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  • Thanks for a clean, funny show!

    I laugh out loud during this show. It lightens your life. Please keep it on! The actors are excellent and I truly enjoy the way they react to each other. No violence - no blood, no scary things to look at - I love the show. Ithink the character of Marin Frist is very believeable and would buy her books (if she actually wrote them) The characters commentary voice over has very good positive, life changing principles that we could all benefit from and does it in a very enjoyable manner. I have always enjoyed John Amos's acting and the bar tender (the run away from ER) is breath of fresh air.
  • I like the show. but, being from anchorage, i don\'t like it when it\'s not accurate. for instance, the anchorage zoo is right in town, not 20 miles outside of town. please don\'t be as dumb as northern exposure, and place penguins here!

    It\'s a good show. i make a point to watch it. it\'s fun. light weight. entertaining. new. no blood. refreshing. i love ann...she\'s great. but like i said in my would be best to keep it accurate. have someone call me if you need...i\'ll let you know where the anchorage zoo is...and if there\'s penguins up here...or whatever.
  • Spanish subtitles have to go...or I will not be watching the show anymore.

    Spanish subtitles have to go...or I will not be watching the show anymore.

    Love the show...very, very funny but the official language in the US is English. If those who wish to hear it in Spanish can change the language on their televisions Menu...then we all would be watching.

    Until subtitles are off...I will be watching another show on another station. Good bye.
  • I really enjoy the show and look forward to watching it each week. Ann Heche plays the part really well. And of course Jack he is HOTTTTTTTTTTT

    I really enjoy the show and look forward to watching it each week. Ann Heche plays the part really well. And of course Jack he is HOTTTTTTTTTTT

    I have been really dissappointed with shows being canceled. I think if a show is doing ok, they should try different time slots I personally think this show would do well on Thursday before Greys antonamy. I really enjoy the show and look forward to watching it each week. Ann Heche plays the part really well. And of course Jack he is HOTTTTTTTTTTT

    I have been really dissappointed with shows being canceled. I think if a show is doing ok, they should try different time slots I personally think this show would do well on Thursday before Greys antonamy.
  • This show is about a bigtown woman, a relationship expert/writer who in the first episode dumps her cheeting fiansey when she is on a workrelatad trip to a small (233 people) town in Alaska. But she desides to start over and give this small towm a chanse!

    This is in no way a great tv-show. But it truly is my new best friend. A real feel-good show for the girls (and mayby boys) who has been dumped and feel like the need to start over. It does it's trick and at the end of every episode I truly wish that I could see ten more on a road. Not because it's exiting in the way Lost or Prison Break is, but beacause I feel good when I've seen it, filled with new energy and hope for the future. So, give it a chanse!
  • This is a great show. My husband and I look forward to it every week.

    Great show I hope to see it on the air for many years to come. We love the setting, charaters and the plot. Funny, Humor, sexy, serious. My husband and I can't wait for Friday nights for it to come on. There is no computer, no kids and no phone calls or answering during this hour. Great Job
  • Chick shtick, painful for men to watch.

    The title Men in Trees would lead one to presume it was about men, but in fact, it\'s about women. It\'s a date flick on a TV screen. It\'s tolerable for men who are placating their womenfolk. But it is really all about feelings - women\'s feelings. The male characters don\'t even have dialog that makes sense for males. The writers have the males spout female chatter, and hope we don\'t notice.

    It would be unfair to compare MiT with Northern Exposure. Though both are situated in TV \"Alaska\", the gulf between the two is immense.

    Quirky characters are not enough to sell this series. I suspect that this will not last the season.
  • Show about writer in Alaska who was originally from NYC and getting used to her new life and the cultural changes.

    A ka-zillion kudos to Men in Trees!! It is the BEST new show for 2006/2007 season! It is so refreshing(not to mention funny), to have a series that isn\'t violent and just plain fun to watch! I can\'t wait for Fridays to come along cuz I know I will sit and smile thruout the entire show. Love ALL the characters and please,please please, do not cancel this show!!!!
  • A New York-meets-Alaska comedy has alot beneath the surface.

