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Men in Trees

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 12, 2006 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Relationship coach and best-selling author Marin Frist goes to a small town in Alaska for a conference about real love and the best ways to get married. After her own relationship falls apart, she finds herself stuck in a town full of the one thing she really doesn't really need -- available men.moreless

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  • It's all about a writer (Marin Frist)that loses her balance. Betrayed by her fianceé and with a lecture on a very distant and small town, Elmo, Alaska, she decides to quit of all her past and takes a focus to the future in that distant place.moreless

    In a planet like this we're living, full of war and violence, where the series are just about crime, investigation, blood, robbery and terrorism, like 24 hours or CSI or at last, Close To Home, it's very pleasant to watch something pure in its primary concept. Seeing Men In Trees, is a trip into an incredible beautiful scenery, and a light plot. Not to mention the very good acting, specially for the Marin Frist character. The casting cheers us with very good looking actors and a superb acting. This series promises to enlight us with smiling moments and some inspiration for a happier life.moreless
  • Relationship coach and best selling author Marin Frist goes to a small town in Alaska for a meeting. After her own marriage falls apart she is stuck in the Alaska.

    I just started watching this show and I have to say it is pretty good. If I was Marin I would be more mad at my fiance but she didn't seem that mad. She didn't have to stay in Alaska. I want to visit there one day but not live there because it doesn't get that warm. You would think there would be at least some girls but it still funny when you see men everywhere and Marin and that other girl are the only girls in the bar where except Marin friend or partner or who ever she is.moreless
  • At first i thought it would be one of those boring series that has nothing interesting to watch... But as it began, i found it pretty interesting!! i loved it!! :)moreless

    This show is funny and intereting, has many things that can make anyone in her situation crazy... Its just learning in a funny way!! I love the show!! Marin, the writer has many interesting aspects, she is just a woman that has never been alone and therefore she decides to spend sometime alone and learn about men in a town where they are even on trees... Its a pretty interesting situation, where the women get to be the men, the situation changes... Its a big diference from the big city. Here she has to face her fears and frustations without the comodities of the city...moreless
  • OK... Not as much sex as "Sex and the City" and certainly not as feminine...

    I loved Sex and the City and decided to give this show a chance.

    There are things that are similar to Sex and the City (i.e she is a writer who writes about relationships) but in other ways it way nothing like it.

    Don't get me wrong, I like this show and I'm aware that it's not some sort of spin-off series, I just don't want to mislead fans of Sex and the City into watching this show, if they won't enjoy it.

    I couldn't help but not like the feel of the town very much, and to be truthful, I liked the city...


    Nevertheless, it's still a very enjoyable show, and I will probably continue to watch it, but I don't think it will ever fill the hole that Sex and the City has left in my TV guide.moreless
  • I was pleasently surprised by this. I honestly didn't think that they show looked that interesting when I saw the commercials but when I flipped to it, I found that I honestly liked it.moreless

    In a way this show reminds me of City Slickers and Everwood - a story of a city person suddenly being put into the neather parts of the word and working on a journey of self discovery - and learning to live without. I enjoyed just watching Marin putz around trying to figure out what to do.

    I orginally thought this would be a stupid show but with nothing but reruns to watch, I was lucky enough to watch this and in the end found it to be charming. Hopefully, it'll fine it's own niche audiencemoreless
Tobias Slezak

Tobias Slezak

Graham McCarthy

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Françoise Yip

Françoise Yip

Alice K

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Trevor Carroll

Trevor Carroll

Book Store Cashier

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Timothy Webber

Timothy Webber


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  • QUOTES (17)

    • (Jack brushes against Marin at the bar.)
      Jack: Sorry.
      Marin: Oh, That's original.
      Jack: What?
      Marin: (laughs) The old pick-up line. Use a little sprucing up, if you know what I mean?
      Jack: (laughs) Yeah, I'm not trying to pick you up.
      Marin: Oh yeah, you are. Trust me, I know men… I'm a relationship coach.
      Jack: Coach, what, you have, like, a ball team?
      Marin: No, I do not have a ball team.
      Jack: Well you got balls.

