Men in Trees

Season 2 Episode 16

Kiss and Don't Tell

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 23, 2008 on ABC



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    • Buzz: I don't start any gig until I know what the pay is.
      Celia: Fine. $8.50 an hour.
      Buzz: $8.50 my ass.
      Celia: It's just a bed-and-breakfast.
      Buzz: No, a sweatshop is what it is. Find someone else to sew the logos on your sneakers.

    • (everyone is discussing their bothersome houseguests)
      Celia: I'll see your Alaskan vagrant and your Croatian hockey player and raise you a Chinese nudist.
      Jack: What?
      Celia: Yeah, Mai is cleaning my house naked.
      Jerome: Woo hoo.
      Celia: She wants me to be her girlfriend.
      (everyone stares at Celia in silence)
      Celia: That didn't come out right.

    • Buzz: I want my Raisin Bran.
      Mai: I tell you what. Why don't you take two scoops of raisins and stick them where the sun don't shine.

    • Jerome: You want him out? Wash a pot of chili down with a cup of coffee. It clears the house out every time.
      Ben: He's not lying. He's closed us down before.

    • Pilar: It's a pleasure to meet you.
      Patrick: It's a pleasure to have you touching me.

    • Marin: Opening your door to someone is, in many ways, a lot like opening your heart. It's not always easy. Some of us aren't used to opening up. It can hurt. But we do what we can for our guests. We try to be hospitable, giving them whatever they desire. Sometimes, all you can do is help them feel better while they wait to return home. And soon enough, the guest is gone, leaving us to move the couch, do the laundry, go back to our lives as usual, if that's possible.

    • Marin: It seems that everyone is taking in a guest these days. It's a tricky thing, sharing your space whether by choice or circumstance. We all want to bend over backwards to make our guest feel at home but what happens when our home stops being our own? How do you find space for yourself? You tell me, Elmo, is it possible to let someone in and still keep your distance?

  • Notes

    • International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic – November 25, 2008 on Prima
      The Netherlands – December 8, 2008 on Net 5

    • Featured Music:
      "Daydream Car" by Amy Correia
      "Tip of My Tongue" by The Breakers DK
      "Love and Comforting" by Juliane Gardner
      "Looking Out" by Jason Walker & the Last Drinks
      "We All Dance" by Paul Trudeau
      "Coming Home" by MoZella

    • Sofía Vergara is credited as Special Guest Star in this episode.

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