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  • Found this on the show's message board on a thread called "Plant Food Trees, Save Our Show"

    $10 for 10 Trees

    For more info, contact:
    CatInTrees -
    SallyOSally -

    Participate in our food tree planting ACTION to encourage ABC to renew Men In Trees for a 3rd year contract and encourage them to promote the show. It will involve a press release. Let's rock!

    Pay $1 a tree (10 tree minimum). For those who can afford to - buy 30 trees or more!

    Now, this is the really really good part:

    Ten trees produce 2,500 lbs. of food each year for hungry souls in less-fortunate countries. We are aiming for 5,000 food trees (planted in honor of Men in Trees). That's more than 1 (get this) million pounds of food a year. Imagine fans of MIT supporting that much food in the world!

    There is a $3.00 processing fee - less than one fattening Starbucks latte! So $13 dollars will produce 100,000 lbs. of food over 40 years.

    Our tree action will also show the world and ABC how loyal MIT fans can be if they promote the show. It will show everybody involved in the production of MIT how much we appreciate them.

    When we reach our goal, we will distribute a press release with the goal of bringing exposure to "the little show with a lot of heart."

    People, people! Let's demonstrate that heart!

    Detailed Instructions (It's easy. A cakewalk!)

    1. Go to

    2. Click on "From the Heart." This is the first button.

    3. Choose the number of trees you want to give

    4. Name on Certificate: "ABC & Men In Trees"
    If we honor ABC, and I think we should, their press department might publicize this too.

    5. From: Your name. You don't have to put your last name if you are shy. You could even use your sceen name here.

    6. Mail To: (This is only where the certificate is mailed. None of the info you enter is on the actual certificate). I will confirm on this thread when I receive each certificate – and fax you a copy if you like.) These will be hand-delivered to Stephen McPherson at ABC when we reach our goal, or when we get enough. Sally O. Johnston 10907 Magnolia Blvd. Suite 345 N. Hollywood, CA 91601 7. Occasion: And this is important: Choose "Other." This will allow you include a comment that will be printed on the certificate. You won't see this "Comments" area until you get to the personal info page.

    8. Click Checkout

    9. Your Info & Credit Card: Enter all your info. THEY WILL take checks if you call them! BE SURE to enter Sally's address above the "Ship To" section

    10. Comments section: Enter your positive comments of encouragement. Please only positive, such as "We love you. Keep it going!" 11. Let us know of your contribution on this thread or in email! I'll confirm when I've received it.

    * * * *
    I will give daily updates on the certificates we've received.

    Email CatInTrees with any questions or comments or ... well, anything