    For some odd reason, the reviews I\'ve seen of Men In Trees haven\'t been all that great. Writers seem to immediately want to compare it to Northern Exposure. As far as I\'m concerned, this is a much better show. There\'s alot of deadpan humor, but Men In Trees has a serious undertone - it makes some very clear observations about loneliness that you won\'t find on typical TV sitcoms. I think the writers have done a great job of creating characters who seem familiar, but who aren\'t just stereotypes. The humor is definately there, though. My favorite line is the bartender\'s comment about the oversupply of men in Alaska - \"The odds are good but the goods are odd.\"
    I hope Men In Trees has a long life!
  • Luv it!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! I can't believe people want to give it the boot so soon. I think it's clever, funny and smartly written. Anne Heche does a wonderful job, and each character is charming and believable. Not to mention James Tupper....yummy! Rugged is back baby!!! I think he could give McDreamy a run for his money.
  • I'm very disappointed...

    When I watched this TV show, all I could think about was Dr. Fleischman from Northern Exposure. This is a total rip off of one of my favorite TV shows in the 1990\'s. Northern Exposure at least had well-defined characters with a purpose. Anne Heche is a spoiled New Yorker who can\'t manage to live in Alaska (see the comparison). Men in Trees even has a radio DJ who sounds exactly like John Corbett (Chris) from Northern Exposure. The most recent episode of Men in Trees had a town meeting where the residents of Alaska could complain about things...again mirror image. I'm very disappointed.
  • Crap.

    I never understood why Anne got into acting as this show proves that she cant act for her life. A horrible show that ABC has presented us with hoping that we dont mind turning off our brains for. Why they think this is worth anyones time is beyond me. Once again ABC has it wrong and I predict this will go the way every other program of their'does. Cancellation.
  • perfect cast for this show.

    I am a BIG CSI buff. I turned the channel one night (bored) found this show and I love it. I feel this show cheers me up and being a stay home mother of 2 small children, I NEED IT. My kids can walk by and it's okay. I never saw a commercial for the show. IT'S GREAT
  • Being personally from Sitka Alaska, there seems to be a connection that makes me feel at home with this show. Even though it is filmed in Vancouver, my home now seems much nicer with Men in Trees on my TV.

    To begin with, the staging is fantastic, and the sense of being in Alaska is truly evident. The cast and set truly resembles everything a common town in Alaska would have. Whenever anyone even mentions Sitka on the show, it sends shivers down my spine and I smile at the memories.

    I really cannot say anything bad about the show. It is even good to see actors that I have seen on other shows come to life in this one. This seems to be the right element for many of the performers. Far too many shows trail off towards unrealistic circumstances, but Men in Trees really does portray, in its context, the single life for men and women in Alaska. I may have only seen three shows, like everyone else, but I can already see the similarities. I know because I am single and find myself in the same situations. I look forward to watching the show and seeing what becomes of it. I do hope other viewers see the charm in it and that it will grow successful.

    Best wishes from the lower 48,
    Seattle, Washington
  • what a great show!

    this is a breath of fresh air..its great to see anne heche back..she is beautiful and very funny..her timing is classic..if you are staying in on friday have to watch this makes you laugh..and sigh..its great t.v., the supporting characters are quirky..awesome it and you will be hooked!
  • Excellent - I hope it survives!

    I just watched the pilot finally (tivo\'d it a couple weeks ago) and I have to say, I really found it quite funny. Having a fiance from Alaska and having visited there myself, this city girl thought it was spot on. I have no idea why this stupid review has to be at least 100 words long so I\'ll keep typing until I\'ve reached the appropriate amount of words. God this is boring... why would anyone want to read all this crapola???? Are you acutally still reading this? I have 90 more words to go. Down to 95. 98 99 WOOHOO!
  • A realtionship coach discovers her finace' is a cheat while on a flight to Alaska to speak to a group of men about realtionships. She decides to stay on in the quirky,town filled with interesting men, to work on a book, and try to learn about men.

    Very cute show, thoguh it seems we have seen this set up before (professional New Yorker stranded in tiny Alaskan town, local radio station DJ, cranky bush pilot, sincere bar man, native American girl...)...but that said...Anne Heche is adorable in this show, the Forest ranger,guy, James is one of the most handsome, masculine men on TV...anyone would stay in a town with out soy latte's with this guy hanging around and available. I hope the writers do not rely too much on the fish out of water theme, and instead focus on the inter-relationships of the other characters. Good luck to the cast and crew, it was a treat to watch.
  • Men in Trees might not be the biggest new TV hit but it is certainly a show that's actually fun to watch...

