Men in Trees

Season 2 Episode 1

A Tree Goes in Elmo

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2007 on ABC
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A Tree Goes in Elmo
To help Marin get rid of issues that weigh her down, Cash takes her to visit a guru. On the way back down the mountain trail, an arctic cyclone erupts.

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  • If you live in New Zealand, you've got to be scratching your head right now.

    Don't get me wrong - I *LOVE* "Men In Trees." I made a banner for my blog that said it was one of the top three shows you should be watching! This episode was not the "Men In Trees" I was talking about when I made that banner.

    Rewind back to last U.S. season. "Men In Trees" was torn away from its viewers unceremoniously for shows the network felt could bring in more bucks. Instead of coming back, it was put back on the shelf to collect dust until the new fall season began.

    If you lived in New Zealand or had friends in New Zealand you were the lucky one! Those of us privileged enough to see episodes 18 through 22 with the help of our NZ friends were thrilled and excited about Season 2. Season 1 had a wonderful ending to it! Episode 22 was full of hope, true love and a sense of community. What more could you ask for?

    Fast forward to today. Those of us who saw episodes 18-22 and then watched the debacle of the first episode of U.S. Season 2 feel like someone has slipped us a mickey. What the heck is Justine Bateman still doing there??? Why is everyone in Elmo angry at each other and who decided fart jokes were the appropriate thing to put in a "Sex and The City" homage?

    I felt like I was watching some type of emotionally dysfunctional "Grey's Anatomy" rip-off. The town's folk seem to have lost their lovable quirkiness and descended into something much less.

    Let's start at the very beginning of this episode. Mai goes from being the love of Buzz's life to 2nd on the list. How they're going to cut up "Chemical Reactions" (New Zealand's 1x18) to reflect this change will be a mystery. Clearly both explanation's about how Buzz and Mai met can't co-exist in the same series bible.

    Celia's love interest, Dick, is transformed from a smart, gallant, comic-relief based character to a wimpy trifling loser with a gas problem. Only someone with a vendetta against men would do what they did to him in this episode.

    Sarah is taking money from Ben - something she made a point of not doing in Season 1. This in turn backfires on Ben when Theresa finds out and claims that Ben (the millionaire) is supposed to talk to her before he spends his money. WHAT??? Did someone forget what show this is? Theresa doesn't have any right to tell Ben how to spend his money in the first place. In the second place, knowing that Sarah needed the money to fight for her kid in court, Theresa would not be such a witch as to argue with Ben about something so important. Where did THIS Theresa come from?

    Annie is turned into a mean-spirited sore loser/winner in this episode. She even attacks little kids. After watching all these changes in the cast, you have to wonder if all the original writers were fired or let go and a new staff was sent in. It doesn't seem like the current writing staff has a clue about who the people in this series were.

    We've been told the wonderful last five episodes we saw via New Zealand are going to be pushed to the back end of imaginary Season 2. Just HOW are they supposed to rationalize this with those from down under? It's already spoiled the end of Season 2 for me and anyone else who has already seen episodes 18-22. Why would I bother tuning in? I might as well wait until Season 3.

    Watching Jack drag out this untenable relationship with Lynn longer than it was originally drawn out is more than I can bear. The first 22 episodes of "Men In Trees" was perfectly matched. The pitch and speed of the storyline was perfectly honed. As they throw this asunder, I can't help but think that either Ann Heche has become too much of a problem to work with or Alaska was more expensive than they thought.

    The fate of "Men In Trees" is in the hands of a public who can barely remember what happened the last time it aired. Remember, it was pulled mid-season. What audience they will have to come back to with these drastic character changes is anyone's guess. As for me, I'm going to have to seriously consider changing my blog banner. I only recommend what I can stand behind and if "Men In Trees" is going to continue down this path, even *I* won't be able to stand behind it.moreless
  • Welcome back Elmo!

    After such a LONG hiatus, we finally get to welcome back our favorite Alaskan town. And I'm not disappointed. In true fashion, the writers have provided us with a beautiful story. The episode follows the trials of our mountain princess Marin as a cyclone hits Elmo. The tale is told not only through Marin's debacle on the mountain but also through the storytelling of a fairy tale. What's more is that Marin, in trying to move on, wants to uproot the tree given to her by Jack. Removing it would symbolize moving on. She can't. Once the storm hits, though, the tree is gone. She has started a new clean chapter, much like the environment does after a storm. Things are clearer to many (i.e. Jack's feelings for Marin). Relationships are exposed...people are revealed. Great episode, well written, more than adequate episode to start us on our Men in Trees run this year. Hopefully, they won't pull it again.moreless
Simon Webb

Simon Webb

Master Todd

Guest Star

Justine Bateman

Justine Bateman

Lynn Barstow

Recurring Role

Currie Graham

Currie Graham


Recurring Role

Scott Elrod

Scott Elrod


Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Theresa: If you're going to give our money to your ex-girlfriend, it would be nice if you told your wife.

    • Dick: I have a slight flatulence problem made worse by onions and perhaps your mother.

    • Jerome: Girl comes to Alaska, falls for mountain man, he marries someone else. That's "Brokeback Marin."

    • Marin: Sometimes, it's not until a storm comes that things get unearthed. We get to see what's underneath, the dark secrets, and the truths, that in the light of day we keep hidden. For some, the truth will make them feel closer. For others, it will make them more alone. Pain will get uprooted. Some pain still too deep to be seen by human eyes. But in time, as we replant ourselves, we will be thankful because, like the roots of a tree, it is what lies beneath that allows us to grow. Together or apart.

    • Marin: Hey, Elmo. I have been hard at work, trying to dig up this little tree in my backyard. But the thing just won't budge. Well, that shouldn't surprise me seeing that it is an Elmo tree and Elmo is a town so tight that even the trees want to stick around. But still it amazes me, this town, that tree. How can something so small have such deep roots?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Justine Bateman and Currie Graham were credited as Special Guest Stars in this episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "If Ever There's A Reason" by Derby
      "Hold On Beauty" by Cameron McGill
      "Can't Let Go" by Lucinda Williams
      "All Or Nothing" by Derby
      "Bye Bye Blue Sky" by Latch Key Kid
      "Come Out Come Out" by Front Row For The Meltdown
      "Cottage Cheese" by Brainpool
      "White Powder" by Morning 40 Federation
      "All About You" by Eugene Edwards
      "Hey Hello" by Devlin Murphy
      "Passed" by Swingin' Amiss
      "Apologies" by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

    • This episode was filmed eight months after the remaining five episodes of Season 1 as a way of reintroducing the Elmoians to viewers after an extended hiatus.