    • (At Marin's book signing.)
      Jane: It's official, no one in Alaska reads.
      (Jack walks in and looks at Marin.)
      Jack: How ya doin', Coach?
      Jane: Sir, perhaps you'd like to add Marin Frist's bestseller to that stack?
      Marin: Jane, it's fine
      Jane: She is a world renown dating expert.
      Jack: Yeah, I know; I was at her, ah, lecture.
      Jane: Hmm, you know how amazing she is.
      Jack: Well, I know she can't hold her liquor. (looks at Marin's pitiful expression) Here, you know what? I'll take one.
      Marin: Oh, don't buy my book 'cause you pity me.
      Jack: Okay. (he picks up his books and leaves)
      Marin: I'm officially pathetic.

    • Marin: How many of you think that finding the one is gonna make you happy? (many hands raise) Wow. When did we decide someone else was in charge of our happiness? We don't even trust someone else to order our soy lattes! (they all laugh) Your happiness is your own responsibility. You have to learn to drive before you can let some guy take your wheel. We want men. We don't need men.

    • Marin: Finding a good man is about as easy as finding a cab… in a snowstorm… on New Year's Eve. That's what my mother used to say. You know what I say? Bull crap. (laughter echoes from the audience of women) Look, I get it. Some days it feels like full-on "Planet of the Females" out there. A literal no-mans land… even the store mannequins are women. There are, like, a grillion women for every man. And you're smart, you've done the math; that one man is never going to be your man. You know what we call that, ladies?
      Ladies: Stinkin' thinkin'!
      Marin: Yep. I got news for you, there are plenty of guys out there. They're not the problem, ladies, we are.

    • (after falling through thin ice on a frozen lake)
      Jack: Didn't you see the thin ice signs?
      Marin: Seeing signs? Not my strong suit.

    • Marin: (speaking to Annie) Don't you want to stalk someone a little groovier, like Bruce Springsteen or something?

    • Marin: Yeah, dating was impossible for me once a guy found out I was a relationship coach, so I would lie and say that I was a computer technician.
      Sara: How did that work?
      Marin: Well, pretty good until he asked me to fix his hard drive.

    • (In the bar)
      Ben: And what'll it be?
      Jane: Ah, yeah. I would like a "char-don-nay." It's a white wine...
      Ben: If you like white, I have a "jolivet pouilly-fume" 2001 that will knock your boots off.

    • Jane: (looking at all the men in the Chieftain) Oh... Is this a gay bar?
      Marin: This is the only bar. This town is filled with men. They're all over like a bad rash. They're even in the trees.

    • Marin: I'm a relationship coach.
      Jack: What... coach? What, did we get a ball team?
      Marin: No, I do not have a ball team.
      Jack: Well, you got balls.

    • Graham McCarthy: (discussing Kiki) I just thought she was gonna be a "speed bump."
      Marin: You're using my words to break up with me?

    • Graham McCarthy: (to Marin) Most people count sheep. You count... singles.

    • Buzz: You're paying for expertise. Back in 1955, they only hired one black pilot to captain a commercial airliner.
      Marin: That was you?
      Buzz: No, that was August Martin.

    • Marin: I can't stand guys.
      Theresa: Well, you came to the wrong town. The ratio is like, ten to one, here.
      Marin: So men run the place?
      Theresa: Are you kidding? We're the ones with the power. They're lonely, we're the prize. It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
      Marin: Here I've been telling single women to go to sports bars when I should have been telling them to go to Alaska.
      Theresa: Yeah, well, the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

    • Jack: It's a pretty big, possibly rabid, raccoon. You gonna want to wait outside.
      Marin: I'm not leaving that thing alone with my favorite purple faux croc flats.
      Jack: Well, could be dangerous.
      Marin: I'm fine.
      Jack: They go for the neck.
      Marin: Whatever! Get all macho.

    • Patrick: You missed my radio show this morning.
      Marin: Oh, okay, I'm sorry about that.
      Patrick: Yeah, had to interview my mom... again.

    • Jane: Look, you just have to get back on the horse. Start writing a book again and it will be okay.
      Marin: Oh yeah? And what's the name of the book gonna be? "I'm not getting married in four weeks because he cheated on me and you can too?"
      Buzz: Hmm... That's a little long.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Featured Music:
      "City Of Love" by Persephone's Bees
      "Mama Told Me Not To Come" by Three Dog Night
      "Poor Boy" by Steve Earl
      "Drive, Drive, Drive" by Pat Cusick
      "World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies
      "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall
      "Cowboy Mambo" by David Byrne
      "Gone Daddy Gone" by The Violent Femmes
      "Love Stinks" by J Geils Band
      "The Outdoor Type" by The Lemonheads
      "The World Exploded Into Love" by Bob Schneider