Men in Trees - Season 2

ABC (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Taking the Lead
    Taking the Lead
    Episode 19
    The First Annual Elmo Talent Show begins as Marin receives a large check for her latest book. Sam's frugality annoys Jane when he decides to drive to Elmo from New York in an RV and Patrick redoubles his efforts to win back Annie.
  • Surprise, Surprise
    Surprise, Surprise
    Episode 18
    To celebrate completing her book, Marin takes a spa trip to Anchorage where she surprises a friend's husband with another woman. Patrick returns to Elmo after his memory returns, and is surprised to learn a few things have changed while he was gone.
  • New Dogs, Old Tricks
    Jack's gift of puppies distracts Marin from completing her book. Meanwhile, Annie realizes she has feeling for Ivan as she organizes the auditions for Elmo's First Annual Talent Show. In New York City, Pilar's romantic attention to Patrick leaves him confused.
  • Kiss and Don't Tell
    Kiss and Don't Tell
    Episode 16
    Marin wants Cash to recuperate in her home after he is released from the hospital. Patrick gets a job in New York with Jane's company as Jane pursues another client who also writes relationship books. Meanwhile, Mai moves in with Celia, and Buzz steps in for Patrick at the inn so he can earn enough money to pay off his gambling debts.moreless
  • Wander/Lust
    Episode 15
    Jack invites Julia and her husband to dinner with Marin so the two women can meet each other. Meanwhile, Sam gives Jane an engagement ring that he found in an unlikely place, and Annie catches Patrick in a compromising situation.
  • Get a Life
    Get a Life
    Episode 14
    Morgan Fairchild guest-stars as herself when she arrives in Elmo to sing the national anthem at the opening game for Ben's hockey team, and then decides she wants to buy the rights to Marin's life to be made into a movie. Meanwhile, a kidney donor for Cash is found and Sara discovers Eric's band has a fan club.moreless
  • A Tale of Two Kidneys
    After Marin and Jack return from New York City, they learn Cash is in the hospital and needs a kidney transplant. Meanwhile, Terri expresses guilt for his part in Patrick being struck by lightning, Patrick is upset with Celia, who is being smothered by Dick, and the new hockey player on Ben's team becomes smitten with Annie.moreless
  • Read Between the Minds
    Jack romantic feelings for Marin could be for the wrong reasons and Celia takes drastic steps after Patrick's balloon flying mishap. Meanwhile, Marin, Jack and Jerome travel to New York to celebrate Jane and Sam's wedding, where Sam learns the unexpected truth about Jane's parents.
  • Home, Seized Home
    Home, Seized Home
    Episode 11
    Jack and Marin learn how difficult it is to merge two different lifestyles when they decide to live together. Meanwhile, Jane wants her marriage to Sam announced in the New York Times, Patrick discovers he loves to fly after piloting Buzz's plane, and Theresa surprises Ben after doing a favor for Sara.moreless
  • Sonata in Three Parts
    Eager to remain positive after learning that Jack could be in peril, Marin focuses her energy on nursing Cash through his illness. Meanwhile, Patrick asks a young woman out on a date and Jerome's past life brings surprises to Annie. Eric's church group causes discord between Eric and Sara.
  • Charity Case
    Charity Case
    Episode 9
    Cash brings a shocking secret with him as he returns to Elmo, and Sara and Eric work together to rebuild his church. Buzz tries to help Patrick regain his memory, but his efforts result in disastrous consequences. Sam learns more about Jane's personality after she throws away one of his favorite shirts.moreless
  • Sweatering It Out
    Sweatering It Out
    Episode 8
    Marin becomes concerned when she hasn't heard from Jack and begins her vigil waiting for him by knitting a sweater. In his absence, she is wooed by two suitors, one with whom she has a history and another who is a complete surprise. Meanwhile, Sam and Jane attend a snowplow convention and decide on an unusual living arrangement, and Eric decides to return to the church and start his own congregation.moreless
  • Sea Change
    Sea Change
    Episode 7
    Marin finds a mysterious woman's phone number in Jack's belongings while he is away studying whales in the Bering Sea. Celia suggests that Annie help Patrick remember his old life. Ben begins to put his hockey team ahead of his friends and family. Buzz and Mai offer dating advice to Jerome and Mary Alice, and Jane drops a bombshell on Marin.moreless
  • Nice Day For a Dry Wedding (2)
    In this conclusion of a two-part story, dangerous and unforeseen events threaten Patrick and Annie's wedding. Marin invites Jack to be her date, and Jane flies in for the wedding only to see Sam with another woman.
  • The Girl Who Cried Wolf (1)
    In the first of a two-part story, a heated fight between Marin and Jack is the result of an invasion of wild wolves in Elmo. Annie's mother arrives in town as a series of unfortunate events could ruin Patrick and Annie's wedding. Meanwhile, Ben's new hockey team causes problems and the church elders of Eric's church attempt to stand in the way of his relationship with Sara.moreless
  • I Wood If I Could
    I Wood If I Could
    Episode 4
    Marin receives romantic gifts from both Jack and Stuart Maxson, her publisher. She also finds herself juggling dual roles as maid of honor and best man as well as party planner for their bachelor and bachelorette festivities. Meanwhile, Ben thinks about buying a professional hockey team.
  • No Man is an Iceland
    After Lynn's departure, everyone in Elmo assumes Marin and Jack will be reunited. Annie and Patrick are having problems planning their wedding, as Celia wonders about the future of her relationship with Dick after she learns he is younger than she is. Meanwhile, Mai's cousin, Lucy Woo, pays a visit to Elmo. But when it's time for her to return to China, Mai wants her to stay. George offers to marry her much to Terri's dismay.moreless
  • Chemical Reactions
    Chemical Reactions
    Episode 2
    Marin gets lost in the woods while looking for a special root for a stew and is found by Jack, who is filming a documentary. Lynn becomes envious of the passion she sees in other couples and wants the same kind of affection in her own relationship. Meanwhile, Patrick wants to change his surname and Sara's ex-husband wants full custody of her son.moreless
  • A Tree Goes in Elmo
    To help Marin get rid of issues that weigh her down, Cash takes her to visit a guru. On the way back down the mountain trail, an arctic cyclone erupts.