    In Men in Trees, Anne Heche plays Marin Frist, a successful and well known relationship coach with already two books in release and a third one on the way. Her personal life and career hits the wall when she discovers that her fiance is cheating on her without even noticing it. Marin finds out about the affair on the board of a plane traveling to a small town in Alaska called Elmo where she decides to stay in order to forget and get over the tragedy which happened to her in the big city.

    The show is centered in the small town of Elmo, Alaska where the number of women residing there can be easily counted on fingers. Marin meets a whole new world in this small town and might even find a new love interest on the road. Filled with funny bits and very good performances this show will keep you engaged and connected to the different characters.

    Men in Trees is a funny and enjoyable show that does indeed bring a refreshing view of the typical in-small-town TV shows like Everwood and Smallville. If your Friday primetime slot is not filled yet, I highly suggest you give this a shot!
  • Marin, a relationship coach, played by Anne Heche, is off to Alaska to give a semiar on Relationships.On the plane ride she discovers that she has taken her fiances laptop & discovers not only are there photos of her, but also another woman.Funny, gre

    I really enjoyed watching the Pilot for Men in Trees. Anne Heche\\\\\\\'s character is funny and very interesting. The show is different from all the other dramas that have a woman as the main character. The other characters in the show also add humor. I look forward to Marin\\\\\\\'s discovery of \\\\\\\"getting know men.\\\\\\\" There is no better place for her to do that than in the Alaska town she is in where the ratio is 10 men to 1 woman. The pilot show was funny and I absolutely am a fan of Anne Heche. I am looking forward to the next show this coming Friday and watching Anne Heche performance, she is a natural at comedy.
  • Many women today have been through a range of what she\\\\\\\'s experienced in this show. Most have to live with their mistakes, but she had the chance to move away and try to heal and begin again. It\\\'s a classic wish for us.

    Almost every line she speaks has a double meaning. I find it very touching. The sentiment is real, even if the premise might be a bit questionable. The ability to face your shame and embarassment within the bar - and still knowing they are welcoming you into their town. It\\\'s all slightly exaggerated, but it\\\'s more real than many of the other shows currently popular, which include super powers, vampires and the like. It\\\'s a real \\\"question yourself and your choices\\\" show. The new talent are enjoyable. The quirkiness of the townsfolk remind you of small town life. I highly recommend this new twist TV show on one of the oldest realities in the book - heartbreak.
  • i hope to see this show around for several years to come, it is charming and has wit. the alaska setting is my favorite setting and reminiscent of Northern Exposure. Men in Trees is refreshing.

    I loved the pilot and first episode. The setting is great and the characters fresh. A charming show with character, wit and manages to show a serious side when called for. The bar setting discussions are my favorites. I think it has great potential and reminds me of another show that was based in Alaska back in the late 80's and early 90's, Northern Exposure. I don't know if that comparison was intended, but my first impression was that "I'm going to like this, it reminds me of Northern Exposure". I am glad to see a comparable show because I think Northern Exposure ended before its time and there's been nothing similiar since. The "bar/restaurant" scenes are quickly becoming my favorites as the wit is funny and the dialogue between characters is the best in that setting. The raccoon is hilarious, following her around then won't have anything to do with her when she's responsible for the power outage - genius. great stuff.
  • Great show!!! Funny! Animals? Alaska? What\'s not to like?!

    We love this show! It\'s funny, it has chemistry between the charactors. Tupper and Heche are great together. We can\'t wait to see what happens next between these two. She did what so many women would only dare to do and being so far out of her relm just makes it that much more fun. Ok, the stalker girl is a little silly but she gives a quirkiness to the show that fits. The whole cast is great! It\'s different from other shows. It\'s refreshing! Please leave it on, but maybe move it off of Friday nights. There\'s a spot for this show and our vote is that it can work....we\'re looking forward to the next episode!!!!!
  • Charming show with an attractive cast...

    "Men in trees" is reminds me of "Sex and the city" and "Northern Exposure"..I like the attractive cast..especially Mr. Tupper is a standout (a star is born)..definitely a guilty pleasure..Just hope the writing keeps up and becomes more and more engaging...It has great potentials...ABC should definitely keep this one and patiently nurture it..ABC cancels shows too rashly sometimes...
  • Great show, can't wait to see more next week.

