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  • Men In Trees is the best show on TV today. I don't like the Fact that Jack is back with Lynn. But won't miss a show!!! Thanks ABC, you made the right move!!

    I hope Jack finally realized you can't go backwards. Lynn has to go!!!
    I am glad you brought her in, but I wish Jack would get it together. Helen said is best. You just lost the best thing in your life. I am a home run, and she can hit it out of the park. This is a clean refreshing program, they type you never want to end. It is the fastest hour of the week. I make sure I am home every Thursday, to see Men In Trees. It is cute, sweet, hits a home run every time Love it
  • I forced myself to watch this show.

    I really don't like this show. When I first saw the commercial I was interested especially when I heard it was gonna be a combination between Everwood and SATC. I've never really liked SATC but I am a big Everwood fan. That's where I have first seen Anne Heche, she gueststarred in Everwood not that she was great there but still I wanted to give it a shot. It was very boring. And I realised that I was forcing myself to watch this. And that's not how a show should be. You should try to hate it but... you can't. I remember when I tried to hate Grey's Anatomy (because where I live Desperate housewives was replaced by Grey's anatomy) but I couldn't. So if I have to force myself to watch a show, that is not a good sign. Anyway I watched and I was really bored and I thought that the characters where really annoying... So no this is not a good show for me.
  • Why isn\'t all America watching this show?! It\'s absolutely awesome.

    James Tupper is abolutely adorable. His rugged good looks, his hair, his sensual voice makes me come home to watch the show. It doesn\'t matter where I\'m at, I have a date to see this awesome man. Anne Hache is awesome as well, but \"Jack\" certainly makes come back for more. A must-see for all America.
  • A classic fish out of water tale, of big city girl working through personal and relationship issues in a quirky town in Alaska. Sweet, sexy, savvy, romantic, quirky and totally adorable! Wouldn't miss a minute! For the sexiest smile on television tune in!

    I adore this show, the issues are relevant and addressed in a humorous, witty and contemporary way. A great ensemble cast headed by the fabulously talented Anne Heche and the sexy, growly, heartstoppingly-smiling James Tupper, weave a story of amazing friendship and chemistry in a quirky town in Alaska. The scenery is glorious, the cast amazing, the storylines are rivetting and the writing and production values first rate. The arrival of the "sure to be most hated woman" on television, Lynn (Justine Bateman) merely adds intrigue, emotion and complications of our beloved Marin and Jack and is sure to divide Elmo. A fantastic show that I go to a huge amount of effort not to miss!
  • Fun, fun, fun to watch. The odd characters are endearing, and the relationships are great to watch develop...Jack is definitely up to the Grey's cast, and Ann Hecht is doing her best work.

    I have definitely had my fill of blood and gore on TV. This show, and Studio 60, are my favorite new shows this year...and in tandem with Grey's Anatomy, Men in Tree is a great reason to be at home on Thursday nights.
    The oddball relationships are reminiscent of Ed, a show that was cancelled way too soon. The developing relationship between Marin and Jack, while predictable, is delightful to watch...and the other odd characters, and their relationships are both poignant and very funny.

    The subplots, especially those in which Ben and his two loves are involved, are handled very well...and who can resist funny man John Amos as Patrick's surprise Dad.

    I hope this show has a long run, but I fear for it because TV execs seem to shy away from quality.

    I love this show! I look forward to seeing it every week. I can not believe I have to wait until January to see another new episode. This is the first show in a long time that I can not wait to get home to watch. I will not even TIVO it and watch it later to avoid commercials. I have to watch is NOW! I really hope this show makes it. I think what really makes this show, is the characters are so much like people I would meet everyday. They make it real! Keep up the wonderful work!
  • Relationship coach/writer moves to Elmo, Alaska during a break-up. Elmo lends inspiration -- and many types of great scenery.

    This show is \\\"toe curling\\\" good! The chemistry between the characters rates it must-see TV. The Thursday night lineup is the best of the week. I would rate this a 9 out of 10 -- I\\\'m not fond of the character, Mai...she is a bit too over-the-top for the show.
  • How do I get tonights show....

