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  • men in trees

    some reason it wont let me edit my previous post anyway 74669512-82398875way the song stand is by tasha taylor its not showing all of the myspace part. the album is called revival tasha taylor RELEASE Jan 01, 2003 RB on the cd baby label
  • networks bad choice!!!

    this was the best show on tv in a long time. great cast and beautiful scenes!! seems like the networks always take out the good shows!!
  • Men In Trees a 10 for sure

    Loved & miss this show! I want to at least find it on DVD. I'd really love for it to come back with continued episodes:-)
  • Best show ever! I must have seen this series about six times by now. I would love to buy the dvd's if I can find them. It really is heartbreaking that Men in Trees got cancelled.

    Best show ever! I must have seen this series about six times by now. I would love to buy the dvd's if I can find them. It really is heartbreaking that Men in Trees got cancelled. I'm sure everybody feels like that when their favourite show gets canned, but this is a huge loss to all man kind!
    I can not even find something else remotely as entertaining as Merin and the folkes in Elmo. I sooo hope this is just a bad dream and I can wake up one day with a new series of my all time favourite TV show.
  • I live in South Africa, watched Men In Trees for the first time, we are now finished season one, I have just looked it up to purchase the next episodes to find out it ends at 36. Disappointed doesn't even show how upset I am!!! I would like to know why?

    This was the best show I have seen in years. I couldn't wait for Thursday nights and would even watch the re-run on Sunday afternoon. They have to put it back on. Everything that happened in the episodes pertains to everyday life, but with more spice and the people have become part of my life. The episodes kept me glued, I hated the advertisments. I am totally taken aback that season three has been canceled, how can you let the characters just freeze into nothing. There is so much rubbish, as in slaughter movies and series, why not take that off? Don't we have enough of that in the news world! Men In Trees is fresh, lively and entraps one! Thanking You from South Africa
  • A good show set in wonderful scenery with great characters.

    It was a huge disappointment to me to find that this wonderful show had been cancelled by ABC. I thoroughly enjoyed watching both seasons and learnt a lot about Alaska which I really had not known much about before. I loved the characters, especially Patrick and Annie and Jane and Sam, and the acting was lovely throughout. Why such a well-written and beautifully photographed show was cancelled is a complete mystery to me. It would be so great if it could come back. Especially as the last episode was terrible as far as concluding a series goes. Bring it back!
  • I am very, disappointed. The One show, that me and alot of other people looked forward to watching after a long week at our jobs, You just had to take it off the air. Why is it, that the viewers never get a say so in a situation like this?

    Deciding whether the TV show stays or go? I feel that there should be some type of poll that could be made up for the public to have the right to decide whether a TV series should be taken off the tube or not. And I am quite sure, that I would have many people that would agree with me on this matter.
    What are the chances of bringing the show back on the air with possibly a 2 hour show? Mainly because just when a viewer really gets involved in the show, it's time for the show to end until next week.
  • men in trees....

    must bring back !!!!!!!! there's so much more to happen and not happen. don't let a good thing slip away...... surely you can't be out of a story for this long over due type of show....finally a show that was unlike any other. you know, same show..different name. which is what most of the shows are now. i'm here to tell not let a good thing slip away. if it's the ratings you frown upon, take a shot and put it in a prime slot....pretty sure you won't be disappointed. Bring it back. I would love to know the reasoning behind cancelling 'men in trees'. If words are failing you for the continued story line may i suggest you invite the dedicated viewers to submit their ideas in story form, you never know... could become the next 'reality type show' with the winners' story being the next season of 'men in trees'.......... Hmmmmm...
  • you know this is/was my favorite all time show! I really don't understand Why ABC cancelled it. There are so many more shows that they could have canned in its place. I would lave to know what happen to our wonderful Alaskan friends.PLEASE BRING THEM BACK

    you know this is / was my favorite all time show! I really don't understand Why ABC cancelled it. There are so many more shows that they could have canned in its place. I would lave to know what happen to our wonderful Alaskan friends.PLEASE BRING THEM BACK! men in trees was such a awsome show. It was great to see Anne Frist act so well in it. I loved the Alaskan setting made a great setting. And the story line was remarkable H E L L O How could you do take this from us really!?! Please bring back our men in trees
  • I miss this show! I have been left hanging, with no idea of what happened to any of the characters. What is the purpose of TV if not to connect with the characters and care enough to come back the next week. Bring back our characters!

