Men in Trees

Season 1 Episode 8

The Buddy System

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2006 on ABC
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The Buddy System
Marin tries to help Patrick and Buzz build their relationship, but things go haywire when Celia reveals they are actually related to one another. Marin and Annie need to unwind and go to a beauty salon. Sara begins to feel nervous about taking her EMS exam as she thinks about the future. Marin and Jack head out in search of friends who have been trapped by an avalanche caused by minor earthquake tremors.moreless

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  • Hook line and sinker.

    Ok. I have to admit I had been avoiding this show--another girlie show; Alaska (paging Dr. Joel Fleischman!); and Anne Heche as the lead? This was the first episode I saw, and I caught it in the middle to boot. Boy was I wrong! It took exactly 5 minutes for me to like this show. I didn't know who the characters were or what they were talking about, but I enjoyed their chemistry, the setting, everything. I'll have to catch the first few episodes on DVD, but for now I can be satisfied with knowing that I didn't totally miss out on a great show.moreless
  • Marin tries to help Patrick and Buzz build their relationship, but things go haywire when Celia reveals they are actually related to one another. Marin and Annie need to unwind and go to a beauty salon.moreless

    Great episode. Buzz and Patrick are related but don't look alike but have the same personality. I would be like oh my god if I found out to. It would take them time to get used to it. I can't believe Sarah broke up with Ben! Just because of his help. And she wrote to him but didn't say to his face. It was so funny with that bigger earthquake and that guy chops some of hair out of Marin's head. That was so cool that Jack fixed it. Jack is so cool! He so needs to hook back up with Marin.moreless
  • The episode had it quirky elements, as usual, which is the best part. Many scenes required suspended disbelief.

    A friend at work named Linda recently suggested I watch this show (Linda has a black lab that dressed up as Superman for Halloween). I had seen a early episode and was only sort of interested, but based on Linda\\\'s recommendation I tuned back in for this episode last Friday as I did not have plans (lame). The show itself reminds me of Northern Exposure, with the quirky characters in a remote Alaskan town. This episode had it funny parts and I rated it a 7.9, part of the entertainment was watching for unplausible aspects of the plot line (white kid with black dad, attempt of 130 lb woman to pull 200 lb man from hole, lack of panicked digging when stuck in a snowed-in cabin, etc.) but I will watch this show when I can, hopefully as part of a pre-function before going out instead of as a central component of a friday evening. Anne Heche looks good but I liked her hair back when she was with Ellen - shorter hair looks better on her.moreless
  • Jack and Marin still haven\'t a clue. Ben is alone again after Sara freaks out and skips town. SheriffMommy & Patrick made up, but even better he and Buzz have a great story to tell at the bar. But Annie is my favorite Elmoian this week!moreless

    Again and again I am reminded of just how sweet this cast is. With just one look between Theresa and Annie when Marin asks Jack if he notices her hair I am reminded that these women know that Jack and Marin have slept together and that whether she will admit or not, Marin has feelings for Jack. It also says a lot about the different ways men and women communicate. The Mar & Ter pingpong during the Emporium scene was more than a little annoying(seriously we get that your names can rhyme) although Annie was wonderful, calling Marin on how she belongs with Jack... Are you sure Buzz is the Daddy? I\'m buying it but only because it\'s TV. SheriffMommy is her typical blaming, snapping self but one might wonder why she doesn\'t go up the mountain to look for her son though it does give us the opportunity to listen to Annie (I just loved Annie all episode) talk to her and Mai like a kindergarten teacher. \"We\'re not going to play the blame game!\" Jack and Marin still spend all their free time together and still haven\'t a clue. Ben is alone again after Sara freaks out and skips town (not to fear Ben! I think there\'s a busload of women planning on moving to Alaska just to find you, even if you never washed your hands on ER). SheriffMommy & Patrick made up, but even better he and Buzz have a great story to tell at the bar.moreless
  • Patrick learns Buzz is his dad, which leads to acrimonious feelings towards his mom. Sara bails on her and Ben relationship. Marin and Jack both are forced to take steps towards trusting each other.moreless

    It\'s all about trust. When Buzz heads to his cabin on the mountain to think, Patrick follows him - only for them both to get caught in an avalanche. When teams pair up to go search for them, of course Marin and Jack get tied together - literally. On the subject of kids, Jack tells Marin, he wants then and pointedly ask her how she feels. He says kids are a deal-breaker in any relationship he has. Being Marin, she pokes her nose in and ask if that\'s what happened with him and Lynn. Of course, he doesn\'t answer. Being Jack and all.

    While climbing the mountain, Jack falls down an abandoned shaft and must trust Marin to help pull him out. The flip-side to that trust is Marin puts her hair in Jacks hands at then end. WOW. Huge step forwrd in the trust department.moreless
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Wendy Noel


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Adrian McMorran


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Cynthia Stevenson

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Lauren Tom

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    • (after Patrick learns Celia cheated on her husband and Buzz is his real father)
      Celia: Buzz was one of my only friends.
      Patrick: You lend a friend DVDs. You don't lend them sex.

    • Marin: Jack, you notice my hair, right?
      Jack: Uh, notice what?
      Marin: Well, think back to how I first arrived in Elmo.
      Jack: Okay.
      Marin: Now look at me.
      Jack: Okay.
      Marin: Notice any difference?
      Jerome: Jack, don't answer that. I smell a trap.
      Jack: Um, I don't know, coach, you always look good to me.
      Jerome: Good answer.

    • Marin: (after a disastrous haircut) Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, ha ha ha, I'm missing half my head.

    • Ben: (to Sara) I have the money, and I'm making an investment -- in you!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Jerome: Hey there, little buddy.
      "Little Buddy" is what the Skipper called Gilligan on the classic TV show, Gilligan's Island.

    • Marin: Did you just compare me with Lassie?
      Lassie, a rough collie, is "the world's most famous dog" and a fictional character that starred in many movies, TV shows, and books from 1938 through 2006.

    • Celia: You could just go online and google it.
      Google, Inc. is an American public corporation and search engine, first incorporated as a privately held company on September 7, 1998. The company had 9,378 full-time employees as of September 30, 2006, and is based in Mountain View, California.