Men in Trees

Season 1 Episode 17

The Indecent Proposal

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on ABC
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The Indecent Proposal
While Jack and Lynn's relationship gets more complicated, Patrick decides that he wants Annie's father to agree to their marriage. Meanwhile, a new visitor, Cash, moves into Marin's cabin temporarily in exchange for repairing it.

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  • Open letter to the writers and producers of Men In Trees...

    Dear W&P: Congrats. You've put together a great, albeit crowded, cast, have a good story line (or two, or eight) going, and seem to have found that nice balance between drama and comedy we all know and love. Why then, are you so seemingly intent on messing it all up? I hope you're taking this break to gather your thoughts, figure out where this show is going (really) and stop burying your LEAD characters under everyone else's baggage. This little show can be a great show. If nothing else, you'll make all of us dedicated viewers (all 57 of us) that much happier. Regards, Paulamoreless
  • Jack and Lynn get engaged, Marin has a Hottie in front of the fire. Marin finally tells Jack something he really needed to hear.

    So Jack does what Jack is supposed to do...what is the "right" thing for Jack to do...He asks Lynn to marry him. Not because he is in love with her, but because she's his family. They have been dating since they were 15 years old, she is the one constant person in his life and here she is alone and pregnant. What else would a good man do but take her in and take care of her and her baby. Afterall they have a very long, intense history and she left because he wanted a baby and she didn't. I think this only proves what a good man Jack is, even though he has royally messed up by doing so.

    Then we have Marin and Mr. HottieHandymanCan'tKeepHisClothesOnGottaLoosenUpMarin man. OMG what a great moment in front of the fireplace. Even better moment when Jack saw them there. Oh the jealousy of an engaged man!!!! I loved it. I really hope that Cash stays around and shows us even more of himself over the next few episodes. ;-)

    I think we really needed this episode so Marin could relay her feelings to Jack. The best part of this episode was when Marin said "You know what I’ll never get? How you could open your heart to someone who broke it into pieces, but you couldn’t open it to someone who just wanted to heal it.” The thing about this is, he did open his heart to Marin, unfortunately pregnant Lynn showed up before Jack and Marin could solidify their relationship. What I foresee happening next is Jack realizing his mistake, but unable to leave what he feels is his responsibility to Lynn. Lynn finally realizes that Jack is only with her out of that feeling of responsibility and leaves him before the baby is born. Then finally Jack will try to win back Marin. Of course, being the strong woman that Marin is, she will have none of that, for a very long time. Jack will really have to grovel.moreless
  • Great Season ending,

    Hope it's not the series finale!

    This was a great episode! I was scared that they would turn Patricks' visit to Annie's parents into a "meet the parents" thing! I'm glad they didn't . It was funny and endearing! Mai and Celia plotting together - loved it!

    Amazing chemistry between Sarah and Eric! The same goes for Buzz's son and the hairdresser - I'm sorry I forgot their names just now!

    Even Cash - which at first I thought was a little too over the top - made me like him more than Jack!

    Speaking of which, I'm growing tired of "Jack & Lynn"

    Bye everyone! Hope it's not my last review of this show!moreless
Annie Potts

Annie Potts

Mary Alice O'Donnell

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Josh Randall

Josh Randall

Daniel O'Donnell

Guest Star

Colm Meaney

Colm Meaney

Bob O'Donnell

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Justine Bateman

Justine Bateman

Lynn Barstow

Recurring Role

Scott Elrod

Scott Elrod


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Nicholas Lea

Nicholas Lea


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, Sara referred to herself as a former prostitute. This is the first time anyone had used this term. Previously, everyone had been aware of her occupation, but had referred to her as the town's "Working Girl."

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Marin: Oh, wow, I am moving out. I have been through a lot in this room.
      Annie: I know. Broke your engagement, slept with Jack, broke up with Jack, had phone sex with Stuart.
      Marin: How do you know all that?
      Patrick: Thin walls.

    • (teaching Patrick how to defend himself)
      Celia: So remember, scrotum, eye sockets, left-hook finisher.
      Patrick: (shutters) You had me at the scrotum.
      Celia: Now remember you can also take your keys and shove them into their necks.
      Patrick: Ma, no one is going to jump me.
      Celia: Honey, it's New York. They steal your kidneys while you sleep.

    • Marin: Who brushes their teeth naked?
      Jerome: Who brushes their teeth?

    • Marin: Jerome, you were married?
      Jerome: I am legally barred from discussing the matter.

    • Annie: Danny, this is my friend, Jane.
      Danny: Ah, the future bride.
      Jane: Don't you think you're rushing this a little?
      Danny: I'm pregnant.
      Jane: Is it mine?
      Danny: Are you calling me a slut?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Justine Bateman, Annie Potts, Josh Randall and Colm Meaney are credited as "Special Guest Star".

    • Featured Music:
      "Nothing I Would Change" by Johanna Stahley
      "Fatherhood" by Peter Himmelman
      "My Love" by Charlie Wadhams
      "Cha Cha Love" by The Twigs
      "Ten Feet Tall" by The Starlings
      "On Our Way" by Scott Cresswell
      "Going Home" by Dead Rock West
      "In The Frame" by Rob Laufer
      "Got Over" by North Carolina Mass Choir
      "American Boy" by Eleni Mandell
      "Rehab Universal" by Amy Winehouse
      "Hallelujah I Was Wrong" by David Mead


    • Mai: I haven't seen this bad a combination since Julia Roberts married the hillbilly with the Don King hair!
      This is a reference to singer Lyle Lovett whom Roberts eloped with in 1993. The marriage lasted until 1995.