Men into Space

Season 1 Episode 5

Lost Missile

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 04, 1959 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Thomas says that there are twelve men on the moonbase, However, later when they talk to Hargraves, he says that he's alone and everyone else is on two-man-team geographical surveys. That would make it impossible for there to be twelve men at the moonbase as Thomas states earlier.

  • Quotes

    • Narrator: The story you are about to see hasn't happened. Yet. These are scenes from that story, a story that will happen in the near future when men such as these will harness atomic energy to aid them in man's conquest of space. This is the story of Project Dragonfly, the first test to see whether man could control from the ground an atomic-powered rocket.

    • McCauley: Dr. Parsons, I'm sorry you're not going with us.
      Parsons: Well, there are only two reasons why I'm not going. One, Project Dragonfly is Dr. Thyssen's brain child so I'm just an extra thumb. And two, that long-awaited fishing trip in the mountains. Now don't ask me which is the real reason.
      Thyssen: Well, who knows? One day you may even be taking that fishing trip on the planet Venus.

    • Helen: Tell me, what happens if this atomic engine of his blows up on takeoff?
      Thyssen: Isn't that just like a woman?

    • Helen: Did he ask for this job? (McCauley nods) The old goat. Keep an eye on him, will you? He's my favorite egghead.
      McCauley: Mine, too.

    • Parrish: Colonel McCauley? Parrish speaking.
      McCauley: Yes?
      Parrish: Control wants a step-by-step report of each operation.
      Thyssen: Why? What for at a time like this?
      McCauley: Eh, I guess if or when we make a mistake, they figure we won't be around to make a report on it.

    • McCauley: Dave, lets do this scientifically. You got a coin?
      Parsons: Yeah.
      McCauley: Toss it in the air. Tails I turn it to the left, heads I turn it to the right. Well, what happened?
      Parsons: Tails.
      McCauley: I hope that's your lucky coin.

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