class.
    • Here We Go Again
      Episode 7
      The experimental medicine Jamie takes induces some strange side effects during dinner with Brenda. Meanwhile, Steve has a personality crisis prior to his third date with Katie.
    • The Gift of Jamie
      Steve hires an actor to help him weasel out of going to Katie’s for Christmas; she catches on immediately and tells him that now she doesn’t want him to come.
    • The Gift of Jami
      Episode 6
      Jamie joins a karaoke contest to raise money for a Christmas present for Brenda. Steve tries to avoid going to Christmas with Katie's family.
    • Special Delivery
      Episode 5
      Jamie becomes a midwife-for-hire. Katie and Steve spy on their new neighbor.
    • Spoils of War
      Episode 4
      Steve invents an elderly uncle and Brenda treats Jamie as a gay friend.
    • The Sting
      Episode 3
      Jamie feels the sting of unrequited love -- and several dozen bees -- when Brenda starts dating an outdoorsman; and a charade spins completely out of control for Steve when he and Katie battle for control of their relationship.
    • Got Milk?
      Episode 2
      Jamie tries to impress Brenda by getting a job ... as a lab rat. Steve tries to impress Katie by being a bad boy.
    • 9/28/97
      When Kevin announces his plans to marry Sarah and move to Chicago, best man Jamie holds an intervention to save his buddy from his apparent addiction to "this depraved pagan ceremony you call a wedding."
  • Season 1