    I really really enjoyed this show. I came to know the characters and cared enough about them to come back each week to find out what had happened. It is like a good book, you can't stop reading it. But now I find that when I reached the end there is a sequel. This would be great accept the author never bothered to write the sequel!!!! After two years I believe we as viewers deserve some closure. I would like to know if Patrick wins Annie back after treating her so badly without his memory of her, or does she end up with the jerk hockey player. I want Marin and Jack to get married! Let me know how it ends!!!!
  • a best show on tv

    thats what the cancel...the great ones.bring it back.bring it back,bring it back,bring it back dummies........ it was the bst show on tv,no one knows what good tv is no more..they should ask people like me....I was so mad when they took it off.go figure.....I can count on 2 hands the tv shows I love...unlike 10 years ago,i needed 20 hands to count on.....this was a great show...I have no idea why they cancelled it....I was shocked shocked shocked shocked.brint it back bring it back bring it back what more can i say..they are stupid for cancelling it...they have no clue
  • Northern Exposure meets Sex and the City

    This was a fantastic show, I followed it from day one along with my husband. I am so irritated that ABC keeps dropping all of the shows that I follow (Men in trees, October road, Cashmere Mafia) I invest all of this time into these series and then the loose ends never get tied up. It makes me not want to follow any of the series as they will pry get canceled and then I have wasted my time. I wish that Lifetime would have been able to pick this one up, I am very disappointed to see it go. I really liked her character among others on the show.
  • More shows and less reality

    I watched this show from the beginnng. I think it may have been difficult for people to keep up with since you changed days around for the airing. I liked Friday nights and would love to see it back and maybe take some of the reality shows off the air. It saddens me that unless you like the reality shows today there is so little to watch. Bring back "Men in Trees" let us have some laughs that don't glorify some of the ignorance we see in the reality shows. Help us keep up with the shows by keeping the airing nights somewhat steady.
  • In mourning over MIT

    This show is the greatest. It was the one show I watched every week. No matter what night I had to chase it down on, considering they kept changing the nights, then the writers strike. It seemed like it was one thing after another. It was entertaining and funny, the characters were like real people you couldn't wait until next week to see what was going to happen. I don't understand why they took this show off air but put one on about (Pushing Daisies) a man touching a dead person and bring him back to life for a minute then touching him again and he is dead again. I mean for goodness sake! Men in trees you will be missed! I was so looking forward to seeing more of life in Elmo.
  • I love men in trees...a very original, clean, with great characters, story, of the most enjoyable shows in a long time..a sheer pleasure to watch

    MIT one of the best shows on TV in a long time...I looked forward every week for it...would not go anywhere or answer my phone..

    Wonderful story. never boring.. well written and acted, every episode stands on it own, yet the story continues keepping one's interest till the following week. so different from the sitcoms, shoot them ups, reality shows, etc. MIT just has class

    now ABC is cancelling it...Please do not cancel this have a winner on your hands..give it a steady weekly slot...promote it a little and the show will experience a big growth...ABC changed the days and times so much, hard for a show to survive ...everyone I referred MIT loved it but questioned the different air times ..

    A nice, wonderful show will do well if you give it a chance...Thanks
  • Another one bites the dust...

    Another one bites the dust.
    It was nice while it lasted. Probably not the best show on TV, but surely entertaining if you feel like something light and girly right after watching CSI, House and Fear Itself ;)
    It was my lunch break company. You know, something breezy, something that even if you stop following and get drifted away while gulping the third bite of pasta, it is OK because nothing mind-blowing really happened, but still pleasant to be there as a backdrop. Shame it had to end. It was a satisfying ending nevertheless. Now what am I going to watch during lunch? "Weeds" maybe?
  • I love the show reconcider and bring it back at the fall, Im talking for a me and a few friends and neighbors from Miami Florida

    I Love the show I have it to tape in my DVR just in case im not home and I miss it.
    Their so many shows on TV about criminal, police, killing, some are reak and some are made up but none like this show Men in Trees was a unique show,I got to see and learn more about Alaska and how the people live their even if the show was not tape their but it made imaging how the other side lives, im very dissapointed that the show was cancel I hope you guys reconsider and bring it back in the fall.Im talking for a few of my frinds and neighbors too.
    Here in a small area of Miami Florida.
  • Men in Trees is one of the best tv programs they have come up with in years!!!!

    I have waited a very long time for a show to come on that I am excited to watch and now one finally has "Men in Trees" only for them to cancel the show. I just got my boyfriend hooked and now after the last show I will have only One Tree hill to look forward to until they cancel it to! It seems like every time they come up with a good tv program it is quickly replaced with some stupid competition show, like we don't already have enough of those. Now come on, let us watch some good family base programs for once! Regardless to say, I will really miss Men in Trees and I sincerly hope they come to there sences and keep the show on!

    There is no adequate reason Men In Trees is being cancelled ~ It is The ONLY thing on in the evening worthwhile watching without all the violence, etc. There is more to life than the reallity TV shows ~ ~ Some of us have "REALITY TV" lifestyles and would rather escape ~ taking MIT off the air removces our escapism ability.

