Men in Black: The Series - Season 1

The WB (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • 5/16/98
    Dr. Lupo and other inmates of MIB's prison ward manage to break out and incapacitate most of MIB. Only Jay and the worms can save the day.
  • 2/14/98
    Jay wonders what Kay does in his spare time, but his partner – naturally – isn't very forthcoming. Shadowing Kay leads to some interesting revelations about his personal life, as well as some potentially troubling ones. In the meantime, a case is underway involving a woman that says her husband is an alien. Said alien is one of the Blastula, a telepathic species in the midst of a secret colonization operation. Even worse, making Earth a more hospitable environment for them involves raising the temperature... by about one thousand degrees. MIB has to stop them, but Jay begins to have suspicions about Kay – suspicions that might not be far off.moreless
  • The Elle of My Dreams Syndrome
    Alien dream eaters known as the Vermax attack the crew of a returning NASA space shuttle. When Jay, Kay and Elle arrive at the landing sight, a Vermax attaches itself to Jay and sends him into a deep sleep. Elle enters Jay's dreams to get him to wake up and remove the Vermax.moreless
  • 12/20/97
    Jay mistakes a Cerebro-Accelerator for a pair of head phones, making him the smartest man on Earth. However, this will also cause his brain to explode in twenty-two hours. But his advanced brain is MIB's only hope when someone uses time travel to erase the five founders of MIB from existence.moreless
  • 12/13/97
    An insane Alcidian named Forbus is hunting humans, draining them of their bodily fluids. But during the pursuit, Forbus forms a psychic link with Kay, making him feel whatever he feels.
  • The Inanimate Syndrome
    An Inanimate, a shapeshifter capable of disgusing itself as inanimate objects, escapes from prison to Earth. But the MIB get some help from Eileen, an intergalactic cop that stirs up some old feelings for Kay.
  • 11/22/97
    When Kay is infected with Millicrons, Jay takes his place on an assignment to transport a symbiote named Troy to New York City. He has to do it within twenty hours or be permanently absorbed by Troy. But Buzzard returns and is looking to capture the symbiote for his mysterious boss.moreless
  • The Neuralizer Syndrome
    MIB is concerned about the Chop Shoppers – requiring a stakeout from Kay and things really get out of hand when the Chop Shoppers realize they are being watched. Jay is forced to use the Neuralizer – ultimately hitting Kay by accident. His memories since he was sixteen erased, Kay now acts considerably different. Basically the senior partner, Jay has to look after Kay and answer some difficult questions about the man he became.moreless
  • 11/8/97
    Many aliens are gathering under one roof for a trade conference. MIB's workload is understandably huge and security is a top issue. Tarkan trade minister Dirndl is barely saved from a cunning assassin, who gets away. For MIB to effectively protect Dirndl, an agent must don Tarkan bodyguard gear and Jay gets the job.moreless
  • The Alpha Syndrome
    Episode 4
    Investigating the theft of a Sintillian heart, Kay learns the culprit is Alpha, his former mentor and the man who left him for dead years ago. But Jay and Kay discover Alpha now has multiple body parts grafted onto his body, becoming even more dangerous.
  • 10/25/97
    A Charnok has to come to Earth and ransacked Jeebs' pawn shop as well as hunting reliable MIB informant, Frank the Pug. After some investigating, Jay and Kay learn the Charnok was trying to buy a Void Density Core from Jeebs, who didn't want to sell it. Frank made off with it during the fight and accidentally swallowed it. Now the MIB have to get the VDC out of him before it detonates and sucks the city into a miniature black hole.moreless
  • 10/18/97
    Jay and Kay investigate a crashed alien ship in the woods when they encounter Treblor, an alien cop from the Zombarian Retrieval Department. Treblor says the owner of the crashed ship is a fugitive named Z-Ron. While Jay goes out ahead to get Z-Ron, Kay learns Treblor isn't who he says he is.moreless
  • The Long So-Long Syndrome
    Kay and Jay are assigned the not-so-glamorous task of getting Skraaldians out of New York City's sewers. It is made very clear that they must be removed peacefully and alive while they sleep. However, one Skraaldian suddenly wakes up and spooks Jay – causing him to use his Noisy Cricket to kill it. Bad move, as all Skraaldians are psychically linked and now know what Jay did. Every last Skraaldian becomes dedicated to evening the score, and they prove quite capable of getting to Jay anywhere – even inside MIB headquarters.moreless