    \"Men In Trees\" was a great suprise for me. I watched the pilot episode as well as the next one on Friday and have told everyone how great it was. My husband even admited that it was actually a good show. I love the fact that it is set in Alaska (reminicent of Northern Exposure without some of the \"flakes\"). I can\'t wait to watch next week. It really hit home with the way women my age feel but with enough comedy and drama to keep everyone in my house from my Mother-In-Law to my husband watching. Thanks so much!
  • I live in Norther Alberta Can. and it is nice to see some new program that is re-freshing and not the same standard shows that are on T.V. at the momement.

    It is nice to see people who have everyday problems like us but in a different setting, other then concret citys. Which seem to be every show that is out there at the moment, this one atleast shows wide open spaces, mountains, water,and even the odd wild life. Which I think is GREATTTTT, since the town in the show, is how most of the small towns in the U.S. and Canada are like, from the people to the bars.
    Please keep up the great work, and I look forward to watching your show each week.
  • This show has great potential and I see it rising up to be a favorite for many, including myself.

    After watching the first two episodes, I'm enchanted with the character portrayed by Anne Heche. She is a fantastic actress and I think she is going to take Marin Frist on a daring ride to self-discovery. Already this charming character has been knocked down a peg or two from her lofty heights and the characters playing alongside her are wonderful additions to this new series. They are witty, down to earth and funny. This show is a must-see in my book. If you liked Everwood, I promise you'll like this new one this season! Give it a peek, see what the buzz is about and help us help them keep it around!
  • A woman comes to Alaska to make a speech and stays there.

    Anyone think it has the "feel" of "Northern Exposure"? Hear the guy (like Chris) talking in the morning as the town wakes up, someone (like the doctor) comes from New York not expecting what they find in an Alasken Town. That show was a classic. Copy the idea? You tell me. Not sure it will be able to compete with the Interesting ghosts on CBS? But it does have promise. Cute moments. I will watch it for awhile.
    Anyone know where I have seen the bar tender?
  • Why ABC even bother to give this show a big lead-in!

    Sex and the City is a huge success, ever since it ended, lots of show has been coming out trying to capture the eyes of those viewers. But none of them succeeded. Last year's Emily's Reasons Why Not should teach us something, that poor show didn't even get to the second episode. But unfortunately, ABC will never learn. ABC doesn't want to lose the female viewers that was attracted by Desperate Housewives, so it keeps developing more and more chick flick shows. I say it's time to move on already!
    Back to the show, I'll start with the things I like about the show. Anne Heche did a fantastic job on the show, she was witty and funny, she was the center of the show. However, the strength is also its weakness. It focused too much on Anne Heche, other characters seemed pale and dispensable. Even worse, I don't really know what Anne Heche had anything to do with other characters. And plus, it didn't make me wanna watch another episode, there was nothing in the show that could grab your attention.
  • Rocky Start, But Room to Grow

    Anne Heche stars as a relationship coach who has just dumped her fiance after finding out he cheated on her. The show takes place in Alaska, and the scenery and backgrounds during the show are spectacular. I see lots of people thinking about Alaska for their next vacation. I was a little dissapointed with the first episode in that some of it was predictable and stereotypical, but now that the premise haas been laid down, hopefully the show will pick up a bit. I think that people who liked Everwood will appreciate this show. It is similar in that the main character moves to a new town to do some self-discovery. I would say this show is worth an investment of your time. Give it a few weeks and I think it will grow on a lot of people.
  • how they ripped you off.

    Anne Heche plays reluctant out-of-towner Joel Fleishman
    James Tupper plays will-they-wont-they love interest Maggie O'Connell
    Derek Richardson plays lovable simpleton Ed Chigliak
    Abraham Benrubi plays friendly-barman-in-a-dysfunctional-relationship Holling Vincoeur etc etc.

    this show is a blatant rip off of Northern Exposure. you can throw some Sex and the City in there for good measure, but this show is 100% rip off. there's nothing new in there at all.
    the only reason to keep watching this show is to find out whose basement all the women are buried in.

    don't waste your time, this was all done 15 years ago with a far more likeable cast and far more interesting characters.
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