Men in Trees

Season 1 Episode 5

Talk for Tat

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2006 on ABC
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Talk for Tat
As Elmo experiences a record heatwave, Marin realizes the energy bars she has been feeding the raccoon are making him sick. When she turns to Jack for help, she discovers something between them has changed.

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  • Elmo has a heatwave. Marin finds out that the racoon is sick and when she ask Jack for help something has changed.

    Jack and Marin, yay!!!!!!! I just love them together! They are so perfect for each other! I wish they weren't still friends. He is hot and she is good looking! So perfect! I just laughed when Patrick got his hand stuck in the condom thing and the whole part with him and throwing a shoe into Annie's room and she got scared! Everyone came into the bathroom except one dude! That was so funny! I am surprised Patrick never had sex seem he is good looking! Men in Trees is just getting so much better! This show is going to be so great!moreless
  • Marin and Jack give in to the heatwave. In fact, the whole darn town gives in to the heatwave - with the exception of Rocky (the Racoon) and Celia (Patricks Mom)moreless

    Rocky the Racoon gets sick, so Marin goes in search of help from Jack. She finds him working at home, takes a moment to \"view his back <ahem> yard\". Gotta comment here, and say the shows wardrobe dressers need to focus their attention of clothes that FIT. Marin trys to poke when she notices a tatoo on Jacks arm and gets snapped at for being nosy. Yikes.

    When she apologizes, Jack opens up in typical \"man-fashion\".... \"We broke up. It was bad, She left.\" Seven hours later, we women would still be expounding on the whys and wherefores of the breakup. LOL. But anyway.... later Jack shows up at Marins door, lunges in for a kiss and tickle then leaves after summing up \"what just happened\" for Marin. What happened? He said... \"GREAT SEX\". \'Nuff said.

    Definitely a pivota episode in developing relationships on the show. Just don\'t expect the M & J \'ship to stick for long... would leave nowhere for the show to go.moreless
  • What an episode. This show was the reason everyone should be watching!

    Smart, hip, funny, dynamic, are just a few of the words I would use to discribe this show. This episode was fabulous.

    In this episode, the question about when or if Jack and Mirin would \"hook up\" has been answered. In doing so this early in the series, I believe that they have moved past this issue and opened up a much more furtile ground. We also see Patrick and Annie together as they should be.

    The writers on this show know how to take a simple and time worn gag (hand stuck in vending machine) and work it for all its worth! Patrick running down the street with the condum vendor still attached to his hand was priceless!

    We knew that Mirin would not find the cabin but it was alright. I\'m finding that this show is just real (for lack of a better word) watchable.moreless

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