    I just watched tonights show and I am totally hooked. But I really screwed up...I tivo\'d the show and then watched it later on as I was on the phone and then accidentally erased the show when I was done. Now my husband and daughter are never going to speak to me again. They were both tired and went to bed and they absolutely love this show. My husband and daugter already have big plans to watch it together this weekend. Now what do I do, I even called Dish network...I can\'t bring the show back and now they have no show to watch. Is there anywhere I can get this show online after it airs. What do I do?
  • Great show...I haven't missed an episode..Friday night..Thursday night...I'll be there

    Jack is a sexy soft spoken male...plow guy is sweet and sexy and ben is a big have to love all the mixed personalities in this show...this is the first show that's made me mark my calendar...i'll be watching!!
    I like Anne Hesch is this show it seems to fit her...keep the long hair and jack shampooing it...finally a show with big handsome men who don't get walked all over and are still sensitive...this show is a must keep...and it's beautiful photography of the land and the scenery...i think the female sherriff should get a man too...not just the new york girlfriend...i just can't say enough good...I love this show!!
  • In all I actually "luv" the show. It's an absolute joy to watch it and actually say to myself, "some of this actually pertains to an average woman", I do know one thing, I have always heard that there are 10 men to 1 woman in Alaska,

    My nae is Julie, im a 32 year old mother of 2. Let me start by saying,I "luv" the show, I fell in "luv" with the show from the start. Keep the episodes comming! I can't wait to see what happens each week. I can relate to some of the problems in the show. So where do we have to go to be extras? LOL, I always wanted to be an actress, especially on a soon to be "HIT" Series, and with a winning cast! You guys are great, see you on Thursdays!
  • The show is a refreshing way of dealing with everyday things that have happened to all of us.I love the light approach and the Anne Hecht is great.

    I think this show brings back a lighter feel in comparison to the the existing trend in tv dramas. It has good story lines that have realistic conclusions, so it does not fall into the \\\"light without thought plot\\\" category. All in all I think it is one of the most fun shows out there right now
  • Love this show!!!

    I hate it when the network starts moving a great show to a different night! If it's not broke don't fix it! I look forward to watching this wonderful show every Friday night. It has a refreshingly honest and real storyline that everyone can relate to especially women. The characters all have a story to tell and are very endearing. This show is a winner and if the network is smart they will keep it coming every week. I have not missed it since it started and have been very frustrated that it was not on! If it doesn't make it the network can only blame themselves because the show is great, the writing is suberb and the actors are perfect for their characters and I am hooked!
  • I love this show!

    I love this show! It reminds me of the old show Northern Exposure, but I like it even better. I like all the characters and it has the love stuff and the comedy all wrapped into one. I have always liked John Amos and James Tupper is just gorgeous. He reminds me of Matthew McConahey. The scenery is beautiful, the story lines are strong, and the characters are all great. I just hope ABC has not messed up by moving it to Thurs. and putting it up against ER. I know ER has lost strength, but with Stamos on there it has been gaining in the ratings. I Just Love MIT!!!
  • This is a witty and slightly off kilter romantic comedy/drama that has almost as many serious turns as it does comedic ones.

    I can\'t wait for each week to come for I can watch the next episode. I am always wondering what will happen next. You can just taste the chemistry between Marin and Jack. It doesnt hurt that James Tupper is a hottie either...I love this show. It is so colorful and all the characters are so memorable. You have to watch more than one show to really get the feeling, but once your do, there is no going back. I am sad that it is no longer on Fridays, but Thursdays work just as well. God bless DVRs and Tivo! ABC, you picked a winner!
  • A light-hearted comedy with soul and sincerity. The characters range from quirky to sullen, from vivacious to subdued. Elmo, Alaska has me hooked!

    This show has a grown up feel that is missing from many other shows that I have encountered. Yes, it has sex, but it's not smarmy. It's not over the top, and that matters to me, a mother of two young girls. The female lead, Marin, is a strong minded and smart important in today's world. She encounters many men in Elmo, many, many men. By being a friend, and a tell-it-like-it-is type of lady, she has been embraced by the town. The other characters from the show are endearing. Face it, we want to see Annie and Patrick get together happily ever after. (Even if it sticks it just a little to Patrick's mom -- and honestly, we kind of like that, too!) We want Loner Jack to find his happiness and his trust in women again, and hope that Marin can bring that out in him. We long for Ben to have the woman of his dreams, whomever she may be. It's a story as old as time told again in an idyllic setting, with tried and true characters, that somehow speak to each of us. Love it, melt into it, be carried away for one hour a week to Elmo!
  • "Marin" reminds me of the character of Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" in that it inspires one to deeply reflect upon realtionships, expected and unexpected moments!

