Men in Trees

Season 1 Episode 7

Ladies Frist

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2006 on ABC
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Ladies Frist
Not only is Marin surprised that the people of Elmo are throwing a birthday party for her, but her younger sister shows up as well. Her sister is immediately attracted to Jack and wants to marry him. Meanwhile, Buzz informs Patrick he found a plane on the mountain while he was out flying. The plane had belonged to Patrick's father and it went down over 26 years ago. Patrick begins to wonder if it is possible that his father survived the crash somehow and is still out there. Sara is officially dating Ben, which makes Theresa angry.moreless

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  • Marin is surprised by her b-day party Her sister immediately has the hots for Jack and wants to marry him. Marin is left feeling insecure by her sister, because all the attention is now on her. Buzz informs Patrick that he found a plane on the mountain.moreless

    Great episode! I would of never thought Buzz and Patrick are related even though that is next episode. No wonder Celia bidded on Buzz during that auction and that they act weird together. I knew something wasn't right. I am so surprised Celia never told them. Marin and Jack kiss!! Yay! After having to do 7 minutes in heaven he kisses her. I want more Jack and Marin!!!!! They are so cool together. Marin's sister is such a party girl and I would of stayed up and had dun during the party because I love parties! They are the best!!moreless
  • Marin\'s birthday and her younger sister (whose birthday is a day earlier) shows up and steels the show. Buzz finds Daniel\'s father\'s plane - or is it?

    Why do they keep bringing in guests? I think they seriously need to work on main character development and stop bringing in people for every episode.

    Marin\'s sister was funny, but just a little too spacy and slutty! Jack\'s behavior was odd to say the least.

    Not liking the storyline about the father actually being Buzz, not the man he thought.
  • Another good one!

    Yet another great episode. Good to see different sides of Marin. Where did the heat go between she and Jack?? They need to play that up. Hopefully the relationship between Buzz and Patrick will be good and they won\'t make it silly and unrealstic. Keep up the romantic sparks in this show and a new timeslot and I see it going places!!

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    • Liza: (eyeing Jack) That might be my next husband.
      Marin: Liza, Jack...
      Liza: No, you said you would be supportive.
      Marin: I know but Jack is...
      Liza: Married?
      Marin: No
      Liza: Seeing someone?
      Marin: Not really.
      Liza: Gay?
      Marin: Please.
      Liza: Then I don't see a problem.

    • (background music in bar is "7 Minutes in Heaven)
      Celia: Buzz? Do me a favor?
      Buzz: I am not spending any time in heaven with you.

    • Liza: You are adorable.
      Jerome: Thank you.
      Liza: I want to put you in my pocket and take you home.
      Jerome: Do I get to pick which pocket?

    • Marin: What is going on?
      Patrick: I'll tell you later. I don't want to ruin your birthday party by talking about my mom, the lying hussy.

    • Liza: I'm so sick of metrosexuals, you know? I want a man-man. I want a countrysexual. I want a guy who would kill a bear for me and make me a coat out of it.

    • Jack: The thing is, is that my guest room is the, 'where-I-keep-my-traps' room.

    • (After a fire)
      Patrick: That was cool!
      Marin: Cool?
      Patrick: Yeah, my first real fire as a volunteer fireman. (laughs) Sucks it was my place.

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    • The episode title alludes to the phrase used by many men as they allow women to precede them through doors, etc. The title could also be seen as, "The Ladies Frist."