Men in Trees

Season 2 Episode 12

Read Between the Minds

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2008 on ABC

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  • Wouldn't it be great...

    Wouldn't it be a great twist in the story if the plane really did crash? And not on a normal island, but on a very creepy one with black flying dust that will never be explained. Then Jack (hah, doesn't almost every show have a Jack in it?) will have exactly 24 hours to save Marin, Jerome and practically every other person on the island. Jack then will constantly travel across the island within 10 minutes for no actual reason.
    Then they solve a murder, a mistery and they figure out what that whole dharma thing means. Then Jack, also being a doctor, saves Marin from a some kind of life-treatening disease. I could go on, but it's already boring me. I actually really like this show. The whole Jack dying thing was a bit cheesy though. I mean, we all knew Jack hadn't died, so why give us the whole worried and crying thing. It would've been so much better if they made you believe he was dead, and then I would've been so happy to find out he was actually still alive. But they can't change anything about that now. Well, now that I think about it, they could make Jack die again, and then bring him back to life, that would be great! Ha!

    I guess they're now using the Jack-almost-dying storyline to let Jack be all troubled about it, and make him fight with Marin all the time. Then they make up, have a lot of sex and cry some more. I miss Cash, I like that he's so honest, it's only stupid of him to lie about his disease, but I guess that's going to be handy in some other dramatic storyline.

    The small parents thing was funny, little weird though. I mean, is it really possible for two small people to have a big one? I don't know. The Patrick/Annie jail thing was sweet. I like that Patrick is getting a little bit more like the old Patrick, because I don't like the new Patrick, he burbs.
  • A little piece of Elmo comes to New York.

    This episode starts with Celia arresting Patrick for taking a lawn chair balloon ride. Annie gets caught visiting after hours and Celia tosses her in the pokie as well. It's o.k. since she has smuggled in snacks! Patrick and Annie get some nice time together even if it's in jail. Sam and Jane throw a party in New York to celebrate their marriage. Marin, Jack and Jerome come to New York to celebrate. Jerome is heartbroken when Mary Alice (Annie's mother) decides not to meet him. Marin and Jack struggle because Jack hasn't been sleeping and won't talk to Marin about his problem. He keeps coaxing her into sex instead. Marin ponders silence on her radio show by asking - does someone have the right to remain silent in a relationship. Good question!

    My favorite part of the episode was Sam meeting Jane's parents. When Jane had previously mentioned that her parents were little, Sam didn't understand that she meant they were little people. The look on his face was priceless. Jane and Sam really touch my heart. Their chemistry is excellent and his speech about her at the very end of the episode had me in tears.
  • Truth in the sex craving from Jack.

    Marin reveals to the women at the Chieftian that since his return Jack has been initiating sex as much as four times a day. Some may find it interesting that there is an actual basis for this. When a person has to deal with death, there is a psychological condition called 'Affirmation of Life'. In simple terms, we humans crave to know when faced with death that we are still alive. It is not unusual for people to deal with the death of a loved one by indulging in carnal desires, be it sex or returning to a previous addiction like smoking or drugs. It is simply a way of proving to ourselves that we still live. I dealt with the death of my grandfather this way, actually. Watching the episode I was struck by the similarities between my own experience and Jacks behavior. Jack was not being 'horny' or 'selfish', he was dealing with a very base human condition. Anyways, kudos to the writers for the reality check.