Men into Space

Season 1 Episode 24

Is There Another Civilization?

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 23, 1960 on CBS



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    • Narrator: Man has gazed at the stars and wondered if there might be life on one of those distant worlds. Someday when Man travels across the vast oceans of space, he may discover an answer to his question, "Is there another civilization?"

    • Mary: Well, what was the accident?
      McCauley: Nothing serious. We're investigating.
      Mary: I am not prying. Now tell me. Are Major Summers and his crew all right?
      McCauley: I think without any shadow of the doubt that you are the prettiest subversive agent that I know.

    • McCauley: You know, I can't wait to make a fool out of him by bringing back a piece of that derelict and having it properly identified.
      Mary: I hope you won't have too much identifying my dinner.
      Swanson: Roast beef.
      McCauley: Well, shall we confirm the identification?

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