    How sad the world would rather see death & destruction than an actual happy show that allows you to escape the hurried days of regular da-to-day life. MIT is refreshing and should be on the air permanently ~ there is really alot to love about the show.
  • Sorry to hear it will not be returning for 08/09. Show I will miss. Why's it the good ones don't return. I just love them all, each so different make a great show. I will miss it extremely!Writers I guess are having writers block.PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

    Best all time classic! I will miss it not returning. Please reconcider. One show I will not skip seeing! It's the best!
    What can I say I am so sad, when I read it in the TV guide today. I just love Jack an Marin's relationship. One can lean so much from them. The comedy was the kind I liked, everyday life and you can relate to them, some of it was so out there that you just couldn't help but laugh. Please bring the show back. I know my writing will not make a difference. I can try! Thanks for listening!
  • MIT Men in Trees is currently, "The only show I will not miss" In my history of watching, only Mash & Northern Exposure have fit that description.

    The best show since Northern Exposure. While it brings back memories of that great show, it has its own new flavor. This show is fresh, relaxing, funny and by including both expected and unexpected predjudices/sterotypes and reactions it challenges thinking without slapping you. This is a multi-level entertaining show. You can simply enjoy it for the story line, get into the suspense or the guessing what will or will not happen and you can get into discussion over some of the over/undertones. It presents alternatives in relations, realistic dilemmas, while providing lightess, humor and community respite.
    Northern exposure was deeper in layers, intellectually, but I am a great fan of this show.
  • Who thought this was a good idea?

    Men in Trees, even the name of the show sounds sketchy but for the sake of entertainment I let it go and watched a couple of episodes. Men in Trees let me down! I was expecting rustic little town, maybe a little romance,a town idiot and a few laughs in between - I got a whole lot more than that. It projects an image that is so far from the truth, I can't believe it carried on for so long! I'm glad this show got pulled - sometimes I think networks like ABC just pull names out of a bag and produce sitcoms in the dark with no clear indication of where its going. Its pathetic! Its sad and it should have never been on tv.
  • Men in Trees is a warm, fuzzy television show that is located in Elmo, Alaska. The central character is played by the multi-talented actress Ann Heche, who is surrounded by a fantastic cast of supporting actors who make this show a delightful watch.

    Men in Trees is quite possibly the best television program that has been on the air since St. Elsewhere. The writers have allowed the characters and their foibles to grow on us; there has never been an episode that I didn't enjoy. Men in Trees provokes laughter, tears, melancholy, and most of all, the desire to continue getting to know the wonderful residents of Elmo, Alaska. The actors who inhabit the delicious characters they play shine in their roles. I love each and every one of them, even the not-so-nice characters that pop up every now and then. Men in Trees deserves a warm, comfy home on the 2008 Fall line-up.
  • Marin is a relationship therapist flown into this new place to start a fresh life, away from all the confusion faced at home. She meets Jack, who has problems of his own, but shows Marin a decent perspective on what a true guy could be.

    How could they cancel this show!!!!!

    When I first started looking at this show, it was because I heard it was good and I wanted to get a look at what everyone was hooked on, until I got hooked myself. Jack kept me in this trance, also the way he was not ever straight forward with Marin. These two are an interesting pair. This storyline takes on a new, interesting take, it is also a new move for Marin, one person I didn't think I'd ever take to on this show but I gave this a chance and it was very interesting. Each episode is filled with an odd comedy that becomes intriguing as the series continues. You get a good sense of character development and you begin to love the show even more. Every time it airs I look forward to seeing Jack, I actually notice the charm that Marin is attached to. This is a different move for television. I would surely watch it for as long as it lasts. (We all know nothing lasts forever) 'probably in memory'. They finally found a new way to disappoint fans...
  • I was so excited to watch "Men in Trees" again, as it's been way too long. One of the main reasons I started watching,was because i use to live in Squamish, but now i am tangled in the lives of the charactors in the show, and love it.GREAT SHOW!

    I quite enjoyed the show last week, it made me smile and think of some of my own dating adventures !! Particularly the young girl in her new apartment. I like the idea that they are trying to portray the old fashion way of dating, you know, that ritual that has been lost in time, something that they just call " hanging out " now !! lol The only thing that they can loose is the raccoon that chases her down the street...looks kinda fony to me..we all know it is a dog with a fake raccoon skin on !!! lol
  • Finally a show that appeals to men and women!

    I must say, my wife got me hooked on this show during the run of it's first season. The women are well done, and the guys are real guys...not those McFakey guys that women wish we were like. My name is Patrick, but I am a huge Buzz fan. He is just a great guy's guy. So is Dick and Jerome. Jack, even Cash - though he's a bit pretty to be rugged. They aren't talky, extra smooth, or emotional like men on those other shows my wife likes.

