Men in Trees

Season 2 Episode 19

Taking the Lead

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 11, 2008 on ABC

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  • How could they end this series this way.

    This was indeed a very sad ending for a series that has, for the most part, been great. Alaska is a huge place that I knew nothing about until I started watching this show. I can't believe that things were ended this way. The series really needs to be picked up by someone and concluded properly.

    The ending with Patrick and Annie was awful and not much better for Marin and Jack. Even though I know the writers had little choice, I really feel that this episode could have rounded things off in a much more satisfactory manner.

    Here's hoping that somehow the story could be wrapped up in some sort of Special.
  • This was a horrible end to a beautiful series.

    This final installment basically rushed all the story lines, the same ones which took two season's to develop was rushed in the last three episodes. Writers said that they had a wonderful finale, but it frankly disappointed me. Jack and Marin had yet another relationship squabble which was resolved as usual at the end of the episode, but what disappointed me was how they shredded the beautiful relationship between Patrick and Annie. This episode would have been fine if it wasn't the series finale. This is what we are left with? I was not thrilled with it, what about Cash, What about Teresa's dream to have a child, Sara's dream to become a doctor. All of these things were left unsatisfactory and pointless. Surely something could have been done to redeem the show in the end, but this episode just threw every thing down the drain.
    A huge disappointment, I couldn't believe that this show ended when it did. Another good show flushed down the drain. Men In Trees' building blocks, crumbled with this final installment.
  • Bye Men In Trees, you will be missed.

    I have to agree and disagree with the reviews from users ABCSUX and mmargaux. On one hand I do think the series was unfavorably affected by the writer's strike, ABC's indifference, and low viewership. On the other hand, I hated Patrick and Annie. Their story was so super sweet, occasionally I would fast forward through their scenes. It's refreshing to get an unexpected (un-Hollywood?) ending once in a while. ABCSUX, don't you think Annie deserved a new love after post-lightning strike Patrick treated her like dirt? Sure it wasn't REALLY his fault what with the amnesia and all, but still. Lets imagine that it's a year later and Boris (whatever his name was) has gone back to Croatia because his work visa expired and Patrick has won Annie back after saving her life from an attack by some Alaskan wild animal. A bear. There, feel better?
  • The writers tried to make the best of a possibly bad situation, but they really didn't know this episode would be the last.

    In defense of the wonderfully talented writers of Men in Trees - As a result of the indefinite hiatuses, the writers strike and ABC's wishy-washy treatment of Men in Trees, when they filmed the "final episode" they didn't know that the show would be canceled. Sensing that ABC could pull the plug, they hastily filmed an alternative ending to "Taking the Lead" that attempted to tie up some loose ends. An additional 8 episodes were supposed to have been shot, but the strike and hiatuses threw that schedule off. The creators of Men in Trees thought enough about the fans to try to give some sense of closure. I have not doubt that if they had been allowed to continue with the other episodes, things would have been worked out to the satisfaction of most viewers.
  • Jack and Marin of course go through another little struggle that they sum up in one episode. Patrick and Annie should have ended up together--whoever did the alternate rewrite--MESSED UP BIG TIME ON THIS LAST EPISODE! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

    Patric and Annie were my favorite couple. How the writers or Jenny Bicks could end the whole show on the Wrong Foot and Note is beyond me! They should've given the fans what they wanted. Now I'm Bitterly disappointed. Men In Trees has left a Terrible taste in my mouth. Mainly because I was so into P and A's love story. So good for Jack and Marin but where's Patrick and Annie's happy ending?!!!! Where?!! I cannot believe how badly they broke my heart with this. The whole last scene with the talent show was horrible and disgraceful. Why do that?!!