Men into Space

Season 1 Episode 31

Beyond The Stars

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 11, 1960 on CBS



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    • Narrator: Say there is life in space is one thing. To make contact with it, another. The day will come when explorers in space will setup an outpost far from man-made radio interference on Earth. This is the story of three men who kept a lonely vigil on the far side of the Moon, listening for a signal from beyond the stars.

    • McCauley: First, to tell you all about it, I have here Lt. John Leonard. John, you tell the folks back home what you see from the observatory window.
      Lt. John Leonard: All right. I see nothing but desolation. It is a devil's nightmare. Not a blade of grass, not a tree, nothing moves out there. This is a land of death.
      McCauley: Hey, hey, hey, cut it out, will you? You'll scare the kids.
      Lt. John Leonard: What? I was just being poetic. Come on, if Charlie gets to sing, at least I should get a little poetic.

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