    That's why this is one of the few shows (besides some of those reality programs) that my wife and I actually watch together. Kudos to the writers. There are no doubt some manly men on THAT staff.

  • A few more reasons to watch Men in Trees!!

    I hate to sound shallow, but they should keep this show on the air if only for the men! This cast features some of the hottest and most talented men on TV. Even the extra they call Lonnie is hot! Yeah, sure it helps that the story lines are great, and the women who act on the show are also superb, but give me Jack, Stuart, Pastor Eric, and (dear God) Cash any day of the week!!! I'll even throw some love to little Patrick because he is the cutest, sweetest, funniest boy in Elmo. They don't all have to smolder, after all!!! I don't think my TV could take it anyway!
  • Jerome rocks!!

    This is the best show out there! There is something for everyone! My husband (who reminds me of Jerome - looks and wit wise, anyway) also counts himself as a fan, though he won't let me or anyone else refer to him as a TreeHugger. But, when we get home from work on Friday's (soon to be Wednesday) nights...after the dinner is consumed, dishes washed, kids tucked in...we pop the popcorn, open a couple of beers and settle in with our favorite Elmoians! (Only you guys who watch will get that one!!)

    Anyway, just wanted to jump on here and put in my two cents. The folks over on the Men in Trees message board suggested I share the love and that's what I'm doing!

    Love to the cast, crew, and writers! Hope you get this strike stuff settled soon!!

  • Marin and Jack are TV's best couple, hands down!!

    This is not only the coolest show I've seen in a long time, it's also refreshing NOT to have to watch a show about surgeons who battle it out in a courtroom while they peruse crime scenes and investigate not only improbable but impossible murders with unrealistic pat suspects and horribly unrealistic scenarios. No, in Elmo you'll find nothing but humor, fun, intrigue, warmth, family, community, may even have a good cry! Anne Heche and James Tupper are a treat to behold every week. Their chemistry is undeniable. I just wish MORE people would get off the bandwagon of those other shows and get on board with "the little show that could." It's a great treat. Now the only trick is to get the NETWORK to get with it and get it back on the air. Anyone who is reading this, make sure you tune in Wednesdays at 10pm starting Feb. 27th and get hooked on Men in Trees just like I did!
  • Found this on the show's message board on a thread called "Plant Food Trees, Save Our Show"

    $10 for 10 Trees

    For more info, contact:
    CatInTrees -
    SallyOSally -

    Participate in our food tree planting ACTION to encourage ABC to renew Men In Trees for a 3rd year contract and encourage them to promote the show. It will involve a press release. Let's rock!

    Pay $1 a tree (10 tree minimum). For those who can afford to - buy 30 trees or more!

    Now, this is the really really good part:

    Ten trees produce 2,500 lbs. of food each year for hungry souls in less-fortunate countries. We are aiming for 5,000 food trees (planted in honor of Men in Trees). That's more than 1 (get this) million pounds of food a year. Imagine fans of MIT supporting that much food in the world!

    There is a $3.00 processing fee - less than one fattening Starbucks latte! So $13 dollars will produce 100,000 lbs. of food over 40 years.

    Our tree action will also show the world and ABC how loyal MIT fans can be if they promote the show. It will show everybody involved in the production of MIT how much we appreciate them.

    When we reach our goal, we will distribute a press release with the goal of bringing exposure to "the little show with a lot of heart."

    People, people! Let's demonstrate that heart!

    Detailed Instructions (It's easy. A cakewalk!)

    1. Go to

    2. Click on "From the Heart." This is the first button.

    3. Choose the number of trees you want to give

    4. Name on Certificate: "ABC & Men In Trees"
    If we honor ABC, and I think we should, their press department might publicize this too.

    5. From: Your name. You don't have to put your last name if you are shy. You could even use your sceen name here.

    6. Mail To: (This is only where the certificate is mailed. None of the info you enter is on the actual certificate). I will confirm on this thread when I receive each certificate – and fax you a copy if you like.) These will be hand-delivered to Stephen McPherson at ABC when we reach our goal, or when we get enough. Sally O. Johnston 10907 Magnolia Blvd. Suite 345 N. Hollywood, CA 91601 7. Occasion: And this is important: Choose "Other." This will allow you include a comment that will be printed on the certificate. You won't see this "Comments" area until you get to the personal info page.

    8. Click Checkout

    9. Your Info & Credit Card: Enter all your info. THEY WILL take checks if you call them! BE SURE to enter Sally's address above the "Ship To" section

    10. Comments section: Enter your positive comments of encouragement. Please only positive, such as "We love you. Keep it going!" 11. Let us know of your contribution on this thread or in email! I'll confirm when I've received it.

    * * * *
    I will give daily updates on the certificates we've received.

    Email CatInTrees with any questions or comments or ... well, anything