Men of a Certain Age

Season 1 Episode 6

Go With The Flow

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on TNT

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  • I loved this episode!

    This was my first time watching any of the episdoes and wasn't sure what to expect. At first I thought it started off a little slow and I thought it was going to be really weird. Not sure how the others start out but hope it doesn't turn viewers away who may not have the patience to watch the entire show. I am a female, age 49, just recently married after being divorced for 5 years and after being married for 19 years. There was so much realism. So funny. I hope the show continues and men watch it to see that they are not alone and women watch it to see the male perspective on life during this time in our lives. Would love to see earlier episodes.
  • Profound!

    It's been a long time since I actually took interest in something taking place on a TV screen. It made me feel! An actual real emotion!! Instead of just staring blankly at the screen quietly drooling from the corner of my mouth....The show itself was pretty good from the beginning, but this episode was just perfect!!! Is TV actually becoming a form of art? No, that won't happen. This show won't make it past its 2nd season at best. Art doesn't belong in mass media. Intellect, thoughtfulness, acting...we can't have that. Wanna bet?
  • This episode basically recaps a fist date in twenty years Joe has from the conception of the idea to the date to the next morning. This is done blow by blow with the telling of the story taking place with the boys the next morning.

    Classic Romano. His insecurities are starting to get a little over the top. Sarah Clarke who plays Dory his date is the best part of the episode. She and Emily Rios who plays his main worker at his store Maria.

    The whole episode has to do with this overly weird description of this first date after his marriage has failed. We are given a little shot of Dory heading toward the locked bathroom door and then the credits roll.

    From that point on we are seeing everything from Joe's viewpoint from his first discussion and over evaluation of Dory when the date was suggested to the next day after the date when Dory stops at the store to say hi. Obviously despite all of his quirky habits she still liked him. Matter of fact I think she liked him a lot.

    The best scenes by far are the office with Maria and then the date once they get inside Dory's house. Otherwise this just took too long to tell and really didn't need to be an hour long. Talk about drawing out a story? For some reason this just seemed to drag whether it was Joe's bad parenting or the fact that the word "honest" was used probably twenty times during the date. Not a really entertaining episode overall. It sort of missed the mark. Thanks for reading...
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