Men in Trees

ABC (ended 2008)





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  • Marin is a relationship therapist flown into this new place to start a fresh life, away from all the confusion faced at home. She meets Jack, who has problems of his own, but shows Marin a decent perspective on what a true guy could be.

    How could they cancel this show!!!!!

    When I first started looking at this show, it was because I heard it was good and I wanted to get a look at what everyone was hooked on, until I got hooked myself. Jack kept me in this trance, also the way he was not ever straight forward with Marin. These two are an interesting pair. This storyline takes on a new, interesting take, it is also a new move for Marin, one person I didn't think I'd ever take to on this show but I gave this a chance and it was very interesting. Each episode is filled with an odd comedy that becomes intriguing as the series continues. You get a good sense of character development and you begin to love the show even more. Every time it airs I look forward to seeing Jack, I actually notice the charm that Marin is attached to. This is a different move for television. I would surely watch it for as long as it lasts. (We all know nothing lasts forever) 'probably in memory'. They finally found a new way to disappoint fans...
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