Men in Black: The Series

Season 3 Episode 10

The Sardines & Ice Cream Syndrome

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Feb 05, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

New York's landmarks are disappearing, starting with the Brooklyn Bridge. While scanning the crowd, Jay and Kay spot a mime and give chase, but when they realize the mime is actually an exosuit, they know that means the Fmecks are back. Back at MIB headquarters, Zed sends Jay to see Elle when he starts to sneeze. Elle confirms he has a head cold and instructs him to take a pill that's supposed to cure it in 15 seconds. Jay does so, only to be told by Elle that he swallowed the wrong thing. It was actually an alien's fertilized egg that Elle was about to implant. Jay is horrified when he realizes he's now become pregnant as a result. Needless to say, both Jay and the baby's mother are not too happy with the current situation, but she tries to make the best of it by following Jay and Kay around and making sure Jay stays healthy and unhurt for the sake of her child, which annoys him to no end. Throughout the day, as Jay starts getting bigger and shows pregnancy symptoms like swollen ankles and mood swings, the agents track the Fmecks first to Yankee Stadium, then to the Statue of Liberty, which the aliens shrink along with Elle inside. While the agents try to find Elle, Jay goes into labor, which is bad timing as Elle has the equipment needed to safely deliver the baby out of Jay before it tunnels out of his chest. They find Elle's signal and head to Coney Island, where the Fmecks are storing the shrunken landmarks. Kay gets ahold of the shrink ray and uses it to enlarge the Statue and Elle, just in time for her to deliver the baby, which Jay gives to the grateful mother. Meanwhile the Fmecks have escaped in their ship, which Kay manages to take down, but not before the Fmecks try to get away in an escape pod. However as they fly pass the mother, the baby grabs the pod and starts to play with it, thinking it's a toy. Back at MIB headquarters, Zed tells the agents that the landmarks have been returned and the people that were in them have been neuralized. As the alien mother is about to leave with her child, she tells Jay she's decided to name the baby after him.
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