Men in Trees

ABC (ended 2008)





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  • I love men in trees...a very original, clean, with great characters, story, of the most enjoyable shows in a long time..a sheer pleasure to watch

    MIT one of the best shows on TV in a long time...I looked forward every week for it...would not go anywhere or answer my phone..

    Wonderful story. never boring.. well written and acted, every episode stands on it own, yet the story continues keepping one's interest till the following week. so different from the sitcoms, shoot them ups, reality shows, etc. MIT just has class

    now ABC is cancelling it...Please do not cancel this have a winner on your hands..give it a steady weekly slot...promote it a little and the show will experience a big growth...ABC changed the days and times so much, hard for a show to survive ...everyone I referred MIT loved it but questioned the different air times ..

    A nice, wonderful show will do well if you give it a chance...Thanks