Men into Space

Season 1 Episode 26

Flash in the Sky

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 06, 1960 on CBS
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Flash in the Sky

McCauley's friend, scientist Guthrie Durlock, disobeys orders and puts the colonel in danger. However, the two men are forced to work together when Guthrie insists on recovering an out-of-control Venus probe containing valuable data.

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  • Clever intelligent episode

    Yes, it's a 1950s/60s show, but Twilight Zone wasn't the only intelligently-written show around. They set up the Scientist of the Week, Guthrie, as intelligent and determined, if a bit bull-headed. He's neither the emotional basketcase, useless dope, or common-sense-lacking idiot that so many scientists on the show are. Guthrie endangers McCauley and then rescues him. The relationship between them is one of good friends with McCauley doing his duty by ordering him back to Earth.

    Then there's a "cute meet" between Guthrie and a girl who again breaks stereotypes because she's intelligent and mathematically inclined. This on a show where too many of the women are arm candy or "Yes dear" types. It's surprising that writer David Duncan was this good, since in "Dark of the Sun" he wrote an execrable female scientist who ends up giving up her career because she gets married in the worse romantic relationship ever.

    Then in the final act, Guthrie talks his way onto the mission to recover his unmanned probe. There's a lot of clever dialogue going back and forth between him and McCauley as they try to figure a way out of their predicament. The science is a little wonky (a mooring line conducts a charge from one ship to another?), but there's some decent drama and for once McCauley seems to have met his match. So many times McCauley is your typical 50s "hero," is never wrong, and always gets his way. This episode makes a pleasant change.

    Overall, great episode, watch it if you can find it.moreless
John Lupton

John Lupton

Dr. Guthrie Durlock

Guest Star

Joan Marshall

Joan Marshall

Lorrie Sigmund

Guest Star

William Hudson (I)

William Hudson (I)

Major Hardwin

Guest Star

Joyce Taylor

Joyce Taylor

Mary McCauley

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Durlock is magnetically pinned to the side of the Venus rocket, his body is at a forty-five degree angle, his right arm is high above his head, and his right leg is pinned halfway up the hull. There is a hatch three feet to his left. Even though he can't move, in the next shot his body is level, his right arm is lower, his right and left feet are now are both on the rocket's fin, and he is positioned in front of the hatch.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Narrator: What you are about to see hasn't happened. Yet. But will happen when men such as these send rockets beyond the moon equipped with instruments that will bring back accurate descriptions of those distant worlds. This is the story of such a rocket, a rocket that one day will be launched from the moon to survey our Earth's sister, the planet Venus.

    • McCauley: Why don't you wait at my house? It might be a long one. I promised Mary an afternoon home with the barbeque.
      Durlock: Might disobey orders.
      McCauley: In my backyard, you can issue them.

    • McCauley: (as Guthrie uses food to demonstrate orbital mechanics for a cute girl) It's amazing. Lorrie asks an intelligent question and look what happens. Well, should I put the steaks in?
      Mary: Not unless you want him to put an onion ring around his and call it Saturn.

    • McCauley: We can build a lot of black boxes and stuff 'em full of equipment. We can't build a man.

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