    Definately it stopped me on the tracks when I was surfing channels. The cast is gorgeous, the show scenery attracts romantic characters like myself. I have only watched the show once, but it is now on my list of favorite shows. I have set up my DVR to record every episode. I have signed up with TV.Com just so that I can read about all the episodes I missed. The show is realistic in talking about women's issues regrding the shortage of prospective husbands and boyfriends. I like "Marin's" moments of refelection. They get my own going. It reminds me of "Carrie" in Sex and The City. I will watch more and add to my review once I learn more about the characters!
  • My boyfriend and I are very upset that Men in Trees is moving to a new night and later time.

    My boyfriend and I find very little of interest on TV these days. This show came along and made our Friday night. We get up very early and are usually in bed by 9. But, since this WAS on Friday night we would stay up and enjoy it, very much. Now that it\'s moving to Thursdays at 10 we\'ll never get to see it. We\'re not techie people so Tevo isn\'t something we\'re about to invest in for one show. But we are very bummed. Maybe I\'ll have to learn how to record on the VCR........
  • I am completly in love with this show. I love the cast and I sit and watch it by myself and laugh out loud. I love the fact that they bring true thought to the show and give the characters such different personalities.

    I am completly in love with this show. I love the cast and I sit and watch it by myself and laugh out loud. I love the fact that they bring true thought to the show and give the characters such different personalities. I look forward to it coming on every week and I also Tivo it.
  • I want to like it, but I\'m unable

    Why cast Anne Heche in the lead of anything? While she\'s at that similar Carrie Bradshaw age, and not so beautiful that we 20 and 30 something women of America won\'t hate her, we just can\'t relate to her. Did we forget what a horrible b i t c h she was to Ellen Degeneres, who now has a hugely successful day time show, by the way? She\'s cold and unapproachable.

    It\'s a real shame because Jenny Bicks is a great writer. I saw her short film and I was unimpressed but I\'m continually blown away by her writing of original characters and dialog.

    Some of the characters here seem totally dumbed down for mainstream America. Somehow Sex and the City managed to be a cheesy soap opera that wasn\'t cheesy. There is so much about this series that reminds me of SATC but it just misses the mark in acting, lighting, or tone. As my directing teacher in film school once told me, \"Tone is a slippery pig.\"
  • My wife made me watch and I am glad she did

    My wife had seen the previews for this new ABC-TV comedy/drama "Men in Trees" and insisted I watch it with her. Well since we have a new HD TV and the show is shot in HD on location in Vacouver,Canada I agreed. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a smart, well- written show. <br>

    On its first night, ABC ran the pilot followed by another episode. Both were delightful. The characters are interesting and not too far out as to be unbelievable. The scenery is gorgeous. And Ann Heche really pulls it all together. As the lead character, she is coming to grips with real life in a real world after having been a "relationship counselor". When her fiancee cheats on her, she realizes she does not have all the answers to life and sets out to find some of them far away from the big cities. <br>

    Cute premise. Good show. This one could be around for awhile if they do not screw it up in the writing or by moving its time slot.
  • Tears of Joy!

    Men in Trees........YEAH! You are still here. I nearly panicked when I din\'t find the show on, last Friday night 11/03. I am NOT a TV watcher, but this show has captured me and I ask everyone I see if they watch it. There are a lot of people out there who are watching this show, but now that I have found this site, I realize that there are not very many people leaving reviews or rating the show. How can we do better on this. WE need to keep this show on the air. It is the first show since my soap days in the early 70\'s that I look forward to and I stop, sit down and get into the characters. Keep the good episodes coming....Bravo!
  • Fabulous Cast which very quickly endear you. Great, funny, original and witty script. Makes me want to go there!!!

    This is one of the greatest new shows of the season. I look forward to watching it every week and know that my expectations will always be met. How can you go wrong with Anne Heche? she's a natural. The rest of the cast are all extraordinary. Let's just hope that because not thousands and thousands of viewers watch it yet, they don't give it the axe, like they all seem to be doing before the show can even get off the ground.
    Keep this one guys - it hits you in all the right places. Truly for the heart!
  • It all seems so real that I get for an hour a night and cry and laugh and I fell so great when to show is over I can not even explain it, just pure happiness.

    This show is great. I love the cast, the town, and the story. It is funny, touching, and sometimes shocking, everything you need in a story. I usually can not wait until Friday to see what happens next. I love this show. Thank you. I hope others are as pleased as I am about this show. For me what makes it exciting is that I always wanted to go to Alaska and now I feel so much closer to it. The wilderness with Jack and the snow storm with Patrick. It all seems so real that I get for an hour a night and cry and laugh and I fell so great when to show is over I can not even explain it, just pure happiness. Keep it up, however I think that Marin and Jack may be moving a bit fast and need to slow it down.
  • This show is cute, but not overly interesting. Sort of Sex and the City meets Northern Exposure. If it wasn\'t for the hotness of Jack I wouldn\'t watch.

    I\'m not a fan of Anne Heche. She\'s funny, but there is a HUGE cloud of insincerity around her in every role I\'ve ever seen her play. Sometimes, like in Wag the Dog, it works for her character, but her characters don\'t ring true to me, and even in a comedy, ESPECIALLY in a comedy, there has to be an element of truth or how are you supposed to identify with her? Well, you can\'t.

    The other actors are fine, with John Amos playing is usually understated best (I\'ve never seen this guy NOT be realistic) and of course the fellow that plays Jack just burns up the screen. Unfortunately, this show needs mroe than that and I have noticed the tweaking of the show from episode to episode. I\'d like to see the show succeed, but i don\'t know how likely that is at this point.
  • I love this show! Every one of the characters does such a great job! I was upset that it wasn\'t on last night, and was worried it was canceled, which is what brought me to this morning. Thank you for assuring me they will be back next week.

    All the actors have created their own special character that I look forward to catching up with each week. And the chemistry between them is truly believable. Jack is such a handsome guy and Anne Heche is a great actress too! I loved her in Donnie Brasco as the wife of an FBI infiltrator in the mob. She really gets into the characters she plays.
    I hope this show does well in November "sweeps" and is renewed for next year. There would be a void in my Friday nights if I didn't have "Men In Trees" on my viewing agenda!
  • The one show I look forward too...PLEASE don't take it off the air.. I need the fix.. sigh.. I need the laugh..

    love the antics.. been to Alaska many times.. even though not really filmed in Alaska.. pretty great show and so much so true.. Love the humor and the relationships. I even enjoy how each show has a moral and hopefully they listen closely to the talk she does at the end as she writes her journal.. having been a counselor.. good advise.. wise words.. we need this show in our lives
  • Friday at work leaves me crashing and burning...but I go home, take a nap, have a little dinner and then it's "MIT" for me. Light hearted romance, comedy, occasionally steamy passion. A slant on life in a different place loaded with lovable char

    Pure entertainment. I expect it and I sincerely appreciate it. I am sick and tired of "reality" TV and medical shows. This program brings me new scenery, lovable characters, unexpected twists in their daily lives, lots of laughs, and I could watch "Jack the Gorgeous" for hours.
    Marin cracks me up with her hilarious antics and that is golden after a long hard week at work!
    She's a city girl gone to the country and I'm a country girl gone to the city....I can reverse and she has my empathy. When the racoon ate her designer shoe I laughed until tears were running down my face. When she got ticketed for throwing her wedding dress off the cliff I was shrieking with the hilarity of it. A great escape from the humdrum and never a dull moment. A wonderful exploration of character and behaviours of people in an unusual invironment. I say great work and keep it coming!!!!!
  • I love Men in Trees!

    It is such a nice change from the average Friday lineup. I can't remember the last time I raced home on Friday night to watch a tv show. It is like sitting down with friends. It's not all lights and Hollywood. I'm so tired of Tom & Katie. What were they thinking by putting "Privilege In America" in its place tonight? I get enough of that on the rest of the tv, in the grocery line, etc. How about how the rest of us live? I think Men in Trees has done a wonderful job capturing situations we can all relate to!
  • This new show is so refreshing and quirky. Every episode makes me feel good.

    A friend of mine just showed me the first few episodes of Men in Trees and I loved it. I didn't watch it when it first aired because I assumed I would not like it. I was wrong. Anne Heche is terrific as Marin and she is completely likeable. All the characters are well developed and you get to find out a little more about each of them each episode. Even the few characters that are a bit out there or unlikable at first will grow on you. In the midst of all the crime/disaster shows out there it's great to have a show like Men in Trees that just makes you feel good and laugh.
  • Men In Trees - better than popcorn.

    Absolutely luv this show! I usually don't watch much "network" tv but this show caught my attention from the gitgo. Characters and zany situations and humor - all make for a nice evening with the folks of Elmo. I especially like the commentary aspect, putting things in perspective. Hope it